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6【课时训练】Main task

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Period 8 Main task

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I. 单项选择。(20分)

( ) 1. If you find somebody is murdered, what should you do first?

A. Cry loudly B. Call the police

C. Look for the murderer D. Bury the victim

( ) 2. What can help the police solve a case or find who is the real criminal?

A. Fingerprints B. Footprints C. Blood D. All the above

( ) 3. He ______ me of the necklace and ran away.

A. steal B. stole C. robbed D. robs

( ) 4. I don’t think he is a murderer, ______?

A. do I B. don’t I C. is he D. isn’t he

( ) 5. The second suspect has a criminal record ______ theft.

A. on B. as C. for D. about

( ) 6. So far, I ______ the way to solve the problem.

A. didn’t find out B. haven’t found out C. don’t look for D. hadn’t found

( ) 7. Over the river there is ______ bridge.

A. a 110-metre-long B. a 110-metres-long C. an 110-metre-long D. an 110-metres-long

( ) 8. ---Will you show me the photo of your family?

---OK. I’ll ______it here tomorrow.

A. take B. bring C. carry D. catch

( ) 9. Shall we go scuba diving ______ next week?

A. some time B. some times C. sometime D. sometimes

( ) 10. I think you are old enough to ______ yourself.

A. wear B. in C. put on D. dress

II. 根据句子意思,从方框中选用恰当的词或短语填空。(16分)

1. Criminals are persons who _______________.

2. Who can prove that you were at home _______________?

3. The man was so brave that he _______________ though there were more than three attackers.

4. Anyone who finds ______________, please contact us.

5. He was arrested because he _______________ a murder.

4. Mr Wang is friendly to others. It is __________ that he is not guilty.

5. He put up his coat quickly and ___________ the house.

6. Tom’s country __________ much steel from ours last year.

III. 根据首字母或所给单词的正确形式填空。(16分)

1. The __________ (high) of the building is 120 metres.

2. We all felt unhappy because of her s__________.

3. The old woman left the company with much __________ (lose).

4. The Great Wall is one of the world’s w___________.

5. The strong man often attacks others. He is an __________ (attack).

6. The Greens ____________ (watch) a detective film when I got to their home.

7. A man with two dogs r____________ along the street. They are catching a thief.

8. The teacher told us time ___________ (wait) for no man.

IV. 根据所给中文意思,用英文完成下列各个句子。(28分)

1. 他认为警察能找到失主。

He thought the policeman would _______________________ the owner.

2. 汤姆计划第二天把项链送到警察局。

Tom ___________________take the necklace to the police station _______________.

3. 汤姆被指控抢劫罪。

Tom _____________________ robbery.

4. 汤姆和他的邻居相处得很好。

Tom ___________________ all of his neighbours.

5. 这个人从不和任何人说话,也没人知道他以何为生。

The man never ______________ anyone and no one knew what he did ______________.

6. 汤姆想知道它是哪里来的。

Tom wondered where it _____________.

7. 她看到一个人从珠宝店跑出来。

She saw someone ________________ the jewellery shop.

V. 阅读理解。(20分)

Being safe in your everyday life needs knowledge. If you remember the following information, your life will be much safer.

★ Always notice the environment around you. You shouldn’t walk alone outside. Make sure where the public phones are. If anything dangerous happens, you can find them easily.

★ Your bag should be carried towards the front of your body instead of putting it on your back. When a bus is full of people, it is easy enough for a thief to take away the things in the bag on your back.

★ If you are followed by someone you don’t know, cross the street and go to the other way, let the person understand that you know he or she is after you. Next, don’t go home at once. You are safer in the street than you are alone in your home or in a lift.

★ If you have to take a bus to a place far away, try to get to the stop a few minutes earlier before the bus leaves. This stops other people from studying you. On the bus, don’t sit alone. Sit behind the driver or with other people. Don’t sleep.

( ) 1. Which of the following is NOT safe when you are out?

A. Go home alone late at night. B. Make sure where the public phones are.

C. Don’t get to the bus stop too early. D. Always notice the environment around you.

( ) 2. You’d better put your bag ____ when there are too many people on a bus.

A. on your back B. beside you

C. in front of you D. behind the driver

( ) 3. When you are followed by someone on your way home, you should ____ to make yourself


A. run home B. find a lift and go in

C. turn back and walk towards him or her at once

D. cross the street and go to the other way

( ) 4. When you take a bus alone, it’s safe for you ____.

A. to sit behind the driver or with other people, but not to sleep

B. to talk with the driver

C. to call your friends

D. to get off the bus at once

( ) 5. What can you learn from the text?

A. How to notice the environment around you. B. How to be safe in your everyday life.

C. How to cross the street. D. How to use the public phones.

Period 8

I. 1-5 BDCCC 6-10 BCBAD

II. 1. commit crimes 2. at the time of the crime 3. put up a good fight 4. anything unusual

5. was guilty of 6. possible 7. left 8. imported

III. 1. height 2. sadness 3. loss 4. wonders 5. attacker 6. were watching 7. is running 8. waits

IV. 1. be able to find 2. planned to 3. was charged with 4. got on well with 5. spoke to, for a living 6. came from 7. running out of

V. 1-5 ACDAB

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