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5【课件一】Unit 6 Grammar

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Welcome to be here with us!
Welcome to Grammar ----- Reported Speech

Zhu Zhaoyan

Susan said, ?I had noodles for supper (direct speech) yesterday.?

Susan said that she had had she had noodles for supper the day before the day before noodles ( reported speech)

?I have been to Hong Kong twice,? said Tom

(direct speech)

Tom said that he had been to Hong Kong twice. he had been
( reported speech)

If we use direct speech , we quote what someone else said directly. If we use reported speech ,we talk about what someone else said. 直接引语是直接引述别人的原话, 原话有引号,而间接引语是引述别 人的话,不用引号。间接引语在多 数情况下构成宾语从句。

Part 1 Reported speech of statements
Repored speech with tense changes

Direct speech Simple present(一般现在时 ) “I?m scared,” said the witness. Present continuous(现在进行时)

Reported speech Simple past9(一般过去时) The witness said that she was scared. Past continuous(过去进行时)

?The murderer is running away,? said Mr. Mr. Ma said that the murderer was running Ma. away.

Present perfect(现在完成时)


Past perfect(过去完成时))

?I?ve never seen him before? said the cook. The cook said that he had never seen him before. Simple past (一般过去时) Past perfect (过去完成时))

?I read the newspaper,? said Mr. Wu.
Simple future(一般将来时)

Mr. Wu said that he had read the newspaper.
…would…(一般过去将来时 )

?We?ll look for more clues,? said Detective Detective Lu said that they would look for

Part2 change the adverbials of time
now today tonight this morning then that day that night that morning the next\following day the day before the month before before there

yesterday last month ago here

Detective Lu said, ?He is 22 years old. ? is Detective Lu said (that) he was 22 years old. __________________________

Detective Lu said, ? We are checking the fingerprints and other clues. ?

they were checking the Detective Lu said ___________________________ we are fingerprints and other clues.

Detective Lu said, ?They have offered a reward of 50,000 Yuan.? had they have offered a reward Detective Lu said ____________________________ of 50,000 Yuan. ________________ People said, ?We will contact the police on 55501212.? theywould contact the police on People said_______________________________________ we will ____________ 55501212. Detective Lu said, ? We found only one suspect.? Detective Lu said they had found only one suspect. ________________________________ found

I was in another place with my friend yesterday.

The suspect said_________________________________ he had been in another place was with his friend yesterday. the day before.

My friend is busy now.

then. The suspect said______________________________ his friend was busy now.

a friend of the victim Jack


He is a good computer program

mer now.


He left the office at 7 p.m. yesterday.

he was a good computer programmer then . Jack said____________________________________ He day before . Jack said___had left the office at 7 p.m. the _ .

I did not see the suspect clearly last night.

the witness

The witness said he had not seen the suspect clearly the night before _________________________________________.

We will find out more clues tomorrow.

they would find out more clues He said_________________________________. the next day .
They would

Detective Lu

Part 3 Reported speech of questions
Direct speech Reported speech

Change the question mark to a full stop. Change the word order. ?Where is the body?” asked the The policeman asked where the policeman. body was.
?Who is the murderer?? she asked. She asked who the murderer was.
Detective Lu

For ‘Yes’/’No’ questions, find out use ‘if’/’whether’ They would

?Does he know the victim?? I asked.

They more clues the next would day .

I asked if/whether he knew the victim.

he pronouns tense if/whether if/whether


The detective told me I have found out the murderer.

I asked him that he is still working at12 p.m. last night.
the night before


word order

I asked him how many years had he worked as a police.
he had

Are you close to the victim?

I am close to the victim.

Detective Lu asked Jack if / whether he was close to the victim. ______________________________________________
His friend said__ he was close to the victim

Did the victim have enemies?

Maybe he had some.

Detective Lu asked Jack if / whether the victim had had any enemies. _________________________________________________
His friend said_________________________________________________ maybe he had had some.

The police asked, “Is there anyone near the shop?” The police asked if/whether there was anyone near the shop.

Where do you work?

The detective asked where he worked . ___________________________

What did you do last night?

The detective asked what hehad done the night before __________________________________________ .

How many crimes have you solved?
I asked him ______________________________________. how many crimes he had solved

Why did you become a detective?
I asked him why he had become a detective.

Have you solved the Vally Town murder?
I asked him if he had solved the Vally Town murder.

I asked him where the murder had taken place.

Where did the murder take place?

Part4 Reported speech without tense change
If we are reporting a fact or if the information is still true,we do not need to change the tense.
?The sun rises in the east,?said Mr Wu Mr Wu said the sun rises in the east. Detective Lu said,“we will work hard to find the murderer.?? Detective Lu said they will work hard to find the murderer.

Our teacher said, “The sun is much bigger than the earth. .”

Our teacher said the sun is much bigger than the earth.
Our teacher said,“There are 12 months in

a year. ”

Our teacher said there are 12 months in a year.

Our teacher said, “Light travels faster than sound.”

Our teacher said light travels faster than sound.
Our teacher said,“The moon goes around the earth. ” Our teacher said the moon goes around the earth. ”

part5、直接引语为祈使句时,间接引语不用连词,而是将直接引语改为动词 不定式用作句子的宾语补足语。如: She said to us,“Please sit down. ” →She asked us to sit down. He said,“Don?t make so much noise,boys. ” →He told the boys not to make so much noise. “Please explain why you?re two and a half hours late,” the boss said. →The boss asked him to explain why he was two and a half hours late. “Don?t give up!” Father shouted at him. →Father told him in a loud voice not to give up. “Get everything ready in half an hour,” the teacher said to the students. →The teacher ordered the students to get everything ready in half an hour. 〖注〗主句的谓语动词有时要根据直接引语的情态和语气作相应的变化,如 say说; tell sb. 告诉某人;ask问/请求;suggest建议;order命令等 等。) This part is optional. You can choose to use.

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