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4【课时训练一】Integrated skills

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Period 6 Integrated skills


1. He has a long criminal ______.

2. She beat two world ______.

3. There are all kinds of ______ in the shop.

4. The broadcast ______, not live.

2. Who can prove that you were at home __________?

3. The man was so brave that he __________ though there were more than three attackers.

4. Anyone who finds __________, please contacts us.

5. He was arrested because he __________ a murder.


( ) 1. --- How was your birthday party yesterday?

--- Wonderful! It was the most ______ day of my life.

A. excite B. excites C. excited D. exciting

( )2. The man was charged ______ into the house yesterday.

A. with breaking B. to break C. for breaking D. with broken

( )3. It’s really ______ of Tom to work out such a difficult maths problem.

A. honest B. generous C. bright D. cheerful

( )4. The woman’s patience is ______ and she looks angry

A. running into B. running up C. running down D. running out

( )5. The victims ______ detective Lu to solve the crime soon.

A. hoped B. agreed C. wished D. promised

( )6. The young man ______ blood on his trousers must be the murderer.

A. have B. has C. with D. of

( )7. --- Has your uncle told you if he ______ us in the trip tomorrow?

--- Yes. He will come if he ______time.

A. will join; has B. will join; will have

C. joins; will have D. joins; has

( )8. When we were young, we were told that Earth ______ like a round ball traveling around

the sun.

A. is B. was C. had been D. would be

( )9. The policeman added that somebody had seen the man at home ______.

A. yesterday B. the day before yesterday

C. two days ago D. two days before



Li Jun ______ ______ ______ ______ his classmates.


He said he ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ the police station the next day


How can you ______ ______ ______ ______ guilty?


No one ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ a living.


He ______ ______ ______ ______ murder.

V. 阅读理解。(20分)(2010威海)

Young Min Kim, a journalist from Students Around the World, interviews an American university student, Lisa Conroy. They talk about living on a student budge (预算).

Young Min: Thanks for talking with me today, Lisa. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Lisa: Well, I’m twenty-one, and I’m a junior 2 at a university in Chicago.

Young Min: How are you paying for your college education?

Lisa: The costs for every semester are about $15,000. At the start of each semester my parents pay the $10,000(学费). I also get $2,000 in financial aid (助学金). I have to make money for the rest by myself.

Young Min: How do you do that?

Lisa: I have a part-time job at a hotel. I work about twenty hours a week, and make about $320. Young Min: How do you spend that money?

Lisa: It helps to pay for my room. It also pays for things like my mobile phone,???? transportation and clothes.

Lisa: That’s true! I keep my budget carefully so I don’t have to borrow don’t like to borrow money from people.

Young Min: You don’t have much money for fun, do you?

Lisa: I hardly ever go to the movies. My roommate and I usually tent (租) videos and share the cost, so it’s cheaper.

Young Min: How else do you save money?

Lisa: I don’t go to restaurants. I make meals with my roommates so it’s cheaper to eat. I try to walk or ride my bicycle to college. Oh, and I buy a lot of my clothes at second-hand stores. You can find some very cheap, decut clothes in those stores.

Young Min: So much for this. Thank you!

Lisa: You are welcome!

( ) 1. Lisa’s parents pay ______ in tuition each semester.

A. $15,000 B.$10,000 C. $5,000 D. $2,000

( ) 2. Lisa has a part-time job at a ________ .

A. restaurant B. theater C. hotel D. campus

( ) 3. Some of Lisa’s costs include _______ .

A. mobile phone, books and clothes B. food, computer games and transportation

C. restaurants, clothes and cars D. transportation, clothes and medicine

( ) 4. Lisa tries to keep a budget so she doesn’t have to ______.

A. buy cheap clothes B. ride her bicycle

C. borrow money D. buy clothes at second-hand stores

( ) 5. The title of the passage should be ______.

A. Making money B. Saving money

C. Spending money D. My money

Period 6

I. 1. record 2. records 3. recorders 4. is recorded

II. 1. in the case 2. at the time of the crime 3. put up a good fight 4. anything unusual 5. was guilty of


IV. 1. gets on well with 2. would take the watch to 3. prove that you’re not 4. knew what he did for 5. was under arrest for

V. 1-5 BCACD

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