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八年级英语Module 1 同步练习及答案

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Module 1 How to learn English 重点单词同步练习



1. Please check your ____(spell) with a dictionary.

2. Try ____(say) it in English.

3. How about ____(wait) in line?

4. Why not _____(give) him a hand ?

5. It’s a good idea _______(check) your vocabulary.

6. It took me two hours _____(watch) TV last night.

7. I enjoy _____(watch) English films and ____(listen) to real English songs.

8. The weather was cold. It was difficult _____(start) the car.

9. ______(walk) is good for our health.

10. You should always _____(speak) English in class.

11. Please try your best _____(remember) all the new words.

12. Don’t forget ____(tell) me the whole story.

13. This is a great way ___(learn) English.

14. The girl practises ___(sing) every day, because she wants to be a singer.

15. It’s difficult ____(improve) your listening.


I began to learn cooking Chinese food my mom when I was 9. When I was 12, I began to help my aunt in the kitchen. My aunt was a very in the town. She taught me everything about cooking. I still remember one day when I was 15. "Hui, I don’t have teach you any more. "My aunt said after a feast(宴席).

In the past 10 years, I never stopped But I never thought of writing a cookbook February 3rd, 1997—my aunt died. I don’t have a chance to goodbye to her face to face because I was going to college far away from hometown. I was thinking of doing something for her. Nothing is than writing a cookbook. one and a half years’ work, I wrote the Chinese cookbook in 1998.

In 2000, my friend asked me to my cookbook in English and bring it to all people around the world who love Chinese food. For writing this book, I visited a lot of Chinese restaurants here in New York and studied hundreds of restaurant menus. I talked to lots of about healthy eating and nutrition(营养). After two years of work, I wrote my English e-cookbook “Real and Healthy Chinese Cooking”.

( )1. A. from B. for

( )2. A. bad B. kind

( )3. A. something B. anything

( )4. A. studied B. to study

( )5. A. when B. until

( )6. A. speak B. talk

( )7. A. worse B. good

( )8. A. After B. Before

( )9. A. sell B. buy C. with C. strict C. nothing C. study C. after C. say C. well C. Since C. write D. about D. famous D. everything D. studying D. since D. tell D. better D. For D. learn

( )10.A.waiters B. doctors C. teachers D. Chinese



1. spelling

4. give

7. watching;listening

10. speak

13. to learn 2. to say 5. to check 8. to start 3. waiting 6. to watch 9. Walking 12. to tell 15. to improve 11. to remember 14. singing


1. 从??学,learn from,选A。

2. 是个很著名的厨师,选D。

3. 没有什么可教给你的了,选B。

4. 没有停止学习,选D。

5. 直到一九九七年二月三号才想到写书,选B。

6. 说再见,say goodbye,选C。

7. 没有比这更好的了,选D。

8. after表示时间上的“在后面”,选A。

9. 朋友让我出英文版,选C。

10. 和很多医生谈了有关健康饮食和营养的事,选B。

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