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6【精品课件二】Unit 1 Star signs Reading II

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Unit1 Reading

? Do you know something about star
signs? ? Do you know what are they represent?

Name: Aquarius Date: 21st Jan-19th Feb Characteristics: kind, wise, strange, have many friends, hate to be like anyone else , try to be different

Characteristics: strong, confident, generous, like to buy your friends nice gifts

Name: Leo Date:

23rd Jul-22nd Aug

Characteristics: stubborn, hard-working, patient, don’t like change, don’t give up easily

Name: Taurus Date: 21st Apr- 21st May

Name: Sagittarius Date: 22nd Nov- 20th Dec

Characteristics: enjoy life, have a good sense of humour, be lucky, love travelling to different place

Name: cancer Date: 22nd Jun – 22nd Jul Characteristics: kind, love your home and family, like to take care of others, save money and cook

Match the first parts of the sentences on the left with the second parts on the right. 1 An energetic person ___ a does not easily get e
angry. 2 An outgoing person ___ b cares only about c himself/ herself. 3 A confident person ___ c is friendly and love to h meet people. 4 A selfish person ___ d can wait without b angry.

5 An easy-going person ___ e has lots of energy. a f 6 A fair person ___ f treats everyone equally. 7 A patient person ___ g wants to know d about everything. g 8 A curious person ___ h feels sure about his/ her own ability.

language points
? at times/ at all times at times=sometimes(“有时”、“时常 ”),at all times=always(“总是”、“ 一直”) e.g. I feel a little nervous at times. He does good work at all times.

It says…中的say意为“(文字材料)写 道,说;显示” e.g. The notice says “keep out”.
这则通知上写道: 不要入内。 ___________________________

The clock says half and three.
钟上显示三点半。 ___________________________

be divided into意为“把……分为(几部 分)” e.g. Sentences can be divided into _____________three

types in English.
We divide this cake into ten. ______ ____

too much, too many, much too e.g. There is too much snow today, so it ________ is much too cold. ________

? I drank ________ beer last night. too much
? There are _________ people in this too many

too many ? There are ________ apples. ? You’ve done too muchfor me. _______ ? It is ________ hot today. much too ? He eats _________, so he is very fat. too much

too much snow too much “太多” ,可以修饰不可数名 词 much too cold much too “很,实在”,修饰adj. /adv too many “太多” ,可以修饰可数名词

be able to → can be able to 可用于各种时态 can 只有一般现在时,一般过去时。有时 用于表示请求。 e.g. I can’t swim, but I will _________ be able to (be able to, can) swim in three months. She has been able to (be able to, ___________ can) explain it in English.

________ (be able to, can, could) you Could help me? I make a pen that has a machine in it, so I ______________(be able to, can) write

will be able to faster.

mind (v/n) / mind doing sth. / mind sb doing sth. e.g. ________________ (你介意) if I open Would you mind

the window?
___________ (别介意),I’ll teach Don’t mind you to sing this song.

Wearing blue clothes is good for ____ mind (头脑) and body. He didn’t mind _____ (do) this work for doing the club.

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