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5【课件】Unit 6 Detective stories Main task & Checkout

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Unit 6 Main task Main task

Tom and the jewel thief Tom got along with all of his neighbours except the man who lived next door. The man never spoke to anyone and no one knew what he did for a living. One day, when Tom came home from work, he diamond necklace found a 1)________________ door outside his 2)_________.Tom wondered where it came from.

Tom thought that perhaps someone had dropped the necklace. So he planned to take it to the police station 3)______________ the next day. He thought the police would be able to find the owner. Just then, the 4) ________ came to Tom’s home and police saw the necklace in his hand. Tom was very shocked when he was charged with 5)_____________ robbery.

A policeman told him that a jewellery shop had been robbed. witness A 6)________ said that she had seen someone run from the jewellery shop into 7)Tom’s building ________ right after the 8)_________. robbery Tom was not 9)__________, but guilty how could he prove it ?

We had better call the police.

He was murdered. Start looking for clues.

I don’t know. I’ve never seen him before.

We didn’t see or hear anything. We were having a party.

I’ll have to check these for fingerprints.

You’re under arrest for murder.

Questions about PartB1:
1. Who do you think was murdered --- a man or a woman ?

2. How do you think he/she was killed?
3. Is there any blood ?

4. Who do you think is guilty?
5. Why do you think he/she is guilty?

Remember to include these elements in your story. ? A description of the crime.
? Any objects or clues found at the scene of the crime. ? A description of the suspect. ? How the detective knows he/she has found the right person.


Millie told me about the Valley Town urder m______ . I asked her who had done it. She said the s______ with blood on his uspect shirt was not g______. However, the uilty w______ who said she had seen him in itness Upper Street was a c________. The riminal police found six n__________ in her ecklaces purse. They thought it was very suspicious and they c_______ her with harged s___________. hoplifting

At first , she told the police that she was shopping with some friends. But police found vidence e_______ that she was not telling the truth.They also found her ingerprints f__________ at the scene of the c_______. rime

用括号中所给词的适当形式填空 .1.We were very surprised that Tom was charged with _________ ( rob ). 2. Uncle Wang sells newspapers for a __________ ( live ) 3.The policemen caught those __________ (thief ) and took them to the police station. 4. The boss is guilty of the crime and he is a ____________ ( crime ). 5.He is __________ ( charge ) with breaking into a computer system.

6. A terrible ________ took place last

night. A nice girl was _________ in her home between 10p.m. and 12p.m., but the policemen haven’t found the ________yet. ( murder ) 7. The police are asking people who saw anything_________ ( suspect ) to be ___

______( witness ) 8. All the boys were breathing ______ ( heavy) after the race.

1.“ I want some water,” said the suspect. 2. “ The earth moves around the sun,” said my teacher. 3. “I’ve seen the film,” said my father. 4. “ The man is running quickly,” said the witness.

Put the following sentences into indirect speech

5. “ I was born in 1998,” the boy said. 6. “Do you like reading detective stories?” asked Millie. 7. “Where are you going?” asked Mr. Smith. 8. “Have you finished your home work?” Asked my mother. 9. “ We will be back tomorrow,” said Mr. Jones.

Writing 今天早晨六点半左右,早起晨 练的王大伯在河边发现了一具中年 男子的尸体后随及报了警。 根据现 场勘察和目击证词,初步认定这是 一场抢劫杀人案,被害者约三十岁 左右,高约一米七,身边钱物被洗 劫一空,被刀刺伤流血致死后被移 至河边。

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