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6【课时训练】Unit 6 Grammar

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Period 5 Grammar

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I. 单项选择。(20分)

( ) 1. The young woman said that she ______ a new middle school if possible.

A. ran B. will run C. would run D. had run

( ) 2. The little girl told me that she would try to find me a good job ______.

A. tomorrow B. next week C. the next month D. this evening

( ) 3. The boy’s sister told me that ______ would try to give ______ some help in work.

A. she; her B. I; you C. she; me D. I; him

( ) 4. When I managed to contact her, she told me she ______ me then.

A. is missing B. was missing C. has missed D. had missed

( ) 5. The guide told the foreign guests that the Great Wall of China ______ a famous place of interest.

A. is B. was C. has been D. had been

( ) 6. In his letter, he told me that he ______ in a small town of India.

A. lives B. lived C. has lived D. had lived

( ) 7. The boy went up to see me and told me he ______ a beautiful kite.

A. buys B. bought C. has bought D. had bought

( ) 8. To my surprise, the foreign guest told me he ______ our mountain village in 2005.

A. visits B. visited C. has visited D. had visited

( ) 9. The boy asked me ______ I was really thinking about.

A. what B. which C. who D. whom

( ) 10. My father asked me ______ I had passed the English exam.

A. what B. that C. which D. whether II. 根据句子意思,从方框中选用恰当的词或短语填空。(16分)

1. _______________, they have worked in the factory for ten months.

2. Look! The man ______________. Let’s call 110.

3. If you have some good ideas, you can _______________ us _______________ 557474562.

4. The policeman _______________ what the witness said.

5. Where did you find my purse? It’s _______________ a bookshop.

6. We are ______________ interested in helping the people in need.

7. The _____________ of these dogs will come soon.

8. Can you ______________ anything to what your teacher said just now?

III. 根据首字母或所给单词的正确形式填空。(16分)

1. We can b__________ fresh air in the country.

2. The victim __________ (bleed) to death at last.

3. I found it useful __________ (learn) English well.

4. Li Pin isn’t here. He __________ (go) to the market.

5. Jerry __________ (learn) some Chinese before he came to China.

6. I’ll go to the party if my wife __________ (ask).

7. I can’t decide whether __________ (buy) a new computer.

8. It rained h___________ last night. The ground is still wet now.

IV. 根据所给中文意思,用英文完成下列各个句子。(28分)

1. 我现在晚上不敢一个人出门。

I dare not to ____________________ at night now.

2. 时间正在流逝。

Time is _________________.

3. 我将搬到月亮镇。

I will ___________________ Moon Town.

4. 昨天晚上我的堂兄在街上看到一个人在跑。

My cousin saw a man ____________________the street last night.

5. 我看到一个衬衫上有血的男人。

I’ve seen a man ______________ on his shirt.

6. 陆侦探仔细地看着那把刀。

Detective Lu ______________________________.

7. 因为那些噪音,他们听不见陆侦探说的话。

They cannot ____________ what Detective Lu is saying __________________.

V. 完形填空。(20分) (2010淄博) being told by their parents to study harder so that they can have a bright life. it may become heavy pressure for students who have difficulties in their studies.

Some students join the groups of trouble-makers. Many of them have worked very hard at school but they have in the exams, and it makes their parents disappointed. Such students feel that they’re

Most parents are worried about their children, but they don’t help them in any way. They think that they aren’t able to help their children and that it’s the work to help them. To make matters help students to pass exams.

, from the students’ hair to their clothes and the things Almost 40% of the students said that no one had taught them how to get on with others, how to ( ) 1. A. with B. for C. from D. to

( ) 2. A. always B. sometime C. never D. hardly

( ) 3. A. and B. since C. but D. /

( ) 4. A. succeed B. failed C. passed D. missed

( ) 5. A. liked B. loved C. disliked D. remembered

( ) 6. A. teacher B. teachers C. teacher’s D. teachers’

( ) 7. A. better B. more C. worse D. bad

( ) 8. A. everything B. something C. anything D. nothing

( ) 9. A. For example B. In fact C. After all D. First of all

( ) 10. A. tell B. any C. talk D. speak

Period 5

I. 1-5 CCCBA 6-10 BDBAD

II. 1. 1. So far 2. is wanted for the murder 3. contact, on 4. made notes 5. in the doorway of 6. especially 7. owner 8. add

III. 1. breathe 2. bled 3. to learn 4. has gone 5. has learned 6. is asked 7. to buy

8. heavily

IV. 1. go out alone 2. running out 3. move to 4. running down 5. with blood

6. looked at the knife carefully 7. hear, because of the noise

V. 1-5 CACBC 6-10 DAABA

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