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7【课件】Unit 6 Detective stories Grammar

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Unit 6 Detective stories Grammar

Direct Speech and Reported Speech

直接引语 直接引述别人的原话,叫_________; 间接引语 用自己的话把别人的话陈述出来,叫________。 引号“ ” 直接引语通常都用___________括起来,间接引语

宾语从句 在多数情况下都构成一个__________。

that引导宾语从句.从句中的 人称、时态、指示

代词、时间状语、地点状语 等相应变化.

口诀 一 随 主 二 随 宾 第三 人称 不变 说 明
引号内的第一 人称变间引后 与主句主语的 人称保持一致


She said,“ I like Tennis.”

She said that she liked tennis.

引号内的第二人 称变间引后与主 句宾语的人称保 持一致 引号内的第三人 称在变间引后人 称不变

He said to Lily, “ you must get up early.”

He told Lily that she must get up early. She told me that they wanted to help him.

She said to me , “ They want to help him.”

2. 时 态 变 化

直接引语 一般现在时 现在进行时 一般过去时 现在完成时

间接引语 一般过去时
过去进行时 过去完成时 过去完成时 过去将来时

The teacher said,“The sun is bigger than the earth.” The teacher said that the sun is bigger than the earth. 注: 直引若是客观真理,变为间引时,时态不变.


直接引语 this, these now, today this week yesterday last week four days ago the day before yesterday tomorrow next month

时 间 状 语

地点状语 方向性动词 情态动词

间接引语 that, those then, that day that week the day before the week before four days before two days before the next/following day the next/following month there
go, take



can, may, must

could,might,had to

解题步骤: 1.陈述句
“I don?t like computers,” Sandy said to her friends.

Sandy said to her friends that I don?t like computers. said she didn?t

Sandy said to her friends that she didn?t like computers.

Exercises :
1). Betty says to Harry," I want to borrow your book.” Betty says to Harry (that) she wants to borrow his Book. 2).My teacher said , “she is a good student.” My teacher said that she was a good student.

Direct Speech
She said, “I like singing. ” She said, “I am waiting for a bus.” She said, “I visited Europe last year.” She said, “I have never met an American.” She said, “I will see you next week.”

Reported Speech
She said she liked singing. She said she was waiting for a bus. She said she had visited Europe the year before. She said she had never met an American. She said she would see me the next week.

直接引语是疑问句,变间接引语时,要从疑 问语序变为陈述语序。 直接引语是一般疑问句,变为间接引语时,用 连词 if

或 whether 连接。 直接引语是 特殊疑问句 ,变为间接引语时,仍


Is it easy to work out the problem? ( They asked him ) It is easy to work out the problem.
They asked him

if it is easy to work out the
is was


They asked him if it was easy to work out the problem.

3) She asked me,” Do you agree with me?”
She asked me if I agreed with her. 4) Anne asked her mother, “Is there any delicious food to eat?” Anne asked her mother if there was any

delicious food to eat.

Direct Speech
She asked, “Have you seen the film?”
He asked, “Are you a doctor, John?” She asked us, “Where are you going to get off?”

He asked them, “Who gave you a talk yesterday?”

Reported Speech
She asked me whether\if I had seen the film. He asked John if\whether he was a doctor. She asked us where we were going to get off. He asked them who had given them a talk the day before.

3.特殊疑问句: When do you harvest the wheat ? ( They asked him )
you harvest the wheat They asked him when

you harvest the wheat.
he harvested

They asked him when he harvested the wheat.

5) “ What are you going to do?” he asked.

He asked me what I was going to do.
6)“How do you go to school every day?” asked Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang asked how I went to school everyday.

直接引语是祈使句,变成间接引语,把动词原 形变成动词不定式,并在动词不定前加tell, ask, order , advise等动词的宾语。

注 意 : 否 定 句 , 在 动 词 不 定 式 前 加 not 或

4.祈使句 Little boy, put on your coat. (They ordered ) Little boy, put on your coat.
They ordered Little boy put on your coat. to put his

They ordered the little boy to put on his coat.

Direct Speech
The policeman ordered:“Be quiet.” The teacher said to the boy ,”Open the window .”
“Never do that again,” the teacher said. “Wait a moment.” she said to them.

Reported Speech
The policeman ordered us to be quiet. The teacher told the boy to open the window The teacher told me not /never to do that again. She asked them to wait a moment .

1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 人称 时态 相应的时间地点状语 标点符号 大小写 问号改为句号 语序---疑问改陈述 宾语从句由什么引出 祈使句要使用动词不定式来引述

7). Mom said,“ Don?t chat with strangers.”

Mom told me not to chat with strangers.
8). “ Go shopping with me, please?” said Mr. Wang . Mr. Wang asked me to go shopping with him.

Fill in the blanks
1. ? I am doing some important work,? Mr Smith said. Mr. Smith said ____ was doing some he ____ ______ important work 2.? Who are you looking for?? Tom asked Sandy. who she was looking for Tom asked Sandy ____ ____ ____ ______ _____. 3.? Do you want me to help you with your English,? asked he. He asked__________ ____ wanted _____ ____help if/whether

I ______ him to me with _____English. my

4. ? I want to know if you can learn it by
yourselves,? the teacher said.

The teacher said ______ _______ to know if ____ we he/she wanted
_____ _______ it by __________. could learn ourselves 5. Our teacher asked if we knew the answer. Do you know ?___ _____ ______ the answer?? our teacher asked. 6. Millie asked where her book was.

Where is my book Millie asked, ?_______ _____ _____ _______ ??

Choose the best answers.
1) Mr. Wu said heA ________ us to the zoo this week. A. would take B. will take C. take D. takes

2) The witness said he _____ under the table at that time. C
A. hide C. was hiding B. have hidden D. hidden

3) The police asked if anyone _______ tell him some A information.

A. could

B. can

C. is able to

D. will

4)Could you tell me ___________? D
A. how far is it B. how can I get there

C. how I could get there

D. how I can get there

5) Sandy said she ________ all the work. B A. finished C. has finished B. had finished D. will finish

C 6) He said he ________ his book at your home. A. leave B. leaves C. had left D. was leaving

Correct the mistakes. 1.She said she misses her family a lot.

missed 2.He asked his new friend she would like some coffee. if/ whether
3. The teacher asked who was on duty today. that day

4. All of us want to know if it is rainy or not. whether 5. A man asked whose book is it. it was 6. The teacher asked the boy to hand in his homework to school tomorrow. the next day

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