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(考试时间:100分钟 满分:120分)



第一部分 选择题(70分)




1. —Chinese chess best. What about you?

—football is my favourite sport.

A. the, The


A. It doesn’t matter B. Sounds sad

A. nothing B. none C. Never mind C. anything D. I’m afraid so D. everything in the bookshop.

4. Sandy went to Tibet by train this summer for the first time. She had an unusual _________.

A. experience B. experiment C. knowledge D. condition

5. —useful suggestion he offered to us!

—You’ A. How, value B. What, value C. What a, value D. What a, valuable

6. — your homework to school tomorrow, Sam.

—OK, . Mr Wu.

A. take, I will

A. introduces B. bring, I will C. carry, I will D. take, I do 7. I’m not sure if he to my family at tonight’s party. B. will introduce C. is introduced

B. to repair, pays D. will be introduced D. repaired, spends 8. I’too much money. A. repair, takes C. repaired, costs

9. _______of the class_______ finished the homework already.

A. Two third, has B. Two thirds, have C. Two thirds, has D. Second threes, have

10. — He’?

—’s helpful. We all like him.

A. hasn’t, No B. isn’t, Yes C. hasn’t, Yes D. isn’t, No

11. It’s thoughtful ________you to prepare the film________ for our show.

A. for, in the 1960s


12. —May I speak to Mr. Li? B. of, in the 1960 C. for, in 1960s D. of, in the B. the, \ C. \ , The D. \ , \ 2. —It’s reported that more than 20 people have died of H7N9 so far.

—Sorry. He isn’ somewhere abroad since last Friday.

A. has been B. has been to C. has gone to

D. has been in A. that the earth goes around the sun C. Which is the way to the cinema A. too, should

A. When, married B. such, have to D. How well do you know China C. so, must D. such, ought B. what will the computer be like in the future14. They’re look after them carefully all day. 15. It’s 2 years ago________ Jim________ Lily . B. since, got married to

D. while, got married with C. that, got married to


Miracles(奇迹)will happen if you don't give up trying. Even if you for one hundred times, you may succeed when you try for the 10lst time.

They were too soft to be able to walk. Although the news was bad, my mother didn't become started to look for other ways.

. The doctor and his 爬) eyes. Crawling was

told me these stories. She said that if I thought of what , I could do anything successfully. I have been working hard and I in school and I am a good dancer and my mother's strong resolution(决心), I live a happy life now. What the story tells us, as my mother always says, is: Never give up.

16. A. achieved B. failed C. suggested D. told

D. eyes

D. proud 17. A. legs B. hands C. arms 18. A. patient B. confident C. frustrated

19. A. or B. and C. if D. because

20. A. forgot B. changed C. succeeded D. worked

21. A. nothing B. somewhere C. anywhere

23. A. away B. from C. into D. everything D. up 22. A. time B. exercise C. medicine D. shopping

24. A. her B. my C. his D. its

25. A. advice B. end C. chance D. start

26. A. hardly

27. A. dreams

28. A. excellent

29. A. presents B. never C. always D. nearly B. experiments C. jobs D. difficulties B. dangerous C. busy B. friends C. books D. special D. grades

30. A. Such as

三、阅读理解(40分) B. Instead of C. Because of D. Together with


There are many things we need to know, but we do not learn them at school. For example, if we want to use our money wisely, we need to shop carefully. We need to know how to compare(比较) the prices of the things in different shops. We also need to know how to make the best choice when we shop.

Knowing how to make such choices is a life skill, and we need to practice it in our daily life.

Supermarket W Supermarket M

Business hours: 6:00 a.m – 10:30 p.m. Business hours: 5:30 a.m – 10:30 p.m. Eggs (1 kilo): £ 6.50 Eggs (1 kilo): £6.60

Apples(1 kilo): £3.80 Apples(1 kilo): £3.96

Pork ( 1 kilo): £18.20 Pork ( 1 kilo): £18.20

Tomatoes (1 kilo): £1.58 Tomatoes (1 kilo): £1.50

Environment: Very good Environment: Very good

Service: Good Service: Good

Supermarket Y

Business hours:6:00 a.m – 10:00 p.m.

Eggs (1 kilo): £ 6.20

Apples(1 kilo): £3.30

Pork ( 1 kilo): £17.20


Environment: Need improving

Service: Just so-so

31. Which supermarket has the longest Business Hours?

A. Supermarket W. B. Supermarket T. C. Supermarket Y. D. Supermarket M.

32. The price of the pork in ___________ is the same as that in ___________.

A. Supermarket W; Supermarket M B. Supermarket Y; Supermarket T

C. Supermarket W; Supermarket Y D. Supermarket M; Supermarket T

33. If you want to spend the least money on eggs, which supermarket will you go to?

A. Supermarket W. B. Supermarket M.

C. Supermarket Y. D. Supermarket T.

34. From above, which supermarket may have the fewest shoppers?

A. Supermarket W. B. Supermarket T.

C. Supermarket M.

A. The Environment.

C. The Business hours. D. Supermarket Y. B. The Service. D. The Price.


Have you ever heard an echo of your voice?

An echo is a reflected(反射)sound. Stand in a very large, empty hall with nothing on the walls. 35. What may be the reason if a shopper usually shops in Supermarket Y? Supermarket T Business hours: 6:00 a.m – 9:30 p.m. Eggs (1 kilo): £6.90 Apples(1 kilo): £4.00 Pork ( 1 kilo): £18.60 Tomatoes (1 kilo): £1.60 Environment: Just so-so Service: Bad

Then shout. The sounds you make will hit the walls and come back to you. The walls reflect the sounds. These reflected sounds are called ―echoes‖.

We can use reflected sound to make sound travel farther. Hold a watch about fifty centimeters from your ear. You cannot hear it. The sound of the watch travels a short way in all directions. It does not travel as far as your ear. You can make it travel to your ear by using a roll of cardboard(纸板筒).

Make the roll of cardboard about fifty centimeters long. Put one end over your ear and hold the watch at the other. Now you can hear the watch because the sound has not gone in all directions. It is reflected down the roll to your ear.

A megaphone(喇叭筒)works in the same way. It makes sound travel farther. It reflects the sound into a beam which can travel a long way. In the ship, the sailor uses the megaphone to make his voice travel. Without the megaphone, his voice cannot travel far.

We use reflected sound in many ways. We use it to measure the depth of the sea, for example. Among the animals, bats and whales use reflected sound to tell them where they are and what things are near them.

36. What is called ―echo‖?

A. Very loud voices. B. Very loud voices that are made by man.

C. Very loud voices that are made by animals.

D. The sound that is made by man or animals comes back from some place.

A. shout in a small room

B. shout in a large house full of things D. shout in the open air C. shout in narrow valleys(山谷)

38. Which is the right order of hearing our echo in a very large, empty hall?

a. We hear the reflected sound b. The sound returns to us

c. The sound hits the walls d. We make a sound

A .c, b, a, d B. c, a, b, d C. d, c, b, a D. d, b, c, a

39. From the text we learn that __________ .

A. reflected sound is useful only to blind people

B. people haven’t made use of reflected sound yet

C. bats use reflected sound to fly and get food

D. whales don’t use reflected sound as they live in the sea

40. If you haven’t got a megaphone, ____ will help you to make your voice travel farther.

A. a long piece of wood B. a roll of cardboard

C. a thin thread D. a long piece of silk


When we have small cuts in the skin(皮肤), something strange may happen. The cuts are able to heal(痊愈) themselves in a couple of days. How does this happen? Read on, and you will find out the secret.

Every living thing on the earth is made up of cells(细胞). Cells grow and make new cells. Most cells are very small and we can't see them with our eyes. Different cells have different uses. Our skin cells are special ones. The cells on the outside of our skin are old dead cells. New skin cells are right under the

outside. These are the living skin cells. They work for our bodies. They help protect our bodies and heal cuts.

Our bodies make skin cells all the time. As the old cells fall off, new cells grow in the same place. Each person makes about 18 kg of skin cells during his or her life. Outside skin cells fit A small cut will not be harmful. Your skin will quickly heal itself by making new skin cells. How do skin cells work? First, the cells near the cut get bigger and move into the gap. Next, these bigger cells meet in the middle. They form a new layer(层) of skin cells. Finally, new cells will grow until the gap disappears. In this way, your skin can grow and get well itself. How amazing the small cells are! Next time you have a cut, don't worry about it. Maybe in a few days, you will be surprised to find it healed.

41. The underlined word ―gaps‖ in the passage means ―______‖ in Chinese.

A. 突起 B. 条纹 C. 缝隙 D. 代沟

42. From the passage, we know that cells______.

A. are large and we can see them with our eyes

C. are in everything on the earth

44. Which of the following is TRUE according to the passage?

A. Each person can make 18 kg of skin cells every day.

B. Different cells have different uses in our bodies.

C. The skin cells have little work to do in the body.

D. Every living thing on the earth is made up of skin cells

45. The best title for this passage should be______.

A. How Skin Cells Heal Cuts B. The Importance of Skin

C. How to Protect Our Fingers D. The Importance of Cells


The days are getting shorter and shorter, and temperatures are dropping. Winter is coming and it is easy for people to catch flu. Many people have started taking vitamin C pills as a precautionary(预防的)way. But a research has shown that vitamin C pills do not provide as much protection as they think. They are even not as good as other ways, like often washing your hands. Some German scientists have given people information and a test on the subject helping to stop incorrect ways.

Whether it is caused by cold or flu(流行性感冒), a runny nose and sore throat are signs of catching a cold. Many people overestimate(高估) the advantages of vitamin C and other pills. For years it was believed that taking vitamin C pills not only provided protection against colds but also against cancers, helping people to live longer. But the result of the research showed disagreement on these beliefs(看法). The result has now come out on the website wwww.informedhealthonline.org. ―Some pills may not help people live longer. Some pills may even lead to earlier death,‖ says Professor Peter Sawicki. Scientists also say that the best way to B. can heal few cuts themselves D. can grow and make new cells 43. Skin cells heal cuts in three steps. ______is the right order.

get vitamins is through food instead of having vitamin pills. That is to say, we disagree with the way of taking vitamin C pills.

There are many simple but useful ways to lower the risk of catching a cold. These include often washing your hands with normal soap(肥皂) and water and not touching your face with your hands. People who have already had a cold can stop it from spreading by throwing away tissues(纸巾) at once after using them and not shaking hands with other people.

46. Most people believe that taking vitamin C pills can _______.

A.make them catch a cold easily B.provide protection against colds

C.make them cleverer D.prevent all illnesses

47. A runny nose and sore throat mean someone ________.

A.will catch a cold in a few days B.would never catch a cold

C.has caught a cold D.would never spread colds to others

48. The best way to get vitamins is _______.

A.eating food which contains Vitamins B.taking vitamin pills

C.drinking water which contains vitamins D.eating as much pork as possible

49. _______ is NOT an effective way to lower the risk of catching a cold.

A.Not touching your face with your hands

B.Often washing your hands with normal soap and water

C.Not shaking hands with those people who have already had a cold

D.Not throwing away tissues at once after using them

50. About taking vitamin C pills, _______ is shown by the research.

A.fighting against sore throat

C.helping people live longer B.fighting against colds and cancers D.leading to earlier death by some pills

第二部分 非选择题(50分)



writer that I have ever known.(success)

2. Luckily, many patients in the earthquake in Ya’an didn’ badly. (they)

for the coming exam at this time last year.(prepare)


5. After 2 months’6. The boy’s parents both died in the accident. We’(happy).

7. We’(thief).

(chat) with each other at the party!

9. —Can I borrow your pen? —五、任务性阅读(10分)

April 27 is a special day in Britain. It’s called Take Our Daughter to Work Day. It was brought to Britain in 1994 from America. On that day thousands of girls take a day off school and go with one of their parents to their work places. By doing this, it can teach girls more about the society where they live.

Now the girls can have a close look at what their parents are doing. This may help them to be calmer when they have to choose a job. Mary experienced a day of work at her mother’s office. This helped her understand her mother’s work better. She said that this made her feel more confident about her future.

Schools and many companies support the activity, too. Some schools even make the day a

necessary part of school life.

②Experts(专家) think that girls with more self-confidence are more likely to be successful Take Our Daughter to Work Day is surely a step in the right direction. If at work at home for them, they will do better than others.

l. 在①句空白处填上恰当的词使句意完整、上下文通顺:________ ________

2. 将②句译成中文:


3. 回答问题

What is Take Our Daughter to Work Day organized for?


4. 在文中找出与下列句子意思相近的句子:

The girls can watch their parents work closely.


5. 写出文中最能表达该短文主题的句子。



Louis Braille, a Frenchman, couldn’t see anything when he was three years old. At the age of

ten, he went to a special school for children. The teacher there taught him a new w of reading by touching raised letters(字母―night writing‖. Night writing used twelve dots(小圆点). In 1824, Braille knew about the night writing ’dots. Letters are letters. Now people call this writing the ―Braille Writing‖ and people first used it in 1829. F could not read or write. Many of them lived in hospitals and knew about the world outside. His work helped them see the world through their fingers.

1. b__________ 2.w__________ 3.H__________ 4.c__________ 5.b__________

6. s_________ 7.a__________ 9.a__________ 10.n_________



要求:1. 所写内容包含以上信息 2. 字数100字左右。











3. were preparing 7. thieves

4.eighties 8. to chat


四、1. the most successful

5. completely has been lent 五、1. both and

2. themselves 6. unhappiness


2. 专家们认为拥有更多自信的女孩比普通女孩更有可能成功。

3. By doing this, it can teach girls more about the society where they live. / To teach girls more about the society where they live.

4. The girls can have a close look at what their parents are doing.. 5. April 27 is a special day in Britain. 六、1. blind

6. six 七、略

2. way 7. able

3.However 8. from

4. called 9. appeared

5. began 10. nothing

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