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一、单项填空 (30分)

( )1. How you spell “watch”? C. W-A-T-C-H D WATCH A. watch B .w-a-t-c-h

( )2. -----Have you got any carrots? ----No ,I _______.

A. have B. haven’t C. don’t D. am not

( ) 3. I’m Sam Smith, Sam is my ______ name.

A. first B. last C. family D. school

( ) 4. This is a photo of my uncle. He’ A. a B. the C. an ( A. have got C. is having D. does

( )6. This is name is Mary. C. your; his D his, his

( hospital near here?

’s B. it is C. there is D they are

( )8. -_______students are there in your class, Mr Li? -Fifty.

A. How old B. How much C.How many D .what

( )9. Betty is in front of me, so I am ________Betty.

A. next to B. behind C. in front of D.under

( ) 10. I have got ________ erasers. I think Ann has got ________.

A. any; any B. some; any C. some; some D. any; some

( )11. ---_______ the middle ______the school is a big sports hall.

A. In ,of B. In ,with C. On ,of D. On, with

( A. and, and B. or, and C. and, or ( )13. ---What color are the cats?

---I think A. they’re white and black. B. them D. it

( )14. Where are the_____? A .book D water

( A . B .How old is she?

D. Who’s it?


Zhang Jun is a Chinese is not young,but he is Li.She is is a Chinese girl. And she is a student. She lovely(可爱的). She is in Three, Grade One. She likes

因为) she likes the sky(天空). And she Zhang (妻子)Sunday.They needn’t(不必) (有空) in Mr Zhang’s family.

( ) 16. A. worker B. policeman C. student ( ) 17. A. good B. old C. young D. friend

( ) 18. A. He B. His C. He’ D. Her

( ) 19. A.eight B. thirty-two D. double sixteen

( ) 20. A. His B. She D. Her

( ) 21. A.is B.am C.are D .has

( ) 22. A.class C. Grade D. grade

( ) 23. A.apples C. blue D. chairs

( ) 24. A. can C.is D.do like

( B. In C. On D. Of

( B. girl C. students D. boy and girl

( B. good C. Well D. OK

( ) 28. A. Miss B. Mr C. Mrs D. Mis

( )29. A. the work B. work C. a work D. works

( ) 30. A. Every B. Every one C. Everyone D. One



I have two new friends in our class. They are American girls. Their names are Lucy and Lily. They are twelve. They are twins. I am Wei Hua. I am Chinese. I am twelve , too. We are in No.6 Middle School. We are in Class Two, Grade One. Lucy friends.

( )31.How old is Lily?

A. She’s 11 B. She’s 12 C. She’s 13

( ) 32.What class are the twins in?

A. They are in Class I C. They are in Class 3 C. They are in Class 2

( A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t

D. They’re teachers.


the shopping(购物)on Sundays. I often go to the supermarket(超So we buy some red apples for him. Mother likes yellow bananas. The oranges are very nice. Mother buys some for me. I like oranges very much.

There are many vegetables. They are very nice. We buy some tomatoes and carrots. After shopping, we have some milk , some bread and some icecream.

And then we go back home.

( ) 34. Who likes apples very much?

A. Mother B. Father C. I D. I don’t know

( ) 35. What does mother like?

A. oranges B. apples C. bananas ( ) 36. Mother buys some oranges for _________.

A. us B. me C. her ( ) 37 After shopping, ______________.

A. we go back home

C. we have some apples 仅仅) have some ice cream.


’s real(真的) father, but he loves “father” , too.

( )38. The children _____ Bob Pearson’s real children.

A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t

( )39. His children are from _____ countries.

A. lot of B. two C. three D. four

( )40. Which is RIGHT?

A. Bob Pearson is a very nice young man.

B. Bill and Mikou come from the same(同样的) country.

( ( ( ( ( ) 55. What’s the Chinese for “e-mail”

A. 邮包 B. 邮局 C. 电子邮箱



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