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Unit 4
What would you do? Self check

1.我不想当众说这件事. I don’t want to say it ____public in ______. 2.未经允许请别借我的书.

Don’t borrow my books _______ __________. without permission 3.在借我的东西之前,你必须先征得我的同意. ask my permission You should ____ _____ _________ before borrowing my things. 4. 我想把我的好朋友汤姆介绍给大家.
I’d like to _________ my good friend Tom introduce to _____ you.

5. 我正在等我的好朋友. I’m ______ _____ good friend. waiting for 6. 他一点都不觉得累. He didn’t feel tired ____ the slightest in ____ _______. 7. 他有许多好朋友. He has ______ _____ good friends. plenty of 8. 你和你的朋友相处得好吗? Do you _____ along _____ _____ your get _____ well with classmate? 9. 我宁愿呆在家看电视也不愿去参加聚会. I would rather stay at home and watch ______ TV than go to the party. _____

1.Fill in each blank with the correct form.
nervous shy 1. I’m really tired tired terrible friendly . I’ve been studying all day.

nervous 2. I don’t like making speeches. I feel_________ talking in front of many people. 3. If you were more friendly to people, you would have more friends. 4. My stomach feels terrible something bad at lunch time. . I think I ate

shy 5. People think Paul is very ______. But in fact he talks a lot with his friends.

2. Read the e-mail from Fran and write a reply.
Dear Knowledgeable, My best friend, Mei, has a problem. There is a really important English speech contest for our whole city next month. Our classmates want her to represent the class in the school contest. Everyone is sure she will win. It’s true. Mei is very clever, and can speak English really well. In fact, she always comes top in the school exams. The problem is that she’s very shy. She doesn’t want to let her friends down, but she’s terrified of speaking in front of other people.
She’s my friend, so she can tell me that she’s shy. But she can’t tell everyone that. I don’t think they would believe her. I can’t think of any good advice to give her, but you always come up with good solutions to people’s problems. What should I tell Mei? What should I tell the rest of the students?


Reading (2: P31)
For e-mail writing, we must pay attention to the following: 1. Keep your message short. 2. Keep your message simple. 3. Give your main idea using a few sentences so people can understand you immediately. 4. Don’t type all in capital letters.

Subject: Reply From: Knowledgeable Dear Fran, It’s common that someone would feel nervous. when they talk in front of many people , especially among teens. Because they are shy. In my opinion, they are unconfident. They are afraid of making mistakes. So you could tell your friend that she should be confident, and she should believe herself. Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Because everyone would make mistakes.

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