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(时间:90分钟 总分:100分)

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( )1. Pandas are very _____ and ______. So we all like them.

A. friendly, ugly B. cute, scary C. dangerous, beautiful D. shy, smart

( )2. --- Is there a pay phone _______ the neighborhood?

--- Yes, it’s ______ Center Street _______ the right.

A. in, down, on B. on, on, is C. in, on, is D. on, down, on

( )3. People from Canada __________ English and French.

A. say B. talk C. tell D. speak

( )4. There ____________ a bank and two pay phones near here.

A. has B. have C. are D. is

( )5. She wants to __________ a reporter because she likes __________ to people.

A. doing, to talk B. be, talking C. see, say D. waiting, to see

( )6. ---_______is the weather in Shanghai? ---_______windy.

A. What ; It’s B. How ; It’s C. How ; Its D. What ; Its

( )7. Thank you for _____ the school play.

A. joining B. to join C. join D. joined

( )8.---Oh, hi, Jane!__________? --- Not bad.

A. How it is going B. What are you doing

C. How is it going D. What does she do?

( )9. Please be quiet. My little child _______.

A. go to bed B. is sleeping C. sleeps D. going to school

( )10.The bank is ______the supermarket _____the hotel.

A. next, to B. between, and C across, from D. from, to

( )11. Let’s _____soccer after school.

A. to play B. playing C. to playing D. play

( )12. Joe is ______a book and Jeff is _______TV.

A. reading, watching B. seeing, watching C. reading, looking D. watching, watching

( ) 13.The koalas are _________ cute.

A. kinds of B. kind of C. all kinds of D. a kind of

( ) 14. Why not _____ for dinner with us?

A. to go B. going C. goes D. go

( )15.when do you_____?

A. get up B. get out C. get in D. get with

( )16. Can you sing? -----_________

A. Yes, I can. B. No, I can C. yes, I can’t D. No., I do

( )17.Can you play_____ guitar?

A. a B. an C. the D. /

( )18. My brother often plays games ______ me at home.

A. at B. for C. with D. to

( )19. We can _____ with old people.

A. have friends B. make friends C. talk friends D. make friend

( )20. Many students want _____ the music club.

A. join B. to join C. joining D. joined


My friend Tony is an American______. He is ten years old. He lives ____his family in China

now. There are ____ people in his family; his mother Mrs Green, his father Mr. Green and his little

sister Amy. He has a white cat. _____name is Betty. Look. Amy is playing _____Betty. His father,

Mr. Green, is watching TV. His mother is doing housework. What about Tony? He is doing ____

Chinese homework.. He can't ____Chinese well, but he likes Chinese very much. Tony's ___

works in a TV station. His father works in a school as an ___ teacher. Tony and his sister _____

to the same school.

( ) 21. A. girl B. boy C. cat D. dog

( ) 22. A. on B. after C. with D. in

( )23. A. two B. three C. four D. five

( ) 24. A. your B. her C. my D. Its

( )25. A. to B. with C. from D. at

( ) 26. A. her B. it's C. a D. his

( ) 27. A. say B. tell C. speak D. talk

( ) 28. A. father B. mother C. sister D brother

( ) 29. A. Chinese B. Japanese C. English D. Australian

( ) 30. A. go B. goes C. going D. to go



It' s Sunday morning. There are many people in the park, some boys are playing basketball.

There are some girls under a big tree. They' re singing and dancing. What are those women doing?

They are drinking tea. Look at the woman in a blue coat. Who' s she? She' s my mother. She is

talking to Edward. Edward is her student. He is a good student. He studies hard . He' s good at all

(所有的) the subjects. And he' s friendly to all his teachers and his friends.

( ) 31.The boys are_____

A. singing B. playing basketball C. dancing D. drinking.

( ) 32.My mother is.----------------

A. a teacher B. an office C. a doctor D. a woman

( ) 33. Edward is in----------------....

A. my home B. the classroom C. the zoo D. the park

( ) 34. Who' s under a big tree?

A. Some people. B. Some women. C. Some girls. D. Some boys.

( ) 35. What color is my mother' s coat? ---It's ___

A. blue B. white C. red D. yellow


Bill is from Australia. He lives in Sydney. He can speak French and English, but he can' t

speak Chinese. He has a pen pal (笔友)in the America. Her name is Lisa and she lives in New

York. Bill' s favorite sport is basketball and he can play the guitar. Lisa' s favorite sport is tennis.

She can't play the guitar, but she can play the piano and sing very well.

( )36.Bill is from----------

A. Australia B. France C. the United States D. the UK

( ) 37. Lisa is an------

A. Chinese B. American C. English D. Japanese

( ) 38. What languages does Bill speak?

A. Chinese B. French C. English D. B and. C

( ) 39. What is Bill' s favorite sport?

A. tennis B. volleyball C. soccer D. basketball

( ) 40. Which sentence is NOT right?(不正确)

A. Bill has a pen pal in the USA.

B. Bill can play the piano and Lisa can play the guitar.

C. Bill and Lisa like different sports.

D. Lisa lives in New York.


Do you know that man? He is my uncle. His name is David Smith. He is forty-eight this year. He is a worker. He works in a Car Factory. His factory is not near his home. So he gets up early in the morning and takes a bus to work. At about seven thirty, he gets to his factory. He makes (生产) the parts (零件) of the car. He makes many every day. He works very hard. Everyone likes him and says he is a good worker. He has his lunch in the factory. He often plays basketball after work. In the evening, he learns Chinese at home. His Chinese is good, too. Sometimes he helps me with my Chinese. I like my uncle very much.

( )41. That man is ________________.

A. a teacher B. a bus driver C. a worker D. a player

( )42. He ______________________________.

A. teaches Chinese in a school B. works in a Car Factory

C. learns French every day D. helps me with my English every day

( )43. He goes to work __________________.

A. by bus B. on foot C. by taxi D. by bike

( )44. He _________________ in the factory.

A. has dinner B. plays basketball C. sleeps D. eats lunch

( )45. Which is not right?

A. Everyone likes my uncle B. My uncle can speak Chinese

C. My uncle is very lazy in the factory D. My uncle works very hard in the factory


Teachers are very important(重要的)people. They teach everyone many good things. Every year in China there is a Teachers’ Day. Teachers’Day is on September 10th. This is a nice day for teachers. Teachers teach many different things. They help people to know many things.

( )46. When is teachers’ Day? It’s on___

A. Monday B. every day C. September 10th D. every 10 days

( )47. What do teachers do? They ____.

A. work in hospital B. work in hotels C. teach people knowledge(知识) D. go to school

( )48. What do teachers teach? They teach____.

A. only English B. only Chinese C. many different things D. only children

( )49. In china, there is a Teachers’ Day ____.

A. every year B. for everyone C. for students D. for English teachers

( )50. Teachers are ____ people.

A. famous B. cool C. important D. good


1. I can play the ____________ (钢琴)。

2. The girl in red is______________ (看) TV in the room now.

3. How many ____________(熊猫)are there in your zoo?

4. I get to school by ___________(公共汽车)

5. Don’t ____________ (听)to music in class.

6. Ten and thirty is ____________(四十).

7._______(为什么) do you like pandas?

8. There are many _____________(规则) in my school.

9. I want to go to a ______________(电影).

10. Tom can’t _________________(讲) Chinese well.

五.补全对话(每小题1分, 共5分)

A: Excuse me. _________1_________?

B: Yes, I do. I have a girl pen pal.

A: _______2___________?

B: She is from Sydney.

A: Where is Sydney?

B: It’s a city in Australia.

A: _________3____________?

B: Yes. Koalas are from Australia. They sleep in the day and get up to eat leaves at night. A: That sounds interesting. And _____4_________?

B: It’s warn in winter and cool in summer.

A: _______5________.

B: You’re welcome.

1. __________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________ 5. __________

A. Thank you.

B. Do you have a pen pal?

C. What’s the weather like in Australia?

D. Where is she from?

E. Does Australia have any famous (出名的) animals?



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