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Unit 5

Section A (1a2c)

? Topic: Can you come to my party? ? Language goal: Make accept and decline Talk about oblications ? Target language: A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure, I’d love to./ Sorry, I can’t. I …/ I have to ….

Key words: lesson 课程 concert 音乐会 Key phrases: study for a test 为考试而学习 help my parents 帮助我的父母 go to the doctor 去看医生 visit my aunt 拜访我的姑姑 have a piano lesson 上钢琴课

1a Match the words with the pictures.

1. study for a test _________ 2. 3. 4. 5.

b help my parents_________ c go to the doctor ________ d e visit my aunt _________ a have a piano lesson ______

A: Can you come to my party? B: Sure, I’d love to (come). C: Sorry, I can’t. I…

Why can’t you come to the party?


I have to study I have to have I have to go to for a test. a piano lesson. the concert.

? Invitation: Can you come to my party… Acceptation: Sure, I’d love to. Yes, I’ d love to. Declination: I’m sorry, I can’t. I have to… I’d love to. But I have to…




A: Can you come to my party?
B: Sure, I’d love to .
C: Sorry, I can’t. I have to…
D: I’m sorry, too. I have to ….

A: Can she/he come to my party on Saturday? B: No, she/he can’t. She/he has to go to the doctor/……

Grammar Focus
本堂课谈论和学习怎样邀请别人或接受别人的邀请以 及如何委婉说明不能应邀的原因。

主要句型: Can you come to my party?

Sure, I’d love to. Sorry, I can’t.I have to… Sorry, I can’t. I’m visiting my aunt/… Can he/she/they… ? No, he/she/they can’t. He/She has /They have to… No, he/she/they can’t. He/She is… They’re…

? 课堂跟踪练习-单项选择 ( B)1.---Can you come to my birthday?---____. A. Yes,I can’t. B.Sorry, I can’t. C.No,I can. D.Sorry,I can. ( A )2. ---Can you come to my house? ---Sure,___ . A.I’d love to. B.I’d love C.I’d like. D.I can’t ( A )3.I’m too tired,so I ___ sit down and rest every five minutes. A. must B.must to C.have D.have to ( C )4.I’d love___shopping with my mother. A.going B.goes C.to go D.went ( D ) 5.I already had to___ when I was your age. A.working B.to work C.works D.work

Homework Each key words writes 3 times Make a dialogue with these sentences Do exercise book(Page20 -1题和3 题)

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