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新八年级上册unit 1 练习

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Unit 1 Where did you go on vacation ?


1. 在任何地方

2. 精彩的

3. 某事:某物

4. 没有什么

5. 好像,似乎

6. 尝试

7. 想知道

8. 雨伞

9. 。。。。。。中的大部分

10. 写日记

11. 给。。。。。的感觉

12. 等候

13. 因为

14. 相当多

15. 当然

16. 足够的钱


1。------露西去哪里度假了? ------北京

----- Lucy on vacation ? ----- Beijing.


Yesterday, we at David’s birthday party.

3. ------- 你的假期过得怎么样? ------- 非常好。

-------- your vacation? ------- Very great.


Lily do there?

5.昨天我照了一些照片。 I yesterday.

6.你觉得这次旅行怎么样? did you the trip?


I anything from Malaysia.

8.在南京你做了什么特别的事情吗? you do in Nanjing?

9.昨晚你吃什么食物了? You eat last night?

10.汤姆2012年买了套新房子。 Tom a new house in 2012.

11.你去了有趣的地方吗? you go ?

12.你看到黄果树瀑布了吗? you Huangguoshu Waterfall?

13.好久不见。 Long time 14.大部分时间我只是待在家里读书和放松。

I just most of the time read and relax.


( ) 1.----- How was your day off?

------ Pretty good! We the history museum.

A. visit B. visited C. are visiting D. will visit

( )2. Mike caught a cold yesterday, he had to stay at home.

A. because B. but C. or D. so

( )3. ---- was the weather like yesterday ? ------ It was rainy.


A. What B. How C. Where D. When

( )4. There are apples in the box. We need to buy some.

A. few B. a few C. little D. a little

( )5. The story is quite . We don’t like it at all.

A. interesting B. exciting C. boring D. relaxing

( )6. I think you should finish your homework by .

A. myself B. yourself C. herself D. himself

( )7. ----- Sam, do you have to tell us today? ----- No, noting.

A. anything important B. something important

C. important anything D. important something

( )8. My teacher got angry with me my mistake in my homework.

A. because B. since C. so D. because of

( )9. Some word puzzles in this book are difficult that few students can solve them.

A. such B. so C. very D. quiet

( )10. ------ How is Helen in new school?

------ She is doing very well. There is to worry about.

A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything


A: Hello, Mark. ?

B: Hi, Mary, I went to the beach with my parents.

A: B: It was sunny but not hot. I had a good time there.

A: Sounds good.

B: A: Not bad.

B: Then what did you do?

A: I went shopping with my mother in a new shop near my home.

B: A new one? ?

A: Yes, it is. It has four floors, and you can buy anything in it.

B: 五。句型转换 就画线部分提问)

on vacation?

2. Jenny wrote a letter to her friend last week. (改为否定句)

3. I ate something delicious this morning.( 改为一般疑问句)


was the weather last Sunday 就画线部分提问)

you football with?


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