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2013年秋七年级英语上册 Starter Unit 1 Good morning测试题 (新版)人教新目标版

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Starter Unit1 Good morning测试题

听力部分(共三大题,30分) 选出你听到的选项。(10分)

( )1. A. my B. his C. her D. your

( ) 2. A. Alan B. Mary C. Jenny D. Tom

( ) 3. A.959-28 B.595-26 C.341-77 D.809-14

( ) 4. A. His name is Tony Miller B. Her name is Gina Smith C. My name is Jack Brown D. Your name is Mike Green.

( ) 5. A. Nice to meet you. B. Hello C. Hi D. Nice to see you 选出与你听到的句子意思相符的图画

Nick Kim Jim Jenny Tony


6. 7. 8. 9. 10.




( )1.-What’s your telephone number?

-___________ 278-106.

A.I’m B.It C.It’s D.Is it

( )2.-Is this his dictionary ?

-No, ________.

A.it is B.it isn’t C.he isn’t D.this isn’t


( )3.—— ________________________ ?

—— It’s nine.

A.What are seven and two B.What’s seven and two C.What’s your phone number D.What’s your ID card number

( )4.The girl’s name is Maria Schwartz, so her ___________ name’s Maria.

A.last B.family C.first D.mother

( )5.——_______ you Jim Green?

——No , my name _______ Bob Green.

A.Are , is B.Is , am C.Is , is D.Are , am

( )6.Nine minus(减去) three ______ six .

A.are B.is C.be D.make

( )7.Seven-six-five , three –zero-one is _____________.

A.756-310 B.765-310 C.765-301 D.675-301

( )8. ─ Nice to meet you ,Tom .

─ _________.

A. He’s Jim B. This is Jim

C. Nice to meet you ,too D.I am Jim

( ) 9. We Chinese put our __________ first.

A. last name B. first name C. middle name D. given name

( ) 10. Gina is English .____________ name is Green.

A. Her last B. She last C. Her first D. He last

( ) 11. 当你确认对方是否是Lucy时,应说:_________

A. Hello, Lucy B. Hello, Lucy. Nice to meet you

C. You’re Lucy D. Excuse me , are you Lucy?

( ) 12.Tom and Ann ___________ in the same class. A. is B. are C. am D. be

( ) 13. My pen friend’s name is Jack Brown. I call him _________

A. Brown B. Jack C. Mr. Jack D. Ms. Brown

( ) 14. Happy birthday ,Mr. Wang! Here is a card for __________ with _____ best wishes.

A. you, I B. your, I C. you , my D. you ,we

( ) 15.Which is right?


A. Green Gina B. Jack smith C. Zhang Zi Yi D. Zhang Ziyi


My name is Lucy. I’m a (16) . I’m American. I’m at school now. My teacher is a (17) . Her name is Wang Pei. She is an (18) teacher. David is my friend. He is English. He is fourteen. David and I (19) in Class 3, Grade1. I am in Number I in Row 2. He is in the same row. His English is (20) . He has(有) a parrot. Its name is Polly.

( )16.A.man B.woman C.girl D.boy

( )17.A.boy B.man C.English D.woman

( )18.A.Japanese B.English C.Chinese D.good

( )19.A.are B.am C.is D.be

( )20.A.well B.OK C.good D.fine



( )21. How are you? A. My family name’s Miller.

( )22. What’s your phone number? B. Fine, thank you.

( )23. I’m Lucy, What’s your last name? C. It’s “0”.

( )24. What’s this in English? D. It’s 027-5603.

( )25. What color is the dictionary? E. Yes, it is.

( )26. Good morning, Linda! F. It’s green.

( )27. What’s your first name? G. Thanks.

( )28. How do you spell your name? H. Good morning, Miss Green.

( )29. Is this a gold ring? I.E-M-M-A, Emma.

( )30. Your English is good. J. It’s Tim.





31. My English teacher is _________ .

A. young B. old C. tall D. short 32. My English teacher is from ___________.

A. China B. the USA C. England D. Australia

33. ________ is my English teacher.

A. Miss Wang B. Mrs. Wang C. Ms. Wang D. Mr. Wang

34. My English teacher is on a bus. You can call him/her at ________.

A. Room 203 B. 0551-3456789 C. 18 Huangshan Road D. 13905512345

35. My English teacher lives in the city(市) of _______ .

A. Huangshan B. Hefei C. Wuhu D. Anqing



( )36. Brown is______ family name.

A. Jack’s B. Eric’s C. Alice’s D. Linda’s

( )37. What’s Alice’s telephone number?

A. 299-2321. B. 551-1567. C. 660-5117. D. 299-2312

( )38. _______ is Linda’s family name.

A. Brown B. Green C. Hand D. Smith

( )39. ____- telephone number is 551-1567.

A. Jack’s B. Eric’s C. Alice’s D. Linda’s

( )40. 下面哪项陈述是错误的?

A. Smith is Eric’s family name. B. 299-2321 is Jack’s phone number.

C. Linda’s telephone number is 299-2322. D. Smith is Linda’s first name 4



41.Your family name is Moore, and what’s your f name?

42.Can you fill in your own ID c ?

43.This is a boy.. H name is Bruce.

44.Your telephone n is 422-2785.

45.There are s days in a week.


46.I’m a singer and _________(I) name’s Dale.

47.Is _________(she) book new?

48.It’s nice __________(meet) you.

49.His __________(one) name is Jones.

50.Six and three ___________(be) nine.


51.His name is Tom.(对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ his name?

52.James is fine.(对划线部分提问)

_________ _________ James?

53.I’m Jenny.(改为同义句)

_________ _________ is Jenny.

54.Linda’s telephone number is 605-4279.(改为一般疑问句) ________ her _________ _________ 605-4279?

55.name, is, family, Lucy’s, Read.(连词成句)

_________ _________ _________ _________ __________.




____________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________________ 参考答案




1、What’s your name?

2、His name is Alan.

3、Her telephone number is 595-26.

4、My name is Jack Brown.

5、Nice to meet you.

二、选出与你听到的句子意思相符的图画。 6、I’m Jenny.

7、My friend, Tony, is a good boy.

8、Kim and I are classmates.

9、Jim’s telephone number is 8110.

10、Nick’s family name is King.


M: Hi!

W: Hi!

M: I’m James. What’s your name, please?

W: My name is Susan.

M: My last name is Hunt. What’s your last name?

W: Hill. My telephone is 576-3952. Can you tell me your telephone number?

M: Yes. My telephone number is 644-2985.

听力部分答案:一、1-5 DABCA 二、6-10 DEBCA

三、11. Susan 12. Hill 13. James 14. Hunt 15. 644-2985


一、1-5CBBCA 6-10 BCCAA 11-15 DBBCD



三、21-25 B D A C F 26-30 A J I E G

四、A 31. A 32.A 33 .D(由身份证号倒数第二位推得为男性)34.D 35.B

B 36. A 37. C 38. B 39. B 40.C

五、(一)41. first 42. card 43. His 44. number 45. seven

(二)46.my 47. her 48. to meet 49. first 50. is

五、51.What is 52.How is 53.My name 54.Is; telephone number

55.Lucy’s family name is Read.

六、My first name is Mark. M y last name is Cooper. I am 12 years old now. I am in Class 2,Grade

1. My telephone number is 427-0635.


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