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新八年级上册unit 3

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Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.知识点

1. care about 关心;在意

2. be different from 与……不同

3. as long as 只要;既然

4. bring out 使显现;使表现出来

5. the same as 与……相同;与…..一致

6. in fact 确切地说;事实上

7. be similar to 与……相像的;类似的

8. both…and… 表示“两者都…….”,用与连接两个并列成分。若连接的两个并列的成分做主




all 指“三者或三者以上都”既可修饰不可数名词,又可修饰可数名词复数。表示“全部,所有的”

9. win 与beat

Win “赢;获胜”,其宾语是表示比赛、战斗、奖品、名声、胜利的名词。

beat “打败;战胜”,其宾语是参加比赛的个人或团体等

10. make +宾语+do sth. 使某人做某事 make sb, do sth.

make friends with sb. 与某人交朋友

11. laugh at 嘲笑

12. It’s +形容词+for sb.+ to do sth. 对某人来说做某事怎么样

13.get good grades 取得好成绩

14. aloud, loud与loudly的用法




形式。如: He read the story aloud to his son.


②loud可作形容词或副词。用作副词时,常与speak, talk,


She told us to speak a little louder. 她让我们说大声一点。

③loudly是副词,与loud同义,有时两者可替换使用,但往往 含有令人讨厌或打扰别人的意思,可位于动词之前或之后。如:

He does not talk loudly or laugh loudly in public. 他不当众大声谈笑。

Unit 3 I’m more outgoing than my sister.


1. Pedro is so ______________! He makes everyone laugh.

2. Pete is really taller this year. He eats all the time. He is ______________ than everyone on the football team.

3. I'm quieter and more serious than Hari. He's a lot _________________ than I am.

4. Maria talks to everyone. She is very

5. Connie is quieter and ________________ than everyone in our class.


Example:Pedro is(funny)than Lyle.

1. Tina is(athletic)_____________ than Mary.

2. Pete is(wild)____________ than Hari.


3. Ruben is(outgoing)____________ than Taka.

4. Paul is(intellectual)____________ than Tony.

5. Connie is(quiet)____________ than Loretta.

三. 选择填空。

1._______ you free tomorrow afternoon? A. Do B. Am C. Is D. Are

2. Jim’s bag is _________ than Kate’s. A. bigger B. big C. biggest D. bigger

3. The boy is _________of all in our class. A. taller B. the tallest C. tall D. tallest

4. That book is not so ______ as this one.

A. interesting B. more interesting C. most interesting D. the most interesting

5. --- Would you like some more rice? ---No, thank you. I’m __________.

A. hungry B. full C. thirsty D. sleepy

6. He has two sisters. One is a doctor and _______is a teacher.

A. another B. other C. the other D. One

7. Would you like _________ cup of tea? A. other B. the other C. another D. the one

8. My shoes are cheaper than ________. A. you B. your C. yours D. your one

9. Who is the _________ in your class? A. old B. older C. oldest D. young

10. In our library there are many _____books and newspapers.

A. kinds B. kind of C. kind D. kinds of

11. This classroom is __________than that one.

A. many big B. much big C. many bigger D. much bigger

12. Do you look _______ Tom?

A. the same as B. same as C. the same D. the same so

四. 用所给词的适当形式填空:

1. He ____ (go) to school by dike every morning. But this morning he ____ (go) by bus.

2. “Do you like _____ (drink) tea?” “Yes, I do.”

3. I’m sorry. I can’t. I have to ______ (help) my mom.

4. There ______(not be )any bread at home yesterday.

5. Tom ____(have) no time last Sunday. He ___ (visit) his friends next Sunday.

6. Please tell him ______(wash) his hands before supper.

7. The bus ______ (stop) already. Let’s get off.

8. Doing morning exercises _______ (be) good for you.

9. Tom’s brother ________ (be) good at soccer.

10. Finally he asked people to stop _______ (talk).

五..用给出的词的比较级或最高级填空, 完成对话

Martin and Jillion are having their lunch in a restaurant(餐馆).Martin's car and Jillion's car are outside the restaurant in the car park .Jill is looking through the window at the car and scooters(摩托车).

“I think scooters are __________ (good) than cars,” she says.

“ They only want a little petrol (汽油), so they are __________ (cheap).And I think they are __________ (easy) to drive.”

Martin laughs. “ Oh, car are more expensive(贵), that's true.” He says, “but they're not __________ (difficult) to drive. And think! Cars are __________ (big) than scooters, so they take more people. They're __________ (big), but they're quiet. My car is __________ (quiet) than a scooter or a bus or a plane or train. Cars are __________ (quiet),and they are __________ (safe) and __________ (warm).


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