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Go for it Unit 4 Don't eat in class.SectionA 课件

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Unit 4
Don’t eat in class!

Don’t fight.

Don’t listen to music in class.

Don’t run in the hallways.

Don’t eat in class.
We must eat in the dining hall.

Don’t arrive late for school.
We must be on time.

School Rules
? Don’t arrive late for school.

? Don’t fight. ? Don’t listen to music in the classrooms. ? Don’t eat in class. Eat in the dining hall. ? Don’t run in the hallways.

turn left.

Don’t turn left.

turn right.

Don’t turn right.


Don’t walk.


Don’t run.

What can /can’t we do?
( ×)go out on school nights

( × )see friends on school days
( √ )do homework after school ( √ )practice the guitar before dinner

( √ )do the dishes ( × )watch TV
( √ )help mom make breakfast ( √ )clean the room every Saturday

go out 外出 _________

see friends 看朋友__________

do homework 练习 _________ practice 做作业_________ before dinner 晚饭前__________ 放学后________ after dinner dish 盘碟_________ 清洗餐具 do the dishes _________

on school days 在上学的日子里_____________
on school nights 在上学期间的晚上______________

The signs for rules
do the dishes do homework

clean the room

practice the guitar

watch TV

see friends

go out
help mom make breakfast

Can we go out on school nights? No ,we can’t

Pair work
Can we/he /she…….? No, we/she can't. /

Yes, we/ she can.

1 .You must do your h________ after omework school .
ights 2. Don’t go out on school n_____. efore 3. I have to be go to bed b_____ ten o’clock. 4. She has to p______ English. ractice 5. He always helps his mom do the d_______. ishes

1. You don’t____ get up early on Sundays C
A. need B. must C. have to D. can

B 2.I have ______homework to do today.
A. too many much B. too much C. much too D. very

3. Can you go ____ on school nights. C A. up B. out of C. out D .in A 4.We have to _____ uniforms at school. A. wear B. put on C. in D. have

B 5._____ the window before ____to bed.
A. Close, go B. Close, going C. Closing, go D. Closing, going

(Listen 1b)

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