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Go for it Unit 5 Why do you like pandas Section B课件

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(be) kind of/ 有点儿___________ a little 整天 ___________ come from be from/

all day

来自于___________ South Africa 南非____________ cut down for a long time 很长时间___________ 砍到______________ get lost 12 years old

迷路______________十二岁___________ things made of ivory 由象牙制成的东西 places with food and water ______________ 有食物和水的地方_______________ one of symbols
象征中的一个__________________ in great danger


Why do you like pandas? _______________________________________

Because they 're kind of interesting. _______________________________________
2. 约翰为什么喜欢树袋熊?

Why does John like koalas? _______________________________________

Because they're very lazy, they sleep all ________________________________________ day.

Why don't you like tiger? _______________________________________

Because they/re really scary. _______________________________________________

4.狮子来自哪里? Where are lions from? _______________________________________ 他们来自南非。 They're from South Africa. _______________________________________ 5大象能走很长时间。 Elephants can walk for a long time. _______________________________________ 6. 他们从不迷路。 They never get lost. ______________________________________ 7. 他们也能记住有水和食物的地方。 They can also remember places with food and water. _______________________________________

8. 但是大象处于极度的危险之中。 _______________________________________ But elephants are in great danger. 9. 人们砍了很多树,所以大象渐渐失去了他们的 家园。 People cut down many trees so elephants _______________________________________ are losing their homes. 10.现在仅有大约3000头大象。 There are only about 3000 elephants today. _______________________________________
11. 她难道不美丽么? Isn't she beautiful? _______________________________________ 12.大象是泰国的象征之一。 The elephant is one of Thailand's symbols. _______________________________________

1. The small koala is from Australia.(就划线部分提问)

Where is from _______ ________ the small koala_______?
2. It is an eight- year-old boy.(改为同义句)

eight years The boy is_______ _______ old.
3. David likes lions because they are very cute (就 划线部分提问)

Why does like _______ _______ David ______ lions?
4. Cats are kind of interesting (改为同义句)

a little Cats are_______ _______ interesting.

根据所给的图片,用本单元所学的内容 介绍一下这种动物。 1.这是Pan Pan, 六岁了; 2. 来自中国四川;

4. 它既友好又可爱。

This is Pan Pan. He is from Sichuan, China. He is six years old this year. He likes

to eat bamboos. Look! How happy he is ! He is friendly and cute. Many people like him very much. He likes to sleep during the day .Isn't he cute ? Do you like him?

Write a description of a panda using the words in the box , or write about your favorite animal using your own ideas.

Beibei five fives old China cute shy Beijing Zoo

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