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七年级unit5 复习

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I. Fill in the blanks with have, has, don’t, doesn’t
has 1. I___ a book and he _____a pen. have don’ 2. They have color TV. They____ thave a TV. ___a has has 3. She ____ a sister. He _____ a brother. has don’t 4. I _____ have computer. Tom _____ one. have 5. — Does he ________ a computer? does’t — No, he _________. have 6. — Do you _________ a backpack? do — Yes, I _______. have 7. — Does she _________ a ruler. does — Yes, she ________.

2、根据句意用所给词的适当形式完成句子。 does have 1、What ___Sue ____(have)? She has many sports things. are 2.There _____(be) two footballs and a volleyball in the basket. be 3.Let’s _____(be) good friends. Is 4.____(be) there a football game on TV today? . goes 5.My brother _____(go) to school with his friend am 6.I ____ (be) a football fan .I like it very much. watches 7.Ed _____(watch) TV every evening.

句型转换 1. He has a tennis ball.(一般疑问句) Does hehave a tennis ball? 2. She has a computer game.(否定句) She doesn’t have a computer game. 3. Do you have a baseball?(否定回答) don’t . No, I 4. Some balls are in the dresser.(划线提问) Where are the balls? 5. Does he play sports every day?(肯定回答) Yes , he does.

1.He has an interesting book.(改为一般疑问句)
Does ____he _____ an interesting book? have

2. I have an alarm clock.(改为否定句)
I_______ don’t _________ have an alarm clock.

3. Do you and your sister play baseball?(做否定回答)

we don’t No, ____ _______.
4.He has two brothers.(改为一般疑问句)

he have Does _____ ______ ______ two brothers?
5. My father has a new car. (改为否定句)
My father doesn’t _______ a new car. _______ have

3.Fill in the blanks.

Frank Brown: soccer ball I don’t have a______, but my brother Alan does .We go to With our same school the _________and we love soccer.We play it at school______. friends relaxing ___It’s_______. Gina Smith: two sccoer balls three volleyballs four basketballs Yes,I do.I have__________,___________, _______________ five baseballs and bats and _______________. I love sports ,but I don’t play them –I only watch them on TV Wei Wei: difficult No,I don’t.Soccer is______.I like ping-pong .It’s easy for me. two ping-pong bats three Ping-pong balls I have _______________and__________________. After class, I play ping-pong with my classmates.

Let’s survey!
We want to have a ball game. What kind of balls do you have? Names Do you have a… Balls you have

Structures: Do you have a …? Yes, I do. / No, I don’t. What balls do you have? I have a …

Then give a report to the class like this:
Hello, everyone. There are four people in my group. Tom has a basketball, but he doesn’t have a pingpong ball. Mary has a baseball bat, but she doesn’t have a soccer ball…

3.Complete the questions and answer. Does your mom have a baseball bat? 1.A:_____________________? B:Yes,my mom has a baseball bat. 2.A:Do y

ou have a volleyball? Yes,I do/No,I don’t. B:_____________________. Does your father have a soccer ball? 3.A:_________________? B:Yeah,my father has a soccer ball. Does she have a ping-pong ball/…? 4.A:_________________? B:No,she doesn’t.My teacher has a tennis ball.

Ok! Let’s say goodbye!

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