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Unit 6

Do you like bananas ?

Period 1

soccer ball


a banana

a hamburger



a tomato

ice cream



a strawberry

a pear




an apple








可数名词和不可数名词 可数名词 定义:是可以计数的名词。 (1) 可数名词前可以用 a , an 限定,表一个….。 (2) 可数名词前可以用 one, two , three… 限定。 (3) (4) 可数名词有复数形式。

可数名词复数形式的构成 1
名词特点 词尾加法

1. -s在清辅音后读[s] 2. -s在浊辅音后读[z]




3. -s在元音后读[z] 4. 以音素[ s , z , , ]结尾的, 读[iz]

desks apples trees oranges
boxes watches knives wives

以-s, -x, -sh, -ch 结尾的 以 f 或 fe 结尾的

改f或fe为v 再加-es

-es读[iz] -ves读[vz]

可数名词复数形式的构成 2
名词特点 词尾加法



以辅音字母 改y为i 再 加y结尾的 加-es
以元音字母 加y结尾的

families -ies读[iz] dictionaries -s读[z]
-es读[z] -s读[z] boys keys tomatoes potatoes photos radios

有生命的事 物加-es 无生命的事 物加-s

以o 结尾的

Plural Forms Countable nouns hamburgers, bananas oranges, pears, tomatoes, strawberries

uncountable nouns

tea milk


Countable and uncountable nouns


ice cream

可数名词和不可数名词 不可数名词 (1) 定义:是指不能计数的名词。 不可数名词前不可以用 a , an 限定。 (2)

不可数名词前不可以用 one, two , three… 限定。 (3) (4) 不可数名词没有复数形式。

可数名词和不可数名词 既可数又不可数名词 定义:在某些情况下能计数,在某些情况下 不能计数的名词。 e.g. (1)a chicken 一只鸡 chicken 鸡肉

(2)an ice cream 一个冰淇淋 ice cream 冰淇淋(指成份) (3)a salad 一碟沙拉 salad 沙拉(指成份)

hamburgers tomatoes French fries oranges bananas tea strawberries bread apples carrots pears broccoli meat water milk eggs ice cream salad chicken vegetables
Countable nouns 可数名词 hamburgers tomatoes French fries oranges bananas strawberries eggs apples vegetables carrots pears Uncountable nouns 不可数名词 Countable and Uncountable nouns 可数/不可数 均可

water milk

ice cream
salad chicken

tea meat

1a 将词语与图中物品匹配。 1. hamburgers d ? 2. tomatoes ? 3. oranges 4. ice-cream ? ? 5. salad ? 6. bananas 7. strawberries ? ? 8. pears 9. milk ? 10.bread ?


Do you like bananas?
Yes,I do.

Do you like salad?

No,I don’t. Do you like oranges?
Yes,I do.

1b Listen and number the conversations [1-3]. 听录音,给对话编号。
2 1 3

A: Do you like salad? B: No, I don’t. A: Do you like bananas? B: Yes, I do.

A: Do you like oranges? B: Yes, I do.



Do you like…?
Yes, I do.

/ No, I don’t.

2a Listen and circle the food you hear. 听录音,圈出所听到的食物。

hamburgers pears


strawberries oranges ice-cream salad bananas

2b Listen again and fill in the blanks

ice cream
ice cream



? 用2b 中的句型编新对话,谈自 己的真实情况。

A: I like bananas/ice cream…Do you like bananas/ice cream..?
B: Yes, I do. A,B:let’s have (吃)bananas/ice cream…

Pair work

Period 2

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

birthday 生日 right正确的,适当的 dinner 晚餐 apple 苹果 week 周,星期 then 那么 think about 思考,思索 egg 蛋,鸡蛋 food 食物 carrot 胡萝卜 sure 当然,肯定,一定 chicken 鸡肉 How about …怎么样? so 那么 burger 汉堡包 Vegetable 蔬菜 fruit 水果


? Role-play the conversation.分角色表演对话。

Jack: Hey, John’s birthday dinner is next week. Let’s think about the food.
Tom: Sure. How about burgers, vegetable salad, and some fruits? Bill: Sounds good. John likes hamburgers. Jack : Oh, I don’t like salad. Bill: John likes salad, and it’s his birthday. Jack : Yes, you’re right. What about the fruit?

Tom : I think John likes strawberries and apples.
Bill: OK. Let’s have strawberries and apples then.

Grammar Focus 1

you Do _____ like salad ? Yes , I do . No , I don’t . they Do _____ like pears ? Yes , they do .
No , they don’t .

Grammar Focus 2

she Does _____ like tomatoes ?
Yes , she does . No , she doesn’t .

Grammar Focus 3

oranges I like __________ . bananas I don’t like _________ .
rice We like _______ . hamburgers We don’t like _________ .

Grammar Focus 4 He likes Ice-cream
He doesn’t like vegetables.

3a Underline the correct words in the
brackets .


? Number these sentences 1-4 to make a conversation. 3-2-1-4


Food survey 1

Period 3
Do you like bananas? Yes,I do. I like bananas. Does he like bananas? Yes,he does. He like bananas. Do you like salad? Yes,I do. I like salad. Does she like salad? Yes,she does. She likes bananas

Key words
morning breakfast /`brekf?st/
lunch /`lΛnt? / evening dinner /`din?/


。 star
? eat ? well ? habit ? healthy ? ? ? ? ? really question want be fat

明星,星星 吃 好,令人满意的 习惯 健康的 真正地 问题 需要,想要 变成 肥的,肥胖的


Write the number of each word

next to the correct food. 1.orange 3.eggs 5.ice-cream 7.banana 9.rice 2.salad 4.apple 6.hamburger 8.chicken 10.carrots






1 8



5 breakfast



How many other words can you Add to the lists.
fruit : ________________________________

_________________________________ vegetables: __________________________________

1c Listen and circle the food you hear in1a.
rice salad ice-cream eggs hamburger carrots

apple banana chicken


1d Listen again. Fill in the chart..
Likes Doesn’t lik



salad, apples, bananas, orange, ice-cream carrots,




1e Ask and answer questions
about what Sally and Tom like and don’t like.
? ? ? ? Does Tom like …? Yes, he does./ No, he doesn’t. Does Sally like …? Yes, she does./ No, she doesn’t.

Food Fruit Vegetables Eggs Chicken Hamburgers Yes Maybe No

Name: Liu Xiang Job: runner

running star
He eats lots of healthy food.

Read and fill in the blanks as quickly as you can.

Name: Cindy Smith Job:

volleyball player

volleyball star
She eats lots of healthy food, too.

2b Read the magazine article and
circle the food words.
? Sorts Star Eats Well! ? David asks the volleyball star, Cindy Smith, about her eating habits. ? David: Hello, Cindy. What do you like for breakfast? ? Cindy: I love fruit. I think it’s healthy. ? David: OK. So what fruit do you like? Do you like bananas? ? Cindy: Well, I don’t like bananas. But I like oranges and apples.

? David: What about lunch? Do you like
? ?

? ?

salad? Cindy: Yes, I really like it . David: Hmm…and do you like hamburgers for dinner? Cindy: Oh, no, they’re not healthy. I like chicken for dinner. David: Ok, well, one last question---do you eat ice-cream after dinner? Cindy: Err…I like ice-cream…but I don’t eat it .I don’t want to be fat.

2c Write five sentences about
? ? ? ? ? ? Cindy’s eating habits. Cindy likes healthy food. 1.Cindy loves fruit. 2.She doesn’t like bananas. 3.She likes oranges and apples. 4.Cindy doesn’t like hamburgers for dinner. 5.She doesn’t eat ice-cream, she doesn’t want to be fat.

Period 4

3a Complete the survey
Breakfast I like I don't like My partner likes My partner doesn't like Lunch Dinner

For breakfast, I like________________, but I don't like________. For lunch, ______________________________________________. And for dinner, _________________________________________ . For breakfast, ________likes____________________________. For lunch,____________________________________________. And for dinner,________________________________________.

? Review words like this: ? Food: chicken hamburgers ice cream milk bread eggs rice ? Fruit: apples bananas oranges strawberries pears ? Vegetables: salad carrots tomatoes

fast food
a hamburger

ice cream

French fries

Do you like hamburgers?

Self Check
+s +es y→i+es strawberry dictionary family hamburger tomato carrot photo banana hat table egg apple pear radio vegetable pencil key volleyball

Self Check 2-3

? I like fruit best. I like ping-pong. I like red . ? I don’t like salad . I don’t like soccer. I don’t like black. ? My father like rice and meat . He like basketball. My mother likes rice, but she doesn’t like meat. She likes running. My parents like green but don’t like yellow.



1.Do you like strawberries?
Yes,I do./No,I don’t.

2.Does he/she like strawberries?

/she does. No,he/she doesn’t.

3.I like strawberries.I don’t like tomatoes.
4.She likes tomatoes. She doesn’t like hamburgers.

He has … He doesn’t have… He likes … He doesn’t like…

He/ She/ It likes… He / She/ It doesn’t like…

1.lots of=a lot of 许多(后跟名词复数)
e.g.She has a lot of/lots of strawberries.

There are a lot of/lots of apples on the tree.

2.healthy adj.健康的 unhealthy adj.不健康的
e.g.Carrots are healthy food,but French fries are unhealthy food.

3.For breakfast, she likes eggs, bananas, and apples. =She likes eggs,bananas and apples for breakfast.

根据材料,请找出Jim Green 为家人准备的晚餐,并填写表格。 Today is my birthday. I want to thank my family for their love. So I cook the dinner for them. I know my mother likes hamburgers and broccoli. but my father likes chicken and tomato soup. I have a brother. He likes hamburgers, too. But he doesn’t like broccoli. He likes carrots. I have a sister, too. She likes fish and French fries. I like chicken and strawberries. I will buy these things for the birthday party. Mrs Green broccoli Mr Green Brother hamburgers carrots Sister Jim

chicken hamburgers tomato soup

fish chicken French fries strawberries

Unit 6 Revision
一.u.n.(不可数名词)&c.n.(可数名词) 1、可数名词:是可以计数的名词。 ****有复数形式(一个以上)。 e.g. hamburgers tomatoes French fries oranges bananas strawberries apples carrots pears eggs vegetables noodles 2、不可数名词:是不可以计数的名词。 ****没有复数形式。 e.g. broccoli water tea milk bread rice meat 3、可数/不可数名词:有时是可数名词,有时是不可数名词。 e.g. ice cream chicken salad food fruit

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态
(1)be 动词

am 主语+ is + not +表语 are (2)have 动词 don’t 主语+ doesn’t (三单) + have + 宾语 (3)行为动词 don’t 主语+ doesn’t (三单)+ 动原 + 状语

the Simple Present Tense 一般现在时态
(1)be 动词 Am 主语+ 表语 Is Are (2)have 动词 Do 主语+ have+宾语+? Does (三单) (3)行为动词 Do 主语+ 动原+状语+? Does (三单)

二、句型: 1、一般疑问句: 1>Do you like strawberries?

Yes,I do./No,I don’t.
2>Do they/Tom and Helen… like broccoli? Yes,they do./No,they don’t. 3>Does she/he/Lucy/Bob/your mother… like potatoes?(三单) Yes, she/he does. No,she/he doesn’t.

4> 肯定句变一般疑问句。(*助动词do/does提前)
e.g.They like tomatoes.-?

Do they like tomatoes?


My brother likes French fries.--?
Does your brother like French fries? (助动词does提前) 2、肯定句、否定句。 1> I like hamburgers,but I don’t like ice cream. 2> They/We/You like bananas,but they/we/you don’t like pears. 3> She/He/Lucy/Mr. Lee likes meat,but s

he/he doesn’t like chicken.

4> 肯定句变否定句。(助动词do/does+not,置于动词前) don’t like e.g. Paul and Lucy ____ ____(not like) rice.
Her cousin doesn’t_____(not eat) carrots. _____ eat Bob _____ ______(not play) soccer every day. doesn’t play

? 单项选择 ? ( ) 1. Do you like ______? A .salads B. salad C. a salad ? ( ) 2. I like bananas,_____ I don’t like oranges. A and B. or C. but ? ( ) 3. Does Mary ____ pears? Yes, she does. She _____ pears. ? A. likes, like B. like, likes C. like, like ? ( ) 4. My brother likes _____ and _____. A. tomatoes, strawberrys ? B. tomatoes, strawberries C. tomatos, strawberries ? ( ) 5. He has two hamburgers ____ lunch. A. for B. at C. in ? ( ) 6. Linda has an _____. A. broccoli B. orange C. carrot

? ( ) 7. Tim____ eggs. He doesn’t _____ French fries. ? A. like, like B. likes, likes C. likes, like ? ( ) 8. We have ______ healthy food. ? A. lot of B. a lots of C. lots of ? ( ) 9. Liu Xiang is a _____. A. running B. run C. runner ? ( ) 10. Let’s have ______. ? A. a chicken B. chickens C. some chicken ? ( ) 11. What do you have for breakfast? _____ egg. ? A. Any B. A C. An

? ( ) 12. They have _____ in the morning. ? A. lunch B. dinner C. breakfast ? ( ) 13. My father ____ potatoes. A. like B. likes C. don’t like ? ( ) 14. LiLei ____ lunch at school. ? A. don’t have B. doesn’t have C. doesn’t has ? ( ) 15. My aunt likes all vegetables. They are _____. ? A. health B. unhealthy C. healthy

? 改写句子 ? 31. Jim likes ice cream. (改为否定句) Jim ____ _____ doesn’t like ice cream. ? 32. My good friends like potatoes. (改为否定 句) don’t like ? My good friends_____ _____ potatoes. Does ? 33. He likes oranges. (改为一般问句) _____ he ____ oranges? like ? 34. They like broccoli. (改为一般问句)_____ Do like they _____ broccoli? ? 35. Jack likes hamburgers for lunch. (对划线 部分提问) for What ? _____ does Jack like ____ lunch?

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