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2012年新目标英语七年级上册期中考试试卷 2

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2012年七年级上册期中考试 满分100分

I 听力部分(20分)




CDE 1.____ 2.____ 3.____

4._____ 5.______


( )6. A. Yes, I know. B.It is on my bed. C.It is my hat

( )7.A. Yes, I am B. No, it isn’t C. It’s number five. ( )8. A.Fine, thanks. B. No, I don’t know. C. OK.

( )9. A. She is my aunt. B. She is nice. C. Yes, I do.

( )10.A.They are some pictures. B.They are nice C.They are not on the table.


II 笔试部分(80分)


( )1、-- You look beautiful in that new hat.

---- ________________.

A. Thank you B. OK C. No. It’s not nice.

( )2、My name is Lucy Black. My last name is ____.

A. Lucy B. Black C. Lucy Black

( )3、____ is a bird. ____ name is Polly.

A. It; Its B.It’s; Its C. Its; It

( )4、Call Alan ____ 994-5864.

A. in B.on C. at

( )5、Here ____ photos ___ her family.

A. is; of B.are; for C.are; of

( )6. It’s _______ ID card.___ ID card is Amy’s.

A. a; The B. the;An C. an;The

( )7、-- Hi, Jim! Is this _____ bike or John’s ?

-- It’s not my bike. ____ is black over there.

A.my; His B. your;Mine C.your; His

( )8、–What’s that ________ Japanese?

A. on B. at C. in

( )9、Look at those ___. They looks yummy.

A. tomato B. tomatos C. tomatoes

( )10、---Is this your watch _______ the lost and found case, Jack? ---Yes, _______.

A. at; it’s B. in; it is C. in; this is


A.Good afternoon, teacher.

B.Good ____11_ .

A. My ____12_ is lost.

B. What’s in it?

A. A book and a pencil case.

B. What color is your _13____ ?

A. It’s __14__ and white..

B. Is this your backpack?

A. No, it isn’t. It’s red, __15__ my backpack is blue.

B. Is this your backpack?

A. Yes, it is.

B. What’s your ___16__ , please?

A. My name is Frank.

B. What __17___ are you in ?

A. I’m in Class Five, Grade Seven.

B. Who is your ___18__ ?

A. Mr Wang. He is an English teacher.

B. OK. Here ___19__ are.

A. _20___.

( ) 11. A. morning B. afternoon C. evening

( ) 12. A. book B. pencil case C. backpack

( ) 13. A. pencil case B. baseball C. ID card

( ) 14. A. black B. English C. his

( ) 15. A. and B. but C. or

( ) 16. A. answer B. ID C. name

( ) 17. A. school B. class C. room

( ) 18. A. friend B. teacher C. brother

( ) 19. A. you B. it C. he

( ) 20. A. OK B. Sorry C. Thanks

六、阅读理解(30分)读短文, 根据短文内容选择正确答案。


Lost & Found

( )21.what color is the watch?

A. green B. red C. blue D. black

( )22.what’s Sam’s telephone number?

A. 512-8843 B. 467-3539 C. 680-7432 D. 555-0287

( )23. _____ found (找到) the computer game.

A. Sam B. Peter C. Henry D. Jim

( )24. _____ lost a set of keys ?

A. Jim B. Henry C. Peter D. Sam

( )25. Sam found a _____ ?

A. computer game B. notebook C. watch D. a set of keys


( )26Tony’s grandparents have _____ sons.

A. one B. two C. three

( )27.Grace Green is Tony’s _____ .

A. mother B. father C. sister

( )28.John Green is Mary’s ____.

A. brother B. father C. uncle

( )29.What is Tony’s family name ?

A. Grace B. Green C. Bill

( )30. Mary and Tony are Jimmy’s ____.

A.brothers B. friends C. cousins


I’m Peter. This is my room. My TV is on the table. My computer and my telephone are on the desk. Where are my keys? They aren’t on the dresser. Oh! They’re in the drawer. My pens aren’t on the chair. They are in my pencil-box. My pencil-box is in my backpack. And it’s behind the chair. My soccer ball and basketball are on the floor.



( )31、 His telephone is on the computer.

( )32、 His pens aren’t on the sofa.

( )33、 His backpack is behind the chair.

( )34、 His basketball and soccer ball aren’t on the floor.

( )35、 His keys are in the drawer.


36. This is my clock.( 变成复数句).

_____ _____ my _____.

37.That girl is my sister. (对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ that girl?

38.Where _____ the _____ ? 那些箱子在哪?

They are _____ the bed.在床下面。

39.Spell it, please. (改为同义句)

______ do you ________ it ?

40. It is a new watch.(改为否定句)

It ____ a new watch.

41.He is my father. (改为一般疑问句并作否定回答)

_____ ______ _____ father? No, he _____.


A. Is that my sweater? B. Here’s a grey one.

C. What color is your sweater? D. Is that yours?

E. Is your sweater grey?

F. You must look after your clothes, I think.

G. What about that grey one on the wall?

Jack=J Kate=K

J:Can you help me, Kate? I can’t find my sweater.

K:Look! ________ 42_________.

J:Oh! It’s a very nice sweater! But it isn’t mine.


J:It’s grey.

A:All right! __________44_________ Is it yours?

J:No, it’s light grey. But mine is dark grey.


J:Yes, it is.


B:OK. Thank you very much.


根据所学内容,以“My Family” 为题向你的同学介绍你的家庭,你的家庭成员中应有:爷爷.奶奶.爸爸.妈妈.一个叔叔.一个姑姑.两个表弟.一个表妹。(50字左右)。 _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


一.DAECB 二,BBCCA 三,white bag computer Bookcase keys 笔试部分

四,1-5:ABACC 6-10:CBCCB

五,11-15:BCAAB 16-20:CBBAC

六,21-25:CDDBB 26-30:BACBC 31-35:FTTFT

七,36.These are clocks 37.Who is 38.are boxes under

39.How spell 40. isn’t 41. Is he your isn’t


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