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第3课时 Unit 3 Section B 1a---2c


1.知识目标 fail \pass \take the test.be strict with

2. 能力目标 谈论学校的规则并说明理由

3. 情感目标 培养学生良好的合作意识,鼓励学生大胆表达自己的想法和意愿。

教学重点 理解听力材料

教学难点 自由谈论规则及对被动语态的掌握。

学习方法 合作学习 自主学习 听说读写相结合



A: What rules do you have at home ?

B:I’m not allowed to


What rules do you have at school ?







谈论1a 中的问题 完成听力2a 2b

讨论Peter 的问题用A:I think Peter should B:I don’t agree

点拨get to class late = be late for class 上学迟到

be strict in sth 对某事要求严格

翻译 他和对他的工作要求很严格________________




1. You are allowed _______ play basketball after school.

2. Our teachers are strict _______ us.

翻译 上课迟到 -_____________参加补考_______________


___ again and again.


A. be read B. should be read C. must read D. should read

__ by the nurse.

A. were looked B. looked after C. were looked after D. looked

__ ?

A. was, happen B. did, happen C. is, happen D. was, happened

A. was build B. was built C. builds D. has been built

5. The picture______ in October, 1996.

A. was taking B. had been taken C. was taken D. had taken

6. They ______day and night.

A. are made work B. are made to work

C. made to be worked D. are making to work

7. This English song _____ often _____ by the children.

A. is, singing B. is, sung C. will, sing D. was, sung

8. Mary’s radio ______ by my brother just now.

A. will be mended B. has mended C. was mended D. mended

9. Your exercise books _____ after class.

A. will hand in B. must hand in C. handed in D. must be handed in

10. Some trees may ______ at other times of the year.

A. be planted B. plant

II. 句型转换

11. Sixteen-year-olds should be allowed to drive.(改为一般疑问句)

sixteen-year-olds to drive?

12. Teenagers should be allowed to wear that earring.(改为否定句)

Teenagers allowed to wear that earring.

13. I think the work should be done at once. (改为否定句)

I think the work be done at once.

14. We shouldn’t allow the students to stay up until midnight.(改为被动句) The students to stay up until midnight.

15. The English homework must be handed in this afternoon. (改为主动句) We the English homework this afternoon. 2 C. are planted D. will be planted

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