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( )1. ______ you like ice cream? A. Are B. Am C. Does D. Do

( )2. ________ play table tennis. A. Let B. Lets C. Let’s D. It’s

( )3. ________ does your father have ______ lunch? Chicken and tomatoes.

A. What; for B. What; / C. How; for D. How; /

( )4. Oranges are a kind of ________. A. vegetables B. vegetable C. fruits D. fruit

( )5. What ______ Tom like _______ for breakfast?

A. does; eat B. is; eat C. does; to eat D. is; to eat

( )6. –Do you like ice cream for ______ lunch? A. a B. the C. / D. an

( )9. –Does your English teacher play soccer very _____ ? --Yes, She does.

A. good B. nice C. great D. well

( )15.There is a ________ shop. It sells bananas, apples, pears and oranges.

A.vegetable B.food C.fruit D.drink

( )18.There is some ________ on the table.

A.tomato B.egg C.chicken D.banana

( )19.There ________ lots of apples on the tree.

A.be B.am C.is D.are

( )20.We need ________ every day.

A.healthy food B.salads C.milks D.vegetable

( )22.________ your mother ________ carrots?

A.Do; eat B.Is; eat C.Does; eat D.Are; eat

( )23.Our friend ________ like salad.

A.don’t B.doesn’t C.isn’t D.aren’t

( )24.— Do they like hamburgers? — Yes, they like ________ very much.

A.it B.them C.their D.its

( )26.Her parents ________ lunch at home.

A.doesn’t have B.haven’t C.hasn’t D.don’t have

( )29.Aunt Li likes ________ bananas.

A.eat B.eating C.eats D.eatting

4. I can see ______ apple. It’s _____red apple . _____apple is on the desk.

A. a, an, The B. an, an, The C. the, a, An D. an, a ,The

4. It is a ________ shop. It sells bananas, apples, pears and oranges.

A. vegetable B. food C. fruit D. drink

8. The teacher _____ bananas.

A. is like B. like C. likes D. do likes

1.There are some ________(tomato)in the basket.

3.She ___(have)ice cream for dessert. 4.________(health)food is important. 1

5.She ________(do not)play sports.

6.________ your mother ________(watch)TV every day?

7.The little girl likes ________(strawberry)a lot.

8.Lots of children like ________(play)football.

10.My daughter ________(go)to school from Monday to Friday.

1. He ________ ________ (看电视) at 8:00 in the evening.

2. We can ________ ________ (做运动) every morning.

3. I like _______ ______ (冰淇淋),but they don’t like ________.

4. Mary and Mike __________(喜欢) ___________ (草莓).

5. My parent___________ ( 喜欢) ________________ (鸡肉)

3、Lily _________(have) bananas and bread for breakfast.

1. 我们来帮他们吧。_____________________________________________________

2. 咱们打排球吧。_______________________________________________________

3. 让他把这些笔记本拿给老师吧。__________________________________________

4. 我认为游戏机在书柜里了。_____________________________________________

5. 他只在电视上看网球比赛。________________________________________________

6. 他是家里唯一的男孩。_____________________________________________________

7. 你姐姐喜欢电脑吗?_____________________________________________________

8. 请向老师求助。________________________________________________________

9. 我妈妈总是看电视。_______________________________________________________





14. 我的朋友有一个舅舅。____________________________________________________ 15 我有一张他的全家福。_____________________________________________________

16. 他的堂兄总是迟到。_______________________________________________________

17. 你们的教室整洁吗?______________________________________________________

18. 他弟弟的汽车模型到处都是。_____________________________________________

19. 你知道他妈妈的姓吗?__________________________________________________

20. 他认为我们在学校图书馆了。___________________________________________


Little David likes to eat in a restaurant. He often eats a hamburger and potato chips. Many people in the restaurant know him very well. They often ask him, ―Why do you like to eat here? ‖Little David says,―Because I like the toys here. ‖―Why don’t you go to the toy shop then? ”Little David says,“They have toys but they don’t have hamburgers and potato chips. ”

86.Where does Little David like to eat? _________________________________

87.What does he often eat in the restaurant? _______________________________

88.Do people in this restaurant know him very well? ________________________

89.What do they often ask him? ___________________________________

90.What does Little David say? _______________________________________

Americans usually eat three meals a day.Breakfast usually comes before eight o’clock in the morning.They usually have eggs,some meat,bread,and coffee.Lunch is between twelve and one o’clock.It is a light meal and working people must take lunch with them or get it near workplace.Dinner,the main meal,is between six and eight in the evening.People cook it carefully.They may have meat or chicken,potatoes or rice,vegetables or saladThe drink is coffee,tea or milk.Then comes the dessert.

1.How many meals do Americans usually eat a day?


2.What time do they usually have breakfast?


3.What do they usually have for breakfast?


4.When do they have dinner?


5.What do they usually have for dinner?


5、I _______ (have) a sports collection 6、Bob_______(do) his homework in the evening.

7、Linda______(play) sports every day. 8、My father________ (watch) football games on TV.

9、He_________(eat) a lot of healthy food. 10、That _________(sound) interesting.

11、Does your mother _________(like) eggs?

12、Mr Black _______________(not have) a computer.

13、Cindy __________ (like) sports very much. 14、Let’s __________(play) baseball.

15、I_______________(not like) broccoli or chicken

1. He often _______ (have) dinner at home.

4. There _________ (be) some orange in the bottle.

5. We ______________ (not watch) TV on weekdays.

6. Nick____________ (not do) his homework on Sundays.

7. What _______ they usually ______ (do) on holidays?



1. 喜欢做某事______________________

妈妈喜欢在家看电视。_________________________________________________________ 你表哥喜欢打篮球吗?____________________________________________________

2. 我不喜欢汉堡。___________________________________________________

3. 他姐姐的朋友喜欢水果和蔬菜。___________________________________________

4. 那个男孩不喜欢鸡肉。____________________________________________________

5. 我们吃一些蔬菜沙拉吧。__________________________________________________

6. 她的生日晚宴是在下周。____________________________________________________

7. 他总考虑他的生日。_____________________________________________________

8. 早/午/晚 餐吃…__________________________




9. 某人早/午/晚 餐吃什么?_________________________________


10. 我在学校吃午饭。________________________________________________

11. Tom喜欢胡萝卜吗?________________________________________________

12. 某人早/午/晚 餐喜欢吃什么?_________________________________________ 你早餐喜欢吃什么?_____________________________________________________ 他晚餐喜欢吃汉堡和冰淇淋。_______________________________________


13. 问某人关于什么__________________


14. 饮食习惯 _________________________15.运动明星__________________________




17. 我喜欢健康的食物。____________________________________________________

18. 他们的姑姑和叔叔是健康的。_______________________________________________

19. 你的祖父健康吗?___________________________________________________





24. 最后一个问题 ___________________________25.晚饭后_______________________

26.想要做某事 ____________________27.想要某人做某事__________________________ 4

28. 想要成为…______________________


你想要看电视吗?_______________________________________________________ 他们不想做运动。________________________________________________




1.水果和蔬菜是健康食品。___________________________ healthy food.

2.我妹妹喜欢橙子、苹果和梨。My sister_____________________________________.

3.晚饭你喜欢吃什么?What do you like ____________________?

4.科比和乔丹是篮球明星。Kobe and Jordan______________________________..

5.我们早餐吃鸡蛋和汉堡包。We have eggs and hamburgers__________________________.

5.She ______________(不)play sports.

6._________ your mother ____________(看)TV every day?

8.Lots of children like ____________(踢)football.

9.Chicken ____________(是)very delicious.

10.My daughter ____________(去)to school from Monday to Friday.

11._________your mother _____________(喜欢)carrots?

1.Ben's uncle ______(eat)carrots every day. 2.My sister wants ______(be) healthy.

3.Are these your ______(strawberry)? 7.Sports star eats ______(good).

8.He has two ______(watch). 9.I like ______(salad).

10.The boy likes ______(play)tennis.

( )9. That is ____ room.

A. Lily and Lucy B. Lily and Lucy’s C. Lily’s and Lucy’s D. Lily’s and Lucy

( )10. ---Do you know the girl in the hat? ---______.

A. Yes, I am. B. Yes , she is. C. Yes, I know. D. Yes , I do.

4.—Some chicken ______on the table;help yourself to ____!(随便吃点)

—Thank you very much.

A.has ; one B.have ; it C.is ; it D.are ; one

6.—What do you have for breakfast?—______ egg.

A.A B.An C.The D./

8.I like carrots,and I eat ______ for breakfast.

A.it B.they C.them D.us

14.My brother ______ an apple.

A.want eat B.wants eating C.wants to eat D.wants eat

15.What does he ______ the food?

A.think of B.thinks of C.thinks about D.thinking about



1.tomato ____________ 3.strawberry______________


9.potato _____________ 6.family ______________ 8.foot ________________ 10.bus__________ 11.boy___________12.Chinese__________


17.class_____________ 18.month_____________

22.piano__________ 24.wish_____________25.life___________


31.hobby_________ 26.half_________ 30.party__________ 28.city________29.photo________

Do you know London Zoo? London Zoo is the world’s oldest scientific (科学的) zoo. It has a history of about 180 years.

London Zoo has about 755 kinds of animals. There are lions, camels, giraffes, snakes, tigers, monkeys and many more. There is also an aquarium(水族馆)in the zoo. It has many kinds of fishes.

London Zoo doesn’t open every day. It doesn’t open on December (十二月)25th. So do not go to visit it on that day. The zoo opens at 10 am and closes at 4 pm in winter and 5: 30 pm in spring, summer and autumn.


1. How old is London Zoo?


2. How many kinds of animals does London Zoo have?


3. Is there an aquarium in the zoo?


4. Does London Zoo open every day?


5. What time does the zoo open in winter?



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