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( )1.A. three times B. Twice a month C. Three hours

( )2.A. To the mountains B.With my friend C.In Central Park

( )3.A.Three years old B.Three times C.Three percent

( )4.A.Tom is B.Yes,Tom is C.No,Tom isn’t

( )5.A.At Miller”s B.Miller. C.Miller’s

( )6.A.Yes,I will B.No,I don”t C.Yes, I did


( )7.A.Once a week B.Twice a week C.Twice a month

( )8.A.Boring B.Interesting C.Educational

( )9.A.Because of seats B.Because of price C.Because of screen

( )10.A.No,it is Jane B.Yes,it is C.No,it is Tina

( )11.Animal Word B.Around China C.Around the World

( )12.A.Yes,she did B.No,she didn’t C.No,she stayed at school Ⅲ.短文理解。听两遍


( )13.Mike thinks that a rich man should have a(n) ______car

A.old B.Small C.expensive

( )14.Mrs.Hill is _____years old

A.82 B.30 C.20

( )15.Mrs.Hill drives her car _____

A.on weekend B.only on Tuesday C.only on Thursday

( )16.Mrs.Hill has _____

A. a large ,new car B.a large ,old car C.a small,old car


( )17.Where will the students go?

A.Huaxi Forest Park B.Central Park C.People’s Park

( )18.How long will they stay there?

A.A whole day B.Half an hour C.Half a day

( )19.What should they take?

A.Only food B.Some clothes C.Food and drink

( )20.When is the trip?

A.Tomorrow B.This weekend C.We don’t know


( )21.Is there _____ for dinner?

A.something delicious B.delicious something

C.anything delicious D.delicious anything

( )22.Mary seemed _____ happy

A.to feel B.feeling C.feels D.felt

( )23.Li Lei is too lazy,He doesn’t feel like _____anything

A.do B. Doing C.to do D.does

( )24.Mary is _____children and old people.

A.good for B.good at C.good on D.good with

( )25.Exercising is good _____our health

A. for B. at C.to D.with

( )26.We have many differences, but we also have some things _____

A. In fact B. In common C. In the same way D. As well

( )27.—____ does Bill go to the park?

—Once a week

A. How long B.how soon C.how many times D.how ofen

( )28.—Did you go to the cinema to see 3D Titanic last night?

—No,I_____go to the cinema .The tickets are too expensive

A.hardly B.nearly C.still D.only

( )29.He speaks French well, but of course not _____a person born in France

A.as clear as B.clearer than C.as clearly as D.the more clearly

( )30.—Sorry, I can’t go to the mountain with you

—That’s too_____. Maybe another time

A.greet B.far C.bad D.quick

( )31.—I think physics is as _____as English

—I don’t think so. I feel English is much easier.

A.useful B.important C.difficult D.interesting

( )32.Nancy_____goes to the countryside, because she enjoys the life in the city

A.often B.usually C.always D.hardly ever

( )33.Things are _____on the moon than on the earth

A.much heavier B.the heaviest C.much lighter D.the lightest

( )34.Li Ming is quiet_____his twin brother

A.similar to B.different to C.same as D.similar with

( )35.I can’t stand _____housework everyday

A.do B.doing C.to do D.does

( )36.—_____do you _____this movie?

—Very exciting

A.How ;think of B.What; think of C.How; think about D.What ; think

( )37.Lucy and Lily _____very quiet

A.are both B.are all C.both are D.all are

( )38.A_____life style is good for our _____

A.healthy; healthy B.healthy ; health C.health; health D.health;healthy

( )39._____we have some differences, _____we are still good friends.

A.Although ;but B.Although ; / C. Though ;and D.But; though

( )40.Call me _____023-7373773_____more information

A.at; for B.at ;with C.for ;with D.for ;on


In China more and more middle school students are getting ___41__sleeping time than before.Most students sleep less than nine ___42___everyday because they have much homework to do.Some homework is given by their teachers __43___some by their parents.Also some students don’t know ___44__ to save time.They are not careful enough __45__they do their homework, so it __46__them a lot of time. Some students spend __47__time watching TV or playing computer games. They stay up very __48__.Some students have to get up early every morning on weekends to get to school on time by bus or by bike. It can be a long way from their

home to school.

Schools and parents should cut down some of the homework so that children can enjoy at least nine hours of __49__every night for their health.As we all know children are our country’s future.Their __50__should be well cared for.

( ) 41.A.shorter B.longer C.short D.long ( )42.A.minutes B.hours C.seconds D.days ( )43.A.but B.or C.and D.so ( )44.A.what B.when C.how D.who ( )45.A.when B.before C.if D.after ( )46.A.makes B.takes C.gets D.brings ( )47.A.many too B.much too C.too amny D.too much ( )48.A.early B.late C.last D.quick ( )49.A.sleep B.study C.rest D.TV ( )50.A.food B.health C.study D.fun Ⅵ阅读理解


A.Pro.G White B.Mr.Green C.Pro.Wang L an D.Miss Yang Jing ( )52.If you are interested in painting, Miss Yang Jing can teach you

A. from 19:00 to 20:30 on Monday B.from 17:30 to 19:00 on Tuesday C..from 18:00 to 19:00 on Wednesday D.from 7:00 to 8:30 on Friday evening ( )53.If you want to learn to take good pictures, you have to learn _____weeks A.2 B.4 C.10 D.16


A TV Show—What Do You Think of TV

Host: Judy ,what do you think of TV?

Judy: I think it’s a bad and dangerous idol(偶像)

Host: How can you say such a thing,Judy? How can TV be dangerous? What do you mean by saying it’s an idol?

Judy: I mean that it sits there, in the center of our rooms. It’s like a great idol and needs our

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