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Welcome to my class

宣化七中 李雅琴

Unit5 Do you want to watch a game show? Section B

宣化七中 李雅琴

Free talk
?What do you think of news/talk shows? ?I like it/them . Because it is/they are interesting.


soap opera sports show


talk show

game show

a cartoon I want to watch cartoons .
Because they are simple.

an action movie I don’t want to watch action movies . Because they are meaningless.

Do you know other description words?
interesting boring exciting relaxing wonderful enjoyable 令人愉快的 meaningless 毫无意义的 serious educational 有教育意义的

?What do you think of news/talk shows? ?I like it/them . Because it is/they are interesting.

sports show soap opera

action movie


talk show


What do John and Mary think of TV shows and movies? Write down some words.
Action movies Scary movies Game shows boring Sitcoms Talk shows enjoyable




(2) relaxing

Mary meaningless



What do you know about Mickey Mouse ?

cartoon character 卡通人物

the black mouse with two large round ears.
长着两只大圆耳朵的黑老鼠 He is a famous symbol of American culture.

famous adj. 著名的,出名的 be famous for Mickey Mouse 因……而出名

for e.g. China is famous _____ the Great Wall.

be famous as 作为……而出名
e.g. Lu Xun was famous _____ a writer. as

Where dose Mickey first appeared?

He first appeared in the cartoon Steamboat Willie.
《威利号汽船》 This cartoon came out in NewYork.

came out


The flowers come out in spring. 开花 All the photos came out very well yesterday. (照片)被冲洗出

the Star of Mickey Mouse

the Hollywood Walk of Fame (好莱坞星光大道)

Mickey became the first cartoon character to have star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

success n.成功 successful adj. 成功的

Thesuccessfully adv. 成功地 man behind Mickey was Walt Disney.
success e.g. Failure is the mother of ________.

= Walt Disney created singer. We all think she is a ___ Mickey.
A. success B. successful C. successfully

He become very rich and successful.

be ready to do sth



we are ready to have class, now.

Tom 乐于助人。

Tom is ready to help danger. He always tried to face any others.

He was always ready to try his best .

We should learn from Mickey. Try to face any danger. We are ready to try our best .

Task 1: Read the passage and complete the time line.

Steamboat Willie made 87 cartoons _________________ came out in New York _________________ with Mickey _________________

the first cartoon character, ____________________ the Hollywood Walk of ____________________ Fame. ____________________

November 18, 1928

In the 1930s

November 18, 1978

The time line



Task 2 : Read and find the answers.
1. Steamboat Willie is the first cartoon with sound and music. (T/F) T
2. Today cartoons are usually as simple as little Mickey . F (T/F) not so 3. What is Mickey Mouse a symbol of ? American culture losing his house 4. Mickey had many problems such as _______________ or girlfriend ____________. 5. People went to the cinema to see the “little man” win. 人们去电影院看“小人物”成功 .


Task 3: Introduce Mickey
(1) look like ---(2) appeared

(3)Who created…
(4) Why… popular ?

(5) the Hollywood Walk of Fame

(6) a symbol of America culture

Do you know Mulan?

Mulan didn’t have any brothers. She took her father’s place to join the army.
装扮; 乔装打扮

代替; 替 换


Mulan dressed up like a boy. Nobody knew she was a girl in the army.

fantastic shows action want comes from played about like exciting plan

Mulan is an ________ ______ movie. It exciting action ___________ an old Chinese story. The comes from movie is ______ a village girl, Mulan. She about dresses up like a boy and takes her father’s place to fight in the army. I think the actress _______ Mulan’s role well. played fantastic The other actors are also _________ and

they did a good job in the movie. I _____ Mulan very much. The movie like _______ her love for her family, shows friends and country. If you ______ to plan watch a movie this weekend and you ______ to see something enjoyable, want choose Mulan!

Write notes for movie review.
Mulan The name of the movie: ______________ The kind of the movie: _______________ action movie What the movie is about: __________________________________ The movie is about a village girl, ___________________________________ Mulan. She dresses up like a boy and takes her father’s place ___________________________________ to fight in the army. ___________________________________

What you think of the movie/star: It was enjoyable. ____________________

1.Remember the words and phrases in the lesson. 2.Write your favorite movie review.

Thank you for listening!

Write notes for your own movie review.

The name of the movie: ______________ The Lion King The kind of the movie: _______________ Cartoon What the movie is about: 方法指导: Simba’s father was the king. But his ___________________________________ 首先, 阅读短文, 整体把握短文大意。 uncle, Scar killed his father. When ___________________________________ 其次,分析有空格的每个句子,判断空格处的意思, Simba 联系所给单词,确定空格处应填的单词。 grew up, he came back to the ___________________________________ 最后,再通读一遍短文,看是否通顺合理。 forest and became the true king. ___________________________________ What you think of the movie/star: ____________________ It was fantastic.

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