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UNit 8 Why don’t you get her a scarf(3)

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课题 Unit 8 Why don’t you get her a scarf ? (3)

毕秀莲 审核人 李友胜 课时设置 一课时 学科 英语 使用时间 课型 2011 新授 主备人

标 知识目标:1、掌握重点单词、短语及其在句子中的用法。 2、掌握并灵活运用too?to 句式。 3、 掌握 enough 的用法。 能力目标:1、学习谈论和比较不同的东西和事情;2、学习如何给别人提出建议和意见。


学习重点/学习难点 :知识目标



1、整体感知: 短语及单词翻译

1. get her a scarf_____________ 2.a birthday present ____________

3.creative enough________________-4. a friend of mine_______________

5.私人信件___________ 6.网球拍______________

7.日历___________ 8.相册_______________

9.照顾 ______________ 10.一个六岁的男孩__________

2、自学引导: 用下列语言谈谈最喜欢的礼物。

1.My best gift is……

2.I got it in my tenth birthday

3.I got it when I finished the primary.

4.…… gave it to me

5. I like it because……

3、自主、合作、探究:Listen to the tape (2a-2b)


一)用too, too many , too much , enough ,too??to 填空:

1. Tom always stays at home. He doesn’t go out_______

2. I can’t afford the dictionary. I haven’t got _____ money

3. There was nowhere to sit on the beach. There were_____ people

4. I can’t go there with you. I have a lot of work to do .I’m ____busy

5. Did you have ____to eat? Yes, thank you

6. He is ____young ____ go to school.


collector, let, either, annoyed, love, boring, credit, watching, probably, chance

1 .He always talks to me in class. This gets me______.

2. The soap opera was ______.I fell asleep nearly.

3. —I want to buy the pet dog. But I don’t have enough money with me.

—You can pay for it with ______card.

4. Please______him in. He has something important.

5.—Do you like the movie? —No, I don’ t. —I don’ t like it,______.

6. He will do better if you give him a______.

7.—Where is Lucy? —She ______is playing games with Han Mei.

8. When I got to the Great Wall first, I fell in ______with it.

9. How long have you been ______TV? It’ s bad for your eyes.

教师修改及学生笔记 自学促能力形成!展示让魅力飞扬! 1 认真阅读,独立思考,规范书写!

10. He is a great stamp ______.He has been collecting stamps for forty years.



1.带我们出去吃饭 take us out to dinner

2.在一个昂贵的饭馆 at an expensive restaurant

3..一点也不,根本不 not ? at all

4. 为??付款 pay?.for?.

5. 入睡 fall asleep

6.为?捐赠 give money to?.

7.为?.筹款 raise money for?.

8.要求某人(不)做某事 ask sb. (not) to do sth.

8. 与其?不如 rather than

9. 对?感兴趣 take an interest in..

10.被赠送给某人 be given away to sb.


1. I’m going to give my brother a football as a birthday p_________.

2. All of them are very good .It’s hard for me to c _______the best.

3. Who is the _________ (win) of the game?

4.Sorry,I can’t hear you _________(清楚地)

5. He likes singing very. He________(唱)an English song last night.

6.I don’t think the movie is________ (interest). I am not _________ (interest) it at all. .(用适当的单词完成对话。)

A:Wow! 1 a beautiful album! Whose is this?

B: 2 it is your daughter’s. She likes to collect beautiful things.

A:No. It 3 be hers. She likes to collect cards but not album.

B:Look! There’s a card 4 it.

A:Where? Let me have a 5 .“Dear mum, today is your 6 .Happy birthday 7 you! Your daughter, Mary!” Oh, dear! Today is my birthday! I 8 .

B:Really? Happy birthday to you!

A: 9 you! I’ m very 10 today.

1. _______ 2. _______ 3. _______ 4. _______ 5. _______

6. _______ 7. _______ 8. _______ 9. _______ 10. _______


1. My mother’s birthday is coming. What should I_________ (get to her/get her)?

2.—Why not buy a tennis ball?

—No, they’re too_________ (expensively/cheap).

3. He got a computer last month. What a_________ (luck/lucky)guy!

4.—Would you like a pet lion?

—No, it’s_________ (dangerous/boring).

5. I think a dog is a good pet for a _________ (6-year-old/6 years old)child.


自学促能力形成!展示让魅力飞扬! 2 认真阅读,独立思考,规范书写!

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