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四、 选择正确的字母或字母组合补全单词。( 6分)

( ) 1. eam A r d B d r C r i ( A i , e B o , a C a , e ( A o u B i r C o a ( A i r B a n C o u ( ) 5. b ck A o B a C e ( A o a B o w C o u 五、

按要求完成下列各题。 (8分)

1. visit ( 过去式) 2. cleaned(原形)3. do ( 过去式) 4. went(原形) 5. one ( 序数词) 6. four(序数词) 7. nine (序数词) 8. eight(序数词) 六、 单项选择。 ( 20分)

( ) 1. In the dream, Ken A. have B was C had ( ) 2. There was water on Mars..

A. no B not C any ( ) 3. We were afraid the Martians.

A. on B of C at ( ) 4. Yesterday, I visit my friend.

A. don’t B am not C didn’t ( ) 5. I’a mess.

A. made B make C making ( ) 6. you clean the room last night? A. Do B Does C Did ( ) 7. The next day, Mocky visited Ann and Ken A. again B too C to ( ) 8. I went to school my friends.

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A. and B of C. with ( ) 9. ---Did Ken win the prize? ---No, he . A. don’t B did C. didn’t ( ) 10. prize in the race..

A. two B. second C.three 七、 情景交际。 (10分)

( )1. 当你想表达“在太空里有很多星星和行星”时,应该说 A. There are many stars and planets in space. B. There are many stars and planets in spaceship.

( )2. 当你想表达“最后我们变成了朋友”时,应该说 A. Soon we became friends.. B. Finally we became friends.

( )3. 当你的朋友向你道歉时,你会回答他说 A. You’re welcome. B. That’s OK. ( ) 4. 比赛即将开始,裁判员会对选手说 A. Ready! Go! B. Do you understand?

( ) 5. 当你的同学在比赛中获得好名次时,你会对他说 A. Thank you! B. Congratulations! 八、 句型转换。 (10分)

1. I watched TV last night. (变为否定句)

2. They weren’t at home yesterday. (变为肯定句)

3. Did she go to the park last Sunday? (作否定回答) 4. ( 对画线部分提问)

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5. ( 对画线部分提问) 九、 连词成句。 (6分)

1. had fun lot of a We ( . )

2. want Do a you banana ( ?)

3. race the in fifth was Ken ( . )

十、 阅读理解。 (10分)

Sam’s room

Sam’s room is not very big, but it’s very nice. There is a bed near the wall. Near the bed there is a desk. On the desk there are some flowers and a light. In front of the desk there is a chair. The shoes are under the bed. We can’t see them. On the wall there are some pictures. We can see many trees and birds in the pictures. Where is Sam’s schoolbag? Oh, It’s on the chair.

Sam is not at home, but the room is nice and clean. 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 ( ) 1. Sam’.

A. very big B too small C. not very big but it’s nice. ( ) 2. are on the desk.

A Schoolbag and some books B A light and some flowers

C. Some flowers and books.

( ) 3. How many pictures are there on the wall?

A. There is only one. B There aren’t any. C. There are some. ( A. on the chair B on the bed C. on the floor ( A. trees B boats C. birds

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