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Unit 5 Reading

Play the game:
Do you know the festivals?


When Chinese New Year Dragon Boat Festival Mid-Autumn Festival Christmas 12.25 Thanksgiving Day Halloween

What to eat dumplings

What to do get red packets let off fireworks

in Jan. or Feb.

in May. or rice dumplings have boat races June in Sep. or Oct.

puddings turkey candies and chocolates

get together get together get together

in Nov.

dress up as ghosts

How much do you know about Halloween?

How do the people in the USA celebrate it?

Have a special party

enjoy nice food and drinks

paint their faces

dress up and wear masks

Dress up as a ghost/ Monkey King/ Lion King…

play a game called ?trick or treat?

knock on the door

give them some candy as a treat If they do not give us a treat, we play a trick on them.

From Wendy

To Millie

Read and answer
1.What is Wendy’s favourite festival?

2.When is it?

October 31
3. How do children feel about this festival?

Children have lots of fun on that day

Be a careful reader
? What do you know about Halloween?

Date: 31 __________ October dress Activities: _____ up masks wear _______ or paint their__________ faces pumpkin lanterns Make ____________________ Play__________________ trick or treat party Have a ______________in the evening

All about Halloween
Date Ways to celebrate

dress up & wear masks

paint faces

make pumpkin lanterns
play “trick or treat” have a party enjoy nice food and drinks

Read more carefully and choose to answer the questions. ? Level A ? Level B ? Level C

Level A (T or F) 1. People in the USA celebrate Halloween in October. T F 2. Halloween is not much fun for children. oranges. 3. People make lanterns out of pumpkins.F 4. Children play ?trick or treat? with theirpeople inside Halloween. F the parents on Halloween. evening 5. People have a party on the morning of 31 October. F 6. People enjoy nice food and drinks on Halloween. T

Level B People(1)_________Halloween on 31 celebrate October. Children dress up and (2)_________masks. Sometimes they wear (3)__________ their faces. They paint (4)_______on people?s doors and knock (5)________'trick or treat'. shout People often give the children some (6)______as a treat. candy

Level C. Let’s talk about

dress up, wear, masks, paint, pumpkin lanterns

play, ‘trick or treat’, knock, shout, give, treat, give, trick

on the evening, have a party, food and drinks

1. … and I like Halloween best. like…best 最喜欢…… best表示“最” e.g. Which colour do you like best? 你最喜欢哪种颜色?

2. We knock on their doors and shout “trick or treat”. knock 可作不及物动词,意为 “敲,击打”,表示“敲门” 时,用knock加介词 on 或 at。 Please knock on the door before entering. 进来之前请先敲门。

Listen! There is someone knocking at the door. 听!有人在敲门。 knock也可作名词,意为“敲,


词。 Amy gave two knocks on her desk.


trick or treat 不招待就搞恶作 剧 是西方万圣节前夕儿童装鬼玩 闹,挨家挨户要糖果时的用语。

3. If they do not give us a treat, we play a trick on them. 句中if引导的是条件句,意思是 “如果……” If you don?t work hard, you will fail in the exam. play a trick on sb. 与某人做恶 作剧

1. Read the letter and try to retell it. 2. Write about your favourite festival.

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