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Unit 8Why don’t you get her a scarf Reading

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课题 Unit 8 Reading:Why don’t you learn to sing English songs?

毕秀莲 审核人 李友胜 课时设置 一课时 学科 英语 使用时间 课型 2011 新授 主备人

标 1、Knowledge Objects Words and phrases in this article. 2、Ability Objects (1)To train students’ reading comprehension. (2)To train students how to use the strategy of reading. 3、Sensibility and Value To make students be interested in learning English by singing English songs.

学习重点/学习难点 :(1)Learn to use the new words such as enter, nearly, clearly, stage, native, winner, modest,

spokesperson, encourage, progress, suggest, besides .

(2)Try to use nearly and almost, besides and except correctly.



1、你能想起多少英语歌曲?你最喜欢的英语歌曲是什么?请列出名单。(How many English songs can 学生笔记 you think of? Which are you favorites? Make a list.)


(1)中国人_____________________ (2)例如 __________________

(3)在舞台上____________________ (4)六个月前_______________

(5)很谦虚 _____________________ (6)用不同的方法___________


(8)找出___________________ (9)跟…交朋友___________________

(10)be intrested in\ take an intrest in _________________________________

(11)across China\ all over China _______________ (12)win the prize _______________

(13)make progress_______________ (14)look comfortable __________________

(15)English Songs Contest __________________________________








(4)Some of the singers were able to sing English songs just as well as native speakers.

(5)This kind of contest encourages people in China to speak English.

(6)Besides singing English songs ,there are many other fun ways to learn English.





(1)播放第29届北京奥运会歌曲《You and Me》,让学生仔细听并说出自己能听到的英语单词有多少。

(2)你能想起多少英语歌曲?你最喜欢的英语歌曲是什么?请列出名单。(How many English songs can you think of?

自学促能力形成!展示让魅力飞扬! 1 认真阅读,独立思考,规范书写!

Which are you favorites? Make a list.)(检查预习准备1)

(3)四人小组讨论:How can sing English songs help you English? Make a list.

1. We can learn some new words.

Keys: 2. We can become more interested in English.

3. We can improve the ability of listening and speaking.


(1)快速阅读文章why don’t you learn to sing English songs? 然后回答下列问题。

① Skimming:Read the passage quickly and answer the questions.

T:How do many people learn English in the passage ?

②Scanning:Ask students to read the passage of Section 2 carefully and answer the following questions: Q1: Why do so many Chinese people want to improve their English in different ways ? Q2: Where did the singers come from? Q3: What did the winners say? Q4:Besides singing English songs, what other fun ways to learn English are there?

(2) Play the tape for students and ask students to read the text.

3、课堂活动(Task-based Activities)

(1)Ask students Have you ever tried improving your English using any of the ways mentioned in the reading? What other ways can you think of to improve your English?(检查预习准备4)

(2)After you read the passage,complete the following chart.

(4)写作训练:①Ask students to go through the reading again. Then close their books. Write a summary(概要)of the passage using no more than 100 words.



① My aunt took us out to dinner at an e________ restaurant, but the food was not good at all.

②He made a c______________ about the bad road.

③They s_________ 100 yuan on books every month. ④ If you can not go, let him go i______ . ⑤My birthday p______is a new bike. ⑥Tom keeps a small h_____ as a pet.

⑦Would you mind giving me some s_______? Ok. ⑧ This is just my p________opinions.

⑨ Your idea s______ good.

⑩ Today is Jim’s birthday. His mother is going to make a s______________ meal for him.


make progress make friends clean up compete with

take care of sound good find out get for

①It’s Sally’s birthday. What should I ______________ her?

②I’d like to learn more about art. Maybe I should ______________about art classes at my school.

③ Jim practices his English with native speakers every day so he is _______________ with his pronunciation.

④Many people like cats as pets because they are pretty easy to ____________________.

⑤ At the Olympics the best athletes from all over the world __________________ each other.

⑥I like Kate’s singing. Her voice really ______________________

If you get a pen pal in another country, you can ______________ with someone with a different culture. ⑧Sam, please ______________________ your room. It’s very messy.



自学促能力形成!展示让魅力飞扬! 2 认真阅读,独立思考,规范书写!

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