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八年级英语 上 Unit5.2

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Unit 5 Can you come to my party?

SN: Hey, Ted. Can you come to my party on Saturday afternoon? Ted: I’m sorry, I can’t, Sun Ning. I have to help my parents. SN:Too bad. How about you, Carlos? Can you come to my party? Carlos: I’d love to. =I’d like to. SN: Tim? Can you come to my party? Tim: When is it? SN: Saturday afternoon. Tim: Oh, no, I can’t. I have to study for a test. SN: What about you, Wilson? Wilson: Sorry, I have to go to the doctor. =go to see a doctor SN: Anna, can you come? 课程She gives the children music lessons. e.g.: Anna: I can’t, Sun Ning. I have to visit my aunt. Kay: I can’t either, Sun Ning. I have a piano lesson. SN: That’s too bad, Kay. Oh, maybe next time. What a small party!

Hi, Vince? Yeah, hi, Andy! Vince, can you play tennis with me? Uh, when? Today. Uh, no, sorry, I can’t. I have to go to the doctor and study for a test today. How about tomorrow? Sorry, tomorrow I’m playing soccer and I have a piano lesson. Oh, well, what are you doing the day after tomorrow? I have to babysit my sister. Oh, I see.

Fill in the blanks according to the pictures.

1. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. to go hiking have I____________. my family. with

2. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. I to go to have ____________. Great Wall the

3. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. an English have I____________. lesson.

4. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. I to go have ____________. swimming

5. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. a volleyball have I____________. match.

6. Can you come to my party? I’m sorry I can’t. I to paint have ____________. the park. in

Dear Wang Ying, Thank you for your 1._______(邀请)to visit invitation next week. I’m 2.______ (抱歉), but I can’t sorry come. You see, I have a really 3._____(忙碌 busy week. This evening I’m going to the 4. _____ movie (电影)with some friends. And tomorrow, I have to go to the 5.______(牙医). (Yuck!) On dentist 6.________(星期三), I’m playing soccer Wednesday 7.______(足球) with the school team. And I have to test study for a 8.________(考试)on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to my cousin’s birthday party 9._______(生日聚会). Can you comeat home to the movies or have video games with us10._______ (在家里)on Friday?

New words
adj. (形容词) 1. 又一,再一 He drank another glass of beer. 他又喝了一杯啤酒。 2. 另一;另外的 That's another matter. 那是另外一回事。 pron. (代词) 1. 又一个,再一个 The little boy finished his cake and asked for another. 小男孩吃完自己的蛋糕后,要求再吃一块。 2. 另一个 I don't like this one, please give me another. 我不喜欢这个,请给我另一个。

Complete each word with the first letter given according to the meanings of following sen

1. Can you come to my party? I’morry s_____. I have to abysit b________ my brother.

e 2.Can you go to the movies with m________ now? tudying Sorry, I can’t. I’m s________ for the test.
3.W________ time is the party? hat It’s on bout a_____ seven-thirty.

as 4.She h________ to shop and c________ the apartment. lean
nvitation 5. Have you got an i_________ to her concert? Yes, I h________. ave

Complete the sentences. 1. 谢谢你邀请下星期去参观你们的学校。 Thank you _____ your invitation ____ visit your school to for next week. 2. 明天晚上,我们将参加我堂兄的生日宴会。 Tomorrow evening we’re _____ cousin’s to my ________ going birthday party. 3. 她将乘公共汽车到哪儿。 She will _____ the bus _____ get there. take to 4. 在星期日你们在做什么? _____ _____ What are you doing on Sunday? 5. 我们将等到12 点钟。 We’llwait until twelve o’clock. _____ _____

Translate the following sentences.
你能和我一起去看电影吗? 当然,非常愿意. 你能来我的生日聚会吗? 抱歉我不能去. 我得做家庭作业. 哦,那太糟了. 也许下次吧. 他能去篮球赛吗? 不,他不能去. 他头痛, 得去看医生. 听到这事很遗憾.

A: Hey, Xiao Wang, can you go to the m_______ ovie on Saturday? B: I’morry s_____, I can’t. I have too much omework h_______ this weekend. And I’m not f______ eeling well today. atter A: That’s too bad. What’s the old m_______? B: I’m not sure. Maybe I have a c______, as I’m feeling a etter cold. little octor A: I think you’d b_____ go to the d_______. hink B: I t______ so. A: Maybe hanks I’m asking you to come another time. B: Sure. T______ for inviting.

omorrow 1. Today is Friday and t________ is Saturday. 2. We’re going toisit v____ our aunt this weekend. nvitation 3. Thank you for your i________. 4. Please look at the c_______. What’s the date alendar today? uiet 5. Please keep q____. Your sister is studying. atches 6. I usually watchesson basketball m_____ on TV. 7. We will learn L_____ six next week. ree 8. Are you f___ on Sunday? Shall we go shopping? irthday 9. Can you come to my b______ party? ove

Fill in each blank with a proper word. practice another time listen to play be busy what’s thanks be free go to the doctor a whole day are listening to 1. They ____________the music in the classroom. 2. “________the date today?” “It’s November 21st.” What’s 3. Tomorrow I’m playing _________soccer and having a math lesson. 4. He has got a bad toothache, let him __________. go to the doctor 5. ________ a lot for the interesting books. Thanks 6. We’ll have a piano lesson on Friday. The teacher asked us to ________ the piano every day. practice 7. My grandpa likes fishing. Sometimes he fishes in the park for __________. a whole day 8. Paul and Eliza _____both _____ on Sunday. They can watch are free the football match. 9. “We c

an’t go to visit our aunt this weekend.” “Maybe __________.” another time 10. I’m sorry.am___really ____ this week. I can’t go to see I busy

New words
come over 顺便来访
Why not come over to my home for a visit? 干嘛不来我家坐坐呢? Come over any time; I'm always in. 请随便什么时候来坐坐, 我总在家.


adj. 整整的 He spent two whole years writing the book. 他花了整整两年写那本书. I stayed at home for the whole weekend. 我整个周末都呆在家.

Hi Henry, thank sb. for sth. Thank you for your invitation. I’m sorry I can’t visit you this week. cousin’s birthday party I am really busy. This evening I’m tennis training going to my cousin’s birthday 网球训练 study for chemistry test party. And tomorrow, I have to go movies to the dentist. (Yuck!) On Wednesday, I have tennis training with the school team. And I have to study for my chemistry test on Thursday. On Friday evening, I’m going to the尽快回信 some movies with friends. Can you come to the movies with us on Friday?

playing soccer help

a math test my parents

I’m going

1. can, you, party, to, come, my, ? ________________________ Can you come to my party? 2. what, doing, are, you, Thursday, afternoon, this, ? _______________________________________ What are you doing this Thursday afternoon? 3. you, can, play, with, tennis, me, ? ___________________________ Can you play tennis with me? 4. sorry, I’m, have, I, to, guitar, my, go, lesson, to _______________________________________ I’m sorry I have to go to my guitar lesson. 5. he, studying, a, chemistry, test, is, for ________________________________ He is studying for a chemistry test.

Lucy: Hello! Kate: Hello, is 1.______ Lucy? Lucy: Yes. Kate: This is Kate 2._______. Lucy: Oh, hi Kate! How are you? Kate: Fine. 3.______ you free the day after tomorrow? Lucy: Yes, I am. Kate: Would you like to 4.______ swimming with me? Lucy: Sure! 5.______ are we going? Kate: In the afternoon. I think we can leave 6._____ lunch. Lucy: I’d love 7._____. I have a few things to pick up. Kate: Well, Lucy, I’ll 8._____ you outside the school gate 9._____1:20 then. Lucy: OK. 10._____ you later. Bye.

三.Choose the right answer.
( C ) 1. Mary can go to the beach _____Saturday night.
A. at B. in C. on D. over B. at two-thirty D. at thirty two C. for D. about ( B ) 2. We are going to the basketball game_________. A. at the two-thirty C. at thirty-two A. on B. in A. play volley B. playing volleyball C. play the volleyball D. playing the volleying

( A)3. They are talking _____the phone now.

( B ) 4. He can’t help her sister. He is ________.

三.Choose the right answer.
( ) 5. There’s a party at_____ house. A
A. Roy’s C. the Roy A. her ________. B. Roy D. the Roys B. hers C. his D. she’s

( C ) 6. Roger has to help _____mother. (B ) 7. Would you like to study at the library?

A. I’d like
C. I’d love

B. I’d love

D. I’d like to

( A) 8. The children have a soccer game _____the morning.

A. in

B. at

C. on

D. about

三.Choose the right answer.
( C ) 9. I can’t go to your home, because I have _____homework today.
A. too many B. much too

C. too much

D. many too

( B )10. You can invite classmates _____your party. A. in B. to

C. come

D. come to

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