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talk in the restaurant
? ? ? ? Are you ready to order? yes,please what would you like?Iwouldlike.... Howmuch for/is/are.....Itis....

The Corner Store

1. 我要牢固掌握重点词汇,短语和句 型Can I help you?提升语言表达能力。 2. 我要通过自主学习,合作探究,学 会用英语购物交流。 3. 我要了解常见食物和饮料,文明购 物,礼貌待人。

? 角,角落 ?钱 ? 店员;办事员 ? 冰箱 ? 二十
? 传递;经过;路过

? 1.she is standing in the___(角落 ). ? 2.we use m__ to buy some food. ? 3. The man who works in the store is a c__. ? 4.please P__ the bottle of water to me. ? 5.The book is about __(二十) yuan.

? A:Excuse me, __ __ __ __? B:Yes,Please.I want a T-shirt. A:what color do you want? B:red. A;Here you are. B: _____________? ? A:Ten yuan. B:I'll ___it.Thank you. A:You are welcome.

Make up a Dialogue

Mrs. Dinosaur: Danny, please go to the corner store for me. I need some milk. Here is some money. Danny: OK. Mum.

Clerk: Can I help you? What would you like?

Danny: Hmm. What would I like? Let me see…
I’d like some juice…some coke…and some tea, please. Clerk: OK. Juice and coke are in the fridges. And the tea is over there. Danny: Great! I see them. Thank you.

Make up a Dialogue
★--Can I help you/How can I help
you? /what can I do for you? What would you like? --I would like some…

★-- How much is…/are …?
--They are… --I will take it

A: Hello!What__ __ __ __you? B:I want to buy a basketball. A:Oh,what do you think of this one? B:Let me have a look. OK,I will ___it. __ __ __it? A:It's 100 yuan. B:Here you are. A:Thank you!

Make a dialogue

Language Points
What would you like, please? 请问你想要些什么? 这是表示委婉地向别人征求意见的句子,可直接用“I’d like…” 回答,其否定回答是“No, thanks.”。例如: —What would you like, please? ——请问你想要些什么? —I’d like a cake. ∕No, thanks. ——我想要一个蛋糕。/不,谢谢。

would like表示“想要”,比want更婉转,但有些时候二者可互
换。would like在口语中常说成“’d like”,可用于所有人称。例 如:

I’d like (to drink) some water.
=I would like (to drink) some water. =I want (to drink) some water. 我想喝点水。

Twenty Bottles

Let’s sing a song.
Do you know the donut man?
Do you know the hot dog girl? Do you know the pizza man? Do you know the chicken man? Yes, I know the ___, who lives

across the lane.

单项选择 1. -Would you like some hot dogs? -______. A. No, thanks B. No, I would not C. Yes, I would D. Yes, I like 2.-How many bottles do you want? -I will _______ six. A. like B. take C. eat D. drink 3.-How much is your pen? -______. A. One pen B. Beautiful C. Six yuan D. In the library


? in the corner 在角落里 ? at the corner 在拐角处

? take …down 拿下 ? pass…around 传送,分发 ? Let me see 让我看看

See you next time!

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