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( )1. Rush Hour is action movie, and story(故事) happened(发生) in America.

A. a, the B. the, a C. an, a D. an, the

( )2. Excuse me. Where is your mother? I can’t find A. her B. she C. him D. he

( )3. -- Does your brother an orange backpack?

-- No, he doesn’t. But my sister one.

A. has, has B. have, has C. has, have D. have, have

( )4. is a student from Australia. name is Tina.

A. She, Her B. He, Her C. She, His D. He, His

( )5. ---Good afternoon, Eric ! ,Frank!

A. Good morning B. Hello! Good evening C. Good bye D. Good afternoon!

( )6. What are these Japanese? A. in B. on C. at D.for

( --- It’s .

A.Which ,a red B.What’s , red C.Which , red apple D. What , red

( )8.--- Is this A. orange , it is B. an orange , it’s C. an orange , it is D. A or C

( )9. ---What’s name? --- A. your, His B.her, Her C.his, his D.his, His

( )10. ---Is that your backpack? .

A. No, it isn’t B. Yes, it’s C.No, it not D. Yes, it isn’t

( these your parents? --- No, .

A. Are, they are B.Is , they aren’t C.Are, they’re D. Are, they aren’t

( my books? --- They are under the chair.

A.Where B. Where is C. What’s D.Where are

( --- “橡皮”.

A.What , It’s B.What’s ,It’s C.What ,It D.What’s , It

( )14. ---What’and ? --- Eleven .

A. five, six B. seven, four C.nine, three D. A or B

( )15. --- What yellow and red ? --- It’ A. green B.orange C. purple D. brown


This is our classroom. It’s not big, but it’s very nice. The walls are and the desks and

chairs are new. On the wall is a and we can find Beijing, Hangzhou, and Shanghai in it.

There are some on the teacher’s desk. They are for our , Miss Wang. She is a good

teacher and we all like her.

I’m on duty today. I school early. I help my teacher her book, map and

pictures on her . I tell her everyone is here. But I’m don’t know she is . But I guess she is at home.

( )16. A. old B. short C. fine D. white

( )17. A. map B. clock C. racket D. photo

( )18. A. balls B. flowers C. lights D. food

( )19. A. friend B. daughter C. mother D. teacher

( )20. A. leave B. come to C. start D. join

( )21. A. know B. find C. put(放) D. show

( )22. A. desk B. bike C. floor D. chair

( )23. A. well B. young C. right(正确的)D. wrong(错误的)

( )24. A. home B. work C. party D. school

( )25. A. what B. who C. where D. how



This is a picture of Bill’s family. The man in a car is Mr Read. He’s in his car. The woman is

in the black car, tool She is in a yellow sweater. She’s a worker. Mr and Mrs Read have a son and

一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿

two daughters. Their son, Bill, is on a bike. He’s in a blue coat. His sister, Ann, is a teacher. She’s not here. She’s at school. Sue is Bill’s sister, too. She is behind her father’s car. She has a nice cat. It’s black and white. Look, it is on the car.

( )26. Mr Read’s car is.

A. red B. blue C. black D. white

( )27. Who’s Bill’s mother?

A. The one on the bike B. The one in Bill’s car.

C. The one behind the car. D. The one in a sweater.

( )28. How many people can you see in the picture?

A. Two B. Three C. Four D. Five

( )29. Who’s a school teacher?

A. Bill’s father. B. Bill’s mother.

C. Sue’s brother. D. Sue’s sister.

( )30. Where can you see a cat?

A. In the bike. B. On the car. C. In the car. D. On the bike.


I’m Philip. I’m a writer(作家). I write books for the kids. I draw pictures for them, too. I get up at 8 in the morning. I write(写) from 9:00 to 12:00. In the afternoon I often do some sports in the park. My wife(妻子) Tina is a musician. She can play the piano, the drum, the guitar and the violin. She likes to help the kids in the music club. Julie is my daughter. She is a singer. She sings and plays the guitar. She makes CDs and cassettes. She sings in the evenings but not in the mornings. My son Peter is a sportsman. His days are full(满的). Every day, he runs, swims, and plays games. He can only basketball very well.

( )31. Who can write books in this family?

A. Julie. B. Tina. C. Philip. D. Peter.

( )32. Who often does some sports?

A. Julie and Peter. B. Philip and Tina. C. Philip and Julie. D. Philip and Peter.

( )33.When does Julie sing?

A. In the evening. B. In the morning.

C. In the afternoon. D. In the morning and evening.

( )34. How many people can play the guitar in this family?

A. One. B. Two. C. Three. D. Four.

( )35. A. 教师 B. 工人 C. 农民 D. 运动员


This is a Chinese boy. His name is Wu Yonghua. He is twelve. He is in No. 8 Middle

School. He’s in Class Three, Grade Two. His English teacher is Mr. Liu. His Chinese teacher is Mr. Zhu. Bob is an English boy. He’s in No. 8 Middle School, too. His English teacher is Miss Wang. His Chinese teacher is Mrs. Fang. Wu Yonghua and Bob both like basketball. They are good friends.

( ) 36. Wu Yonghua is _____ boy.

A. an American B. a Chinese C. an English D. a Japanese

( )37. How old is Wu Yonghua? _______.

A. He’s 10 B. He’s 11 C. She’s 12 D. He’s 12

( ) 38. Bob’ English teacher is ______.

A. Miss Wang B. Mrs.Fang C. Mr. Liu D. Mr. Zhu

( )39. What class is Bob in? _______.

A. Class Three B. Class Two C. We don’t know D. Class Three,Grade Two

( ) 40. Which is NOT right(正确)?

A. Mr. Zhu is Bob’s Chinese teacher. B. Mr. Zhu is Wu Yonghua’s Chinese teacher.

C. Bob is Wu Yonghua’s friend D.They are in the same school.


Jim is a basketball fan (球迷). He is very good at playing basketball. Michael Jorden is his favorite (最喜欢的) basketball player. Jim is on the school basketball team. Every Friday (星期五) afternoon, they play basketball after class. Jim’s friend Mike isn’t good at basketball, but he’s very good at football. Ronaldo is his favorite football player. Mike is on the football team. They play football every Tuesday afternoon.

一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿


( ) 41. Jim likes basketball very much. ( )4 2. Michael Jorden is a football player.

( )4 3. Jim plays basketball every day. ( ) 44. Jim’s friend Mike is good at basketball, too.

( ) 45. Ronaldo is Jim’s favorite football player.


Today is Lucy and Lily’ So they buy things on home. They buy a big cake, two dolls and two toys for the twins. But expensive. 五. 补全对话 (每小题2分,共10分)


B: Yes, I do. Our school is very big and nice.

A: Are you good with your new classmates?

B: Yes, I am. They are friendly (友好的) to me.

? B: Mr Miller. His Chinese is very good. I like his classes.


B: Yes, he is. I like him best.


B: We usually have Chinese on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.


B: Yes, I do. Jenny is in our class and she is Mr Miller’s daughter.


以My friend为题,根据提示写一篇作文



一切为了学生的发展 一切为了家长的心愿

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