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八年级英语 上 unit5.e2 练习

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1. Can you come o________ to my house to help me with my English? 2. They're going to the cinema the day after t________. 3. We have a piano l________ on Tuesday. 4. I'm very busy the w________ day. 5. There is going to be a football m________ next week. 6. Her parents are out. She's________(babysit) her sister. 7. Tom________(can) come to my party because he is ill. 8. Thank you for your________(invite) to your party. 9. Please keep quiet! My sister's trying______(study). 10. He would love________(have) a cup of tea.

1. Joe________ go to the doctor. His leg is broken. A. have to B. can C. has to D. may 2. -Sorry, because I have to look after my brother. -That's too________. Maybe________ time. A. bad; another B. bad; other C. good; another D. good; other 3. -Would you like to visit the museum? -________ A. Yes, please. B. Sure, I'd love to. C. Sorry, I wouldn't. D. Yes, I would. 4. Can you______ my house to have a meeting tonight? A. come over to B. come back to C. leave for D. have a look at 5. Sorry, I'm busy today. I have______ homework to do.

1. 我确信他会来的。 ________ ________that he will come. 2. 星期五你可以和我们一起去看电影吗? Can you come to the movies______ ______ ________Friday? 3. 我叔叔后天要来这里。 My uncle is coming here the day_____ _____. 4. 请过来见见我的家人。 Please_____ ______ ______meet my family. 5. 为什么不请吴老师帮助我们呢? Why not________ Mr Wu________ help us?

6. I have study__ my science test__ Thursday afternoon. A. at; on B. on; for C. for; in D. for; on 7. Can you play football________ us this afternoon? A. with B. at C. on D. around 8. Thanks a lot for________ me________ your party. A. invite; for B. invite; to C. inviting; for D. inviting; to 9. -Would you like to come to dinner this Sunday, Xiao Ming? -________ A. I'd love to, but I have lots of things to do. B. Oh, no. That'll be too tired. C. I'll stay at home. D. Yes, please. 10. -________I watch TV now. Mum? - Sure, but you________ finish your homework first. A. Must; needn't B. Can; may

1. Please keep the door _________. A. closing B. close C. closed D. closes 2. Thanks for __________me. A. invitation B. invite C. inviting D. to invite 3. Don’t forget ________ her to come to my party. A. tell B. tells C. telling D. to tell 4. –Will you go shopping with us? –Yes, ________. A. I do B. I’d like to C. I’d love to do D. I’m busy 5. _______is today? It’s October 2nd. A. When B. What time C. What day D. What date

6. Could you ask him ________here? A. comes B. come C. to come D. coming 7. –Would you like to come with us? _____________. A. Great! I’d love to. B. Good, I’d like. C. Yes, I would. D. Sure, I like. 8. Thanks a lot _______ helping me _____ my English. A. to, in B. to, with C. for, with D. of, with 9. I’m free _________22:00 tonight. A. at B. till C. / D. on 10. –What are you __________ next Wednesday? --I _________do my homework. A. doing, can’t B. do, m

ay C. does, want D. doing, have to

11. ________go for a walk after dinner? –That’s a good idea. A. How about B. Would you like C. Why don’t D. Why not 12. What’s the date? It’s _______. A. Saturday B. July C. August 20th, 2007 D. Monday the 11th 13. This one is too big. Can you show me ________one? A. the other B. other C. another D. others 14. It’s ________cold today. A. too much B. too many C. much too D. many too 15. Don’t drink ______ water. A. the whole B. all the C. the all D. whole the

16. You can’t go out ________ the bad weather. A. on B. at C. in D. for 17. He came back _______ a windy evening. A. in B. on C. at D. to 18. Does she _______ finish reading the book today? A. must B. can C. have to D. need 19. This man ________ be his father, I’m sure. A. can B. may C. mustn’t D. can’t 20. He didn’t ______go home so early. A. has to B. had to C. have to D. need

改为同义句。 1. Please telephone him after you finish the work. Please _______ _______ _______ _______after you finish the work. 2. They are visiting London. They are _______ _______ _______ to London. 3. They needn’t clean the room now. They _______ _______ _______ clean the room now. 4. You visited me last Sunday. Thank you. Thank you _______ _______ me last Sunday. 5. Can you come over to my house? _______ you _______ to come over to my house?

Tom邀请Mike周五参加他的生日聚会,但 Mike很忙,周一要复习考试,周二要去纽约,并 在那呆两天,周四要上钢琴课,周五要去看望爷爷, 所以他不能参加生日聚会。假如你是Mike,请根 据信息提示写封电子邮件发给Tom. —————————————————————— —————————————————————— —————————————————————— —————————————————————— —————————————————————— —————————————————————— —————————————————————— ———————————————

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