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八年级英语 上 Unit4.3

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Unit 4 How do you get to school?

I walk to the bus stop. Next I take the bus to the train station.

Then I take the train to Qingdao.

How do students around the world get to school? In North America, most students go to school on the school bus. Some Students also walk or ride bikes to school. In other parts of the world, things are different. In Japan, most students take trains to school, although others also walk or ride their bikes. In China, it depends on where You are . In big cities, students usually ride bikes to school or take buses. And in places where there are river and lakes, like Hongshanhu and Kaishandao, students usually go to school by boat. That must be a lot more fun than taking a bus.


Self check
get to 1.How do you______ school in the morning? think of 2.What do you ________the transportation in your town ? take 3.When it rains I____ a taxi. live 4.How far do you____ from the bus station? ride 5. I like to ____my bike on the weekend.

A: Can I help you ? B: Yes, please. I need to see my friend. She’s ill in the hospital. I have a map but it’s in Chinese, and I only speak English. How do I get there? A: Don’t worry. Let me look at your map. OK, first go along the road. Next take the subway. Then take a taxi. B: How far is it from here? A: It’s about three kilometers. B: How long is it ? A: About an hour. B: Ok, thank you so much! A: you are welcome. If you have a problem, you can ask me.

Let’s review

一、词汇 1.I usually ride my bike to go shopping. 2.Is there a s ubway station near here. 3.It is about 100 k ilometers from this city to South Korea. 4.It’s four m iles from my house to the station. 5.It’s five m inutes walk from here to my school. 6.Riding is much funnier than t aking a bus. 二、用适当形式填空 1.How about taking (take) a train for a travel? 2.It takes me half an hour to read (read) English everyday. 3.I spend half an hour (in) reading (read) English everyday. 4.Five hours is (be) a very long time. 5.Excuse me, could you tell me how to get (get) to the park.

三、按要求完成下列各句 1.He rides his bike to go to school. (就划线部分提问) How does he go to school? 2.I spend ten minutes getting to school.(改为同义句)
It takes me ten minutes to get to school. 3.I live 5 kilometers from work.(就划线部分提问) How far do you live from work? 4.They go back to their hometown by train.(改为同义句)

They take the train back to their hometown. 5.I arrived at that small village at around six o’clock.(就 划线部分提问) What time did you arrive at that small village?

How do you get to school? How long does it take? How far is it from your home to school?

home get up at 5:55

walk breakfast 25 minutes 10 minutes 7 kilometers

bus station

bus 20 minutes

school at 6:50

How do you get to school?
How long does it take? How far is it from your home to school?
My home is about 7 kilometers from school I get up at 5:55 every da

y. Then I have a quick breakfast. It takes me 25 minutes to eat breakfast. Then I leave home at 6:20. First, I walk to the bus station. That takes about ten minutes.

Then I take the bus , it takes me 20 minutes to get to school. I get to school at 6:50.

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