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一、听句子,选出与其意思相符的图画。 (5分)

( )1. A. B. C.

( ) 2.


B. C.

( )3. A. B. C.

( )4. A. B. C


)5.A. B.



( )6.A..For four days . B. Five days a week. C. In Five days

( )7.A.It doesn’t matter. B. I’m sorry to hear that. C. Never mind.

( )8.A.You are welcome. B . I’m so sorry. C. What a pity. st( )9.A.Monday B.Oct.1 C. Monday the 1st

( )10. A. No, thanks. B. I hope so. C. Sure. Here you are.


( )11.Q:How many kinds of ingredients do they need?

A. Three. B. Four. C. Five.

( )12. Q: Where did the boy go?

A. The zoo. B. The library. C. The aquarium.

( )13. Q: Who is taller?

A. Bill B. Li Lei C. John

( )14. Q: What’s the matter with Bill?

A. He has a headache. B. He has a sore back. C. He has a fever.

( )15.Q: Why can’t Henry go out?

A. He has to wash his clothes. B. He has to clean his room. C. He has to make dinner. 四、听短文, 根据其内容从A, B, C, D中找出能回答下列问题的选项(读三遍)(5分)

( )16. When did Robert go fishing?

A. On Friday. B. On Saturday. C. On Sunday. D. On Monday.

( )17. Whom did Robert go fishing with?

A. Nick. B. Mike. C. Dick. D. Tick.

( )18. How did the two boys get to the river?

A. On foot. B. By bike. C. By car. D. By bus.

( )19. What time did it begin to rain?

A. At three in the afternoon. B. At about four in the afternoon.

C. At five in the afternoon. D. At six in the afternoon.

( )20. Who got wet in the rain?

A. Robert did. B. Nick did. C. Both of them did. D. Neither of them did.



( )21. It is ____useful way to read____instruction before you use the blender.

A. a,; a B.a; the C.an; the D.the;the

( )22.Is her lifestyle____as_____?

A.the same; I B.different;my C.the same; mine D.different; me

( )23.Ann did quite ____in the English Competition,but Anna did even____.

A.better;well B.well;well C.well;better D.better;better

( )24.----I’m planning____the vacation with my grandparents,dad.

----Oh,don’t_____to buy them some nice food.

A.spending;forget B.spending;remember C,to spend;forget D.to spend,remember

( )25.Here____the results____the English test.

A.is;of B.are;on C.are,of D.is,about

( )26.The number of the students in our school____6000.A number of students____at school yesterday.

A. are;were B.is ;were C.is;was D.are;was

( )27.Thanks a lot for____me____your party.

A.invite;for B.invite;to C.inviting;to D.inviting;for

( )28.I____go to bed _____12 o’clock last night.

A .can’t;until B.could;until C.can,until D.couldn’t;until

( )29Tom has two friends here and he has____one in Paris.

A.another B.other C.the other D.others

( )30.Can you come____to my house_____the science report on Sunday.

A,on;to discuss B.over;to discuss C.in;discussing D.over;discuss

( )31.—How far is it from here?

—It’s about_______from here.

A.5 hundred kilometer away B.5 hundreds kilometers far

C.5 hundred kilometers away D.5hundreds of kilometers far

( )32----______yogurt do we need______fruit salad?


A.How many;to make B. How much;to do C.How many cups of;to make D.How much cups of; make

( )33._____ _____green onions is a difficult job.

A.Cut up B.cutting up C.cuting up D.cutting into

( )34.Thomas wants to know__________.

A.How long does it take to get to school B. How long it take to school

C.How long is it take to get to school D.How long it takes to get to school

( )35.Taking a boat must be a lot _____than_____ a bus.

A.fun,taking B.more fun ; taking C. funner ;to take D. more fun; to take


My name is Tony.’t ’clock in the morning. And the weather was very bad. So I on the .In ’t interesting, either. In the evening, my ’t interesting at all.

What a bad day!

( )36.A. of B. off C. away D. far

( )37.A.have B. spend C. play D. had

( )38.A.to get B. getting C. get D. gets

( )39.A.doing B. did C. do D. does

( )40.A.visitors B. passengers C. drivers D. students

( )41.A.to reach B. reached C. to get D. arrived

( )42.A.a little B. few C. a few D. little

( )43.A.And

( )44.A.told

( )45.A.with

三、阅读理解(30分) B. Also B. said B. about C. Until C. spoke C. for D. However D. let D. in


There was a poor young man in a village. He had a parrot. The parrot could speak. It could only say, "There is no doubt (怀疑) about it." And to every question, it gave the same answer.

One day the young man had no money for bread. He decided to sell the parrot. He took it to the market. Who wants to buy my parrot? Twenty pounds for the clever parrot!" the young man shouted.

An old man came up and said, "This is really a nice bird, but it is too expensive." Then he asked the parrot, "Are you worth twenty pounds?"

“There is no doubt about it," answered the parrot.The old man was very pleased with the clever bird's answer. He bought the parrot and brought it home.

Some time later, the old man began to find that the bird could just say these words. He said to the bird, "What a fool I am to throw so much money away!""There is no doubt about it," answered the parrot.


( )46. The parrot could only say these six words.

( )47. The parrot used the words to answer every question.

( )48. The old man didn't think the parrot was clever, but worth twenty pounds.

( )49. At last the old man found the parrot could say many words.

( )50. The old man said that he himself was a fool.


Beijing has lots of interesting places. Here are some places for children to play in:

Beihai Park

Address: No.1, Wen jin jie

Opening hours: 6:30 a.m. —8:30 p.m.

Ticket price: 10 RMB

Description: Beihai Park is a beautiful park to walk around or have fun on the boats.

Shijingshan Amusement Park

Address: No.25, Shijingshan Road

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. —5:00 p.m.

Ticket price: 10 RMB

Description: It’s Beijing’s largest amusement park.

Beijing World Park Address: No.158, Fengbao Road, Huaxiang

Opening hours: 9:00 a.m. —5:00 p.m.

Ticket price: 65 RMB

Description: It shows famous buildings from around the world in small size.

Milu(麋鹿) Park Address: Nan Haizi Milu Yuan, Daxing District

Opening hours: 8:00 a.m. —5:00 p.m.

Ticket price: Free 根据以上内容,选择最佳选项。(10分)

( )51. You can NOT _________ in Beihai Park. A. walk around B. see milu C. take a boat D. go sightseeing

( )52. If you live in Huaxiang, your nearest park is ________.

A. Milu Park B. Beihai Park C. Beijing World Park D. Shijingshan Amusement Park

( )53. If you go to Milu Park, you have to pay ________ RMB for the ticket.

A. 0 B. 10 C. 15 D. 65

( )54. What does the underlined word "endangered" mean in Chinese?

A. 好动的 B. 可爱的 C. 凶猛的 D. 濒危的

( )55. What is the best title for the article?

A. Amusement Parks B. Let’s Look After Animals

C. Famous Places Around the World D. Places for Children to Go in Beijing

C People in many countries are learning English. Some of them are small children. Others are teenagers. Many are adults. Some learn at school, others learn by themselves. A few people learn English by hearing the language over the radio, on TV or

in films.As we know,it’s hard to learn a foreign language well. One must work hard to learn another language.Because we can’t use it often.But if you have right ways to learn English, it’s a piece of cake.

Why do all these people want to learn English? It is difficult to answer this question. Many boys and girls learn English at school because it is one of their subjects required (要求) for study. They study their own language ,math and English. Some people learn it because it is useful for their work. Many people learn English for their higher studies, because at colleges or universities some of their books are in English. Some people learn English because they want to read newspapers or magazines in English.


( )56. Teenagers, adults and___________ learn English.

A. workers B. farmers C. children D. people

( )57. People learn English________.

A. at schools B. over the radio C. on TV D. not all in the same way

( )58. Different kinds of people learn English ________.

A. together with other subjects B. for different reasons

C. for their work D. for higher studies at college

( )59. From this passage we know that________.

A. If we have right ways to learn English, we can learn it easily B. English is very difficult to learn

C. English is learned by all people in the world D. English is useful but one needn’t learn it

( )60. Which of the following is right?________.

A. We don't need to learn any foreign languages B. We can do well in all our work without English

C. English is the most important subject in schools D. We should learn English because we need to face the world


A: I’m hungry, mum.

B: Well, I make noodles for you.

A: Great. .

B: Ok. Can you help me make them?

A: Yes. ?

B: Well, help me cut up the tomatoes.


B: Two is ok.

A: What else?

A: First, I put some oil. Then put in the green onions.

B: I know next pour into water.

A: So clever. But remember boil the water for more than ten minutes. Then put in the noodles. When the water is boiled again you can eat the noodles.

B: Oh. 61._______ 62. _______ 63. _______ 64. _______ 65. _______

My we're going somewhere(67)______. We're going to Hainan. My dad says Hainan is(68)______than Qingdao, and he says the beaches are

(69)______beautiful.My friend Zhao Fei went to Hainan last year and he said it was a great place (70)______swimming. Zhao Fei is really good at swimming, but I'm not.I'm cleverer than him.I do(71)_____in math and physics than him.I think physics(72)____really easy.I often get good(73) ___. I like to sit on the beach and think(74)___ I will do after (75)____ school.



Dear Wang Feng,

Thanks for your letter. Now let me tell you something about my classmate Bill. In the past he was

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