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Unit 4 Part 3反意疑问句

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Unit 4

Part III
Language in Use

He was awarded the prize of the most valuable basketball player in the world.

It is cold, isn’t it? The man is not a teacher, is he? I’m a teacher, aren’t I ? There is a book on the desk, isn’t there?

isn’t it 1.It’s cold,___ ____?

isn’t _______? 2.There’s a police car over there, ______ there is ______? 3.There’s little milk in the glass, ___ there
4.I’m in the classroom, _________________? aren’t I 5.They were Young Pioneers, ____________ ___? weren’t they

6.None of the bread was bad, ___ ______? was it 7.She’s reading the newspaper, ___ ______? isn’t she 8.Everything is here, ___ ______? isn’t it 9.Everybody is here, ___ ____________? aren’t they

isn’t he?

He can swim well, can’t he?

1.He can read the book in the room,can’t ___? _____ he

2.Jim can work out the problem, ___ can’t he __________? 3.It must be delicious, ___ ______? isn’t it 4. She can hardly believe her eyes, ___ ________? can she can’t he 5. I think he can do it, ___ ______?

He likes French, doesn’t he?

They like running, don’t they?
She came here last night, didn’t she? He didn’t go home yesterday, did he?

1.Lucy goes to school by bike,_____ ______? doesn’t she 2.The boy has a dog,_________ _________? doesn’t he 3. He needs our help, doesn’t he ? ___ ______ 4. Star studies hard, doesn’t______? _______ he 5. Allen’s sister labors full-time at a bank, ___ ________? doesn’t she 6. The earth goes around the sun,___ _________? doesn’t it 7. I think a rabbit runs faster than doesn’t it tortoise,________ _______? 8.She enjoys music, ______ ______? doesn’t she

1. They had to wait for you for long, ________ _______? didn’t they

2.Mrs Brown said nothing at the meeting, ______ _______? did she 3. Nobody saw the film, ___ __________? did they 4. Allan nearly cut her hand, didn’t she ___ ______? 5. He said Mary could made the model plane, didn’t he ----- ---------? 6. He told us to do that but we don’t know why, ___ ______? didn’t he 7.Somebody called me at four yesterday afternoon, ___ ______? didn’t he didn’t he 8.He did right, ___ ______?

They have seen this film, haven’t they? He has seen this film, hasn’t he?

hasn’t he 1.Tom has lived here for many years, _____ _____?

2.He hadn’t finished his homework by nine o’clock yesterday evening, ______ ____? had he 3.My sister had heard the news before I told her,__________ _____? hadn’t she 4. You have seen the film, ________ _____? haven’t you 5. They haven’t been to the Great Wall, ___ ______? have they

Look at me, will you? Don’t look out of the window, will you? Let us go shopping, will you? Let’s go hiking, shall we?

1. Let him see, will you ________? will you 2. Let me see, _________?

3. Listen to me, will you _________? will you 4. Don’t run, ___________? will you 5. Let us sing, ___________? shall we 6. Let’s go, ______________?

1. Let’s sing an English s

ong together, shall we ___ ______? will you 2. Let me have a try, ___ ______? 3. Mary has read the book,hasn’t she ___ ______? 4. She is unhappy, ___ ______? isn’t she 5. There are few books in his bag, _______________? are there 6. They have never been to Beijing, _________________? have they 7.I don’t think he will pass the exam, ____ _______ will he?

I think…

I believe… I suppose…
never nothing hardly neither little few no nobody none too…to… no one dislike unhappy disrespect useless impolite

?1. You like sports, don’t you? ? Yes, I do.是的, 是这样. ? No, I don’t.不, 我不喜欢 ?2. She isn’t a dentist, is she? ? Yes, she is.不, 她是牙医. ? No, she isn’t.是的, 她不是牙医.

A: Dave doesn’t like basketball, does he? B: No, he doesn’t. He likes football. A: Dave doesn’t like basketball, does he? C: Yes, he does. He likes it very much.

1. 2.

前肯后否 前否后肯 前be后be 前情后情

4. 5.


2、抄单词一遍。 3、读副课文。

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