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Unit5 I'm watching TV.课件

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Unit 5

What are you doing?





doing homework

What is she doing? She is singing.

What is he doing? He is playing basketball.

What are they doing?

They are talking on the phone.

What are they doing?

They are eating/having dinner.

1a Math the words with the activities
1.doing homework

a 2.watching TV____
3.cleaning____ b 4.eating___ c 5.reading___ f 6.talking on the phone e _____

1b· Listen. What are these people doing? Write numbers from 1a below. ? a .Jenny___2_ 4 ? b.Dave and Mary____ ? c.John____ 1

Pairwork: Ask and answer
What are you doing? I am … What is he/she doing?He/She is…. What are they doing? They are …

T: What is she doing?

s :

She is drinking.

T: What is he doing?

S: …

He is playing the guitar.

T: What is she doing?
S: …

She is running.

T: What are they doing? S: …

They are dancing.

什 么 定义:现在进行时表示现在 是 (说话瞬间)正在进行或发生 现 的动作。 在 进 现在进行时的构成: 由动词Be(am,is,are)+V-ing形 行 时 式构成 ?

V-ing 变化规则
1) 一般加 ing . 如: play----playing watch----watching

2) 以不发音的e 结尾,去e 加ing. 如: take----taking come---coming 3) 元+辅结尾,且是重读闭音节的单词,双写辅音字 母+ing. 如:run----running swim----swimming

A.熟记本课的单词和动词的 形式。 B.根据今天所学过的重点句型,编一则对话。 C.Make a survey: What are your family doing at 7:00?


Name Father Mother


Give a report like this:

It is seven o’clock in the evening. My father is ... My mother is ... I am ...

Let’s relax!

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