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How much are this pants

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Unit 7 How much are these pants?
Section A Period 1


a sweater
a skirt pants

a shirt
a hat (cap)

socks shoes

this/that these/those

long 长的


short pants



skirt hat -shirt T
p ants

socks shoes


What’s this? What color is it?

a greenT-shirt a red hat

a blue bag

an yellow sweater

A: What’s this ?
sweater B: It’s a ______.

yellow _______. It’s a_______ sweater
aayellow sweater sweater

a skirt

a bag

A: What are these? B: They are ______. They are______ shorts.


pants socks shoes

Look and the 1a Match the words with the things in Findpicture. b 1. socks ______
2. T-shirt _____


a 3. shorts _____ d 4. sweater ____ c 5. bag _____

f 6. hat _____ e 7. pants _____
i 9.skirts _____

h 8. shoes _____

$ 1 one dollar


$ 5 five dollars

1b Listen and circle the things in the picture you hear. 1. socks ____ b g 2. T-shirt ____ a 3. shorts _____ 4. sweater ____ d 5. bag ___ c 6. hat ___ f 7. pants ____ e h 8. shoes ____

A:How much is this hat?

B: It’s five dollars.



Work on 1c

Pair work
A: What’s this ? B: It’s a blue hat. A: How much is it? B: It’s four dollars.

practice a hat

A:How much is this hat ?
B: It’s 2 dollars.


a sweater
a skirt

a bag

A: How much are these shorts ?
B: They are seven dollars..

shorts pants

socks shoes

7 $9
$9 $ 10 $6
long /short T-shirt


Listen 2a, and circle the things you hear, and mark the prices.

$ 8
$ 9

$ 6

pair work :ask and answer

skirt hat





s hoes p ants shorts



-shirt T

--How much is /are the ---? --It’s /They’re --- dollars.

--How much is this…? --It’s… dollars.



--How much are these…? --They’re…dollars.


($10- $15)


New words: socks shorts sweater pants skirt T-shirt shoes
red yellow green white black blue Small long short a yellow sweater、a big hat 、a small hat、 long pants、 short pants New sentences:How much is this/ that….

How much are these/ those…

They’re …

Make conversations

$ 12

$ 11

Home work: Make a survey to your friends. Ask them about their favourite clothes, the colors and the prices.
Name Clothes Color Price

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