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Unit4 Where's my schoolbag Section B

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books and tapes

Where Things

Everywhere (on her bed, on the sofa, under the chair) under the desk don’t know

in the bookcase

Keys clock

in the schoolbag
on the desk

modal plane
keys, ruler, schoolbag


I'm tidy,but Gina is not.
She is tidy but lazy(懒惰的).

作连词,可以连接两个并列成分戒两个并列分 句,意为“但是,然而”。表转折。

My tape player is on the table but his is under the table.

In our room, my books and tapes are in the bookcase. My keys are in my schoolbag.


Gina's books are everywhere——on her bed, on the sofa and under the chair.
当and连接的内容为多个时,各个内容间用“,”隔开,只在最后两个内容 中间用and连接即可。

eg. I like blue , red ,white and green.

3a Do you have these things? Where are they? What

a dictionary a schoolbag
a pencil box a radio books pens

Yes/No yes yes yes yes yes yes yes

Where on my desk under the desk

in my schoolbag
on the desk in the bookcase in my pencil box in the tape player



in the bookcase

Self Check
1.Write the things in your room. Furniture(家具):desk, sofa,chair,bed,bookcase, … Stationary(文具):pencil, pen, ruler, eraser, pencil box, … Other(其他):computer, clock, tape, tape player, CDs, telephone, picture, map,…

Write about the things in your classroom.
? The tape player is on the teacher’s desk and the teacher’s desk is in the front of the classroom. The clock is on the wall. Our chairs are under the desks.

B ? ( )1.一 ______is the backpack? 一It’s on the table.

? A. What B.Where C. How D. Who ? ( )2. His pens ______ in the pencil-box. C

? A.is


B.Yes,it is

C.On the desk

C ? ( )3.一Where is the bag? 一 _________.

A.It’s a bag. D. It’s not my bag A.in A.on B.on B.in

? ( ? ?

B )4.Her baseball is _______ the floor.

C.under C.at

D. behind D. under

B ? ( )5.There is a window ______ the wall.

D ( )6.一How do you _____ “pen”? 一P-E-N. A.ask B.speak C.1isten D.spell ( )7.Please take the book ______ the classroom. A A.to B.in C.on D.at C ( )8.一Jim,please _______ my backpack here.一 OK. A.take B.put C.bring D.give ( )9.I have a baseball.It’s D ______ the bookcase ________ the desk. A.from… to B.between… to C.in… on D.between… and ( )10.My mother buys(买)me a new computer.It’s B ________. A.behind the wall B.on the desk C.in the bookcase D.under the bed

Review the words. books bookcase sofa chair s flowers drawer dresser


bed s

/baseball ?It’s under the table.

Where’s my backpack

Where’s the plant? Where are my books?

It’s on the tea-table. in They’re the bookcase.

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