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班级 姓名 考号

一, 单项选择题 (15分)

( )1,He usually goes to school by bus,but goes there by bike. A,sometime B,some time C,some times D,sometimes

( junk food,She think it`s very delicious. A,eat B,eating C,eats D,to eat

( A,for play B,to play

C,at playing D,about playing

( --Tiwce a week.

A,How soon B,How often C,How long D,How far

( TV and she gets up very late.

A ,sees B,looks C,notices D,watches

( A,neither B,too C,also D,either

( A,are all B,are both C,both are D,are all

( it.

A,in B,for C,at D,on

( math teachers,but they teach in different schools.

A,all B,both C,too D,first

( A,with B,of C,in D,at

( A,swim B,swims

C,swimming D,to swim

( in the river in the evening.

A,swim B,swims C,to swim D,swam

( than Lily.

A,outgoing B,more outgoing

C,outgoinger D,the outgoing

( A,warm

B,more warm C,much warm D,warmest

( A,bring B,bringing

C,brought D,threw

二,写出下列单词的比较级和最高级形式 (20分)

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9,

三,用所给词的适当形式填空。 (10分)

1, (tall) boys in his class.

(good) than me at swimming. 5,This story (funny) than that one.

四, 句型转换 (10分)

1, 对划线部分提问)

2, He watches TV three times a week.(变为一般疑问句) he TV three times a week.?

3, Albert swims very well.(变为同义句)


4, Jack is funnier than the other children in his class.(变为同义句)

child in his class.

5, How do you like sports show?

do you sports show?

五,阅读理解 (15分)

Wang Wei is our teacher. He`s sixty years old.He is the oldest in our school.

Wang Wei is a good teacher.He does a lot of work to help the teachers and students. He loves the students and all the students love him, too.

He works hard.He always comes to school early and leaves school late. He is as busy(忙) as a bee(蜜蜂),He often says,“Our life is better than befor.I must work harder.”He also says to us,“Be good to students.” ( )1,Who is Wang Wei? A,He is a farmer. B,He is a teacher. C,He is a doctor. D,He is a worker.

( A,as old as other teachers in the school.

B,older than any other teachers in the school. C,more than seventy.

D,younger than any other teachers in the school.

( .

A,he always gets up early. B,he goes home very late.

C,he often tells the studengts stories. D,he always helps others.

( )4,“Wang Wei is as busy as a bee ”means(意思是)“

A,He is very busy. B,He is old.

C,He often helps us. D,He is short.

( A,come to school early. B,leave school late. C,study hard. D,be a bee.

六,找出句子中错误并改正 (15分)

( A B C D

( A B C D



A B C D ( (


七,书面表达 (15分)


相同点:the No. 33 Middle School, Class2.Grade2, like helping others,hard-working. 不同点:Tom:15 years old, is good at math, likes basketball, likes green.

Wang Bing:14 years old, is good at Chinese, likes football, likes red.

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