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Unit3Is this your pencil复习课件

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Unit 3 Is this your pencil? Revision



1、单数名词一般直接加 ’s Lucy’s 1.________hat looks like a cat. (Lucy) 2、以 s 结尾的复数名词加 ’ twins’ 2.They are the _______ desks. (twin) 3、不以 s 结尾的复数名词加 ’s children’s 3.This shop sells ___________(child) toys. 4、表示两个或两个以上的人共同所有的事物时,只在最后一个名词上加 ’s Kate and Jim’s 4.He is __________________father. (Kate and Jim) 5、表示两个或两个以上的人各自所有的事物时,每个名词后都加 ’s,


Kate’s and Jim’s 5.___________________mothers are in the same factory. (Kate and Jim)

一般地,表示无生命的名词所有格 用 “of “ the door of the classroom 教室的门 the top of the hill 山顶

1.Is this ____ book ? B A. Lilei B. Lilei’s

C. lileis’

2. The _____ Park will open next week. A A. Children’s B. Childrens' C. Children D. Childrens

1、This is

Lily and Lucy’s room and Lucy’s


2、They areLily’s

rooms .(莉莉和露西的房间)

1.Is this ____ book ? B A. Lilei B. Lilei’s C. lileis’ 2. This is _____ car. B A. Smith B. Smith’s C. Smiths’ B 3. That’s my _________. A. brother’s and sister’s bike B. brother and sister’s bike C. brother’s and sister’s bikes A 4. It takes me ____walk to go to school. A. five minutes’ B. five minute’s C. five minu

-- Is this your ruler?

-- Yes, it is. It’s my ruler.

-- Is that your book ? -- Yes, it is.
It’s my book .

-- Is that your book ?

-- No, it isn’t.
It’s his book .

Grammar Focus

Is this your pencil?

Yes, it is.

Is this my pen?
Is that his book? Is that her eraser?

No, it isn’t. Yes, it is.
No, it isn’t.

A: Is this your pencil?

B: Yes, it is. It’s my pencil. It’s mine.

A: Is that your school bag? B: No,it isn’t.
It’s his schoolbag. It’s his.

his school bag/his

her school bag/hers

Is that your pen?

Yes, it is. It’s my pen.

Are those your pencil boxes?

No, they aren’t. They’re hers.

人称 代词



I my 我的 mine 我的(东西) you your 你的 yours你的(东西) he his 他的 his 他的(东西) she her 她的 hers 她的(东西) it its 它的 its 它的(东西) they their 他们的 theirs他们的(东西) we our 我们的 ours 我们的(东西) 名词性物主代词=形容词性物主代词+名词






This is my pencil.

This pencil is mine.




This is his pencil box. This is her schoolbag. These are your dictionaries.

This pencil box is his. This schoolbag is hers. These dictionaries are yours.

一般疑问句 Is this your pencil?

2、把be动词提前 3﹑一般疑问句必须先用


it is. No, it isn’t.


4、肯定回答时,it is 不 能写成it’s.

lisn’t = is not

一、Choose the Correct answer(单项选择).
1、Is this your pen? A、Yes ,this is. C、No ,this isn’t. 2、Is that a ruler? D A、Yes ,that is. D B、Yes, this’s. D、No,it isn’t. It’s a sharpener. B、No,it is.

C、No,that isn’t.
3、What’s this? A、Yes,it is. D

D、No,it isn’t.
B、No,it isn’t.

C、It’s a eraser.
4、What’s A name? A、your ; My C、your ; I

D、It’s an eraser.
name is Ma Ling. B、your ; my D、you ; my

二、Complete these sentences with “am”, “is”, “are”.
1、 Is this his book? 2、What Yes ,it is .





a book .

3 、How are you?

I am fine, thank you .

三、Make up sentences.(用所给单词和标点组成句子)
1、your, is ,book ,this, (?)
2、pen, that, his ,is ,(.)

Is this your book?
That is his pen .

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