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冀教版英语九年级上册Lesson 13

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Lesson 13

I. Words :

1. list : (n) make a list of ? 列?名单

Eg : At school , Mr. Jones is helping the class make a list of records . It’s a list of students’names .

on the list 在名单上

(v)列举eg : The teacher listed all the students’names .

2. anybody : (1)表某人 多用在 “?,not 和 if 状语中)

(2)任何人“肯定句” anybody of (×)

There isn’t anybody else .

If anybody comes , ask him to take away these books .

Anybody=anyone any one of ?某物或某人中的任何 一个

II.phrases :

find out : “发现,了解,查明”

find out +n / pron (中间) / 宾语从句/ 疑问词 + to do eg :The man is looking for his missing son .

He can’t find his lost book .

Could you find out who broke the window ?

He will soon find out how to drive the car.

III. Sentences :

1.Who can think of another record we can use.

2.Who has worn a hat for the most days ?

Exx :

1.Many young people love the songs ______ have great lyrics.

A. who B. Which C. when D. how

2.-Jack , could you help me ________ when the plane will take off on the Internet ?

- I’m sorry , my computer doesn’t work .

A. get out B. look out C.take out D. find out

3.Why not _______ Tom _______ his English .

A . help , improve B. to help, improve C. help , improving D. to help , improving

4. –The story is so amazing ! It’s the most interesting story I’ve ever read .

- But , I’m afraid it won’t be liked by ________.

A. everybody B. somebody C. anybody D. nobody

5.It’s raining outside ,______ this raincoat ,please .

A .have on B. put on C. dress D. wear

6.Anybody who comes for a visit should put his name on the l______.

7.Mrs.Black often ____ us _____ our English .(帮助)

8.Before we do the important thing , we should ________.

A. think it about B. think of it C. think it over D. think over it

9.At last ,the teacher ________ who stole LiMing’s pen .

A. find B. found C. found out D. looked for

10.The math problem is much too difficult . ____ can work it out .

A. Nobody B.Somebody C. Everybody D. Anybody

11. Shanghai is larger than _________ in China .

A. any other city B . any city C. other cities D. all cities

12.Oh,Daniel . It’s raining outside . You’d better ______ your raincoat .

A. put on B. put up C. dress D. to wear

13.-How about having a walk in the park ?

- _______.

A. I’m sorry to hear that B. That’s a good idea

C. You’re welcome D. That’s all right

14.Jenny , please _______ when the trains leave for Shanghai.

A. invent B. find C. look for D. find out

15. –I hear _______ is coming this afternoon .

- Yes , he will give a talk on how to learn English .

A. important somebody B. somebody important C. anybody important D. important anybody

16.Would you like _______ tea ?

A. some more B. more some C. some much D. much some

17.-How many more oranges can I have ?

- You can have one more ._______ are for Jack .

A. The others B. Another C. Others D. The other

18.Danny has _______ (戴)a hat for many days .

19. Try your best _____ (查明)who broke the window .

20. All the things are important to us . Please write _____ (they )down .

21. Li Lei gets up ________(early )of the three .

22. She bought a house with four rooms , not _______ (include ) the bathroom .

23. There isn’t ________(somebody) walking on the street .It’s too dark .

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