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Unit_6_I'm_going_to_study_computer_science_Section_b2A 2ereading

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Unit 6

I’m going to study computer science
Section B2a-2d

Let’s chant.

Promise ,promise , promises. Resolution, resolution,resolutions. Make ,make .make promises . Write down .write down Write down resolutions Keep,keep,keep promises .

Ask and answer:

1:What are you going to do this weekend ? I’m going to …….
2.What are you going to do next week ?

I’m going to ……. 3.What are you going to do next year ? I’m going to …….

Do you often make resolutions?
Yes ,I do .


1.make promises 在……开始 2.at the beginning of 改善我们的生活 3.improve our lives 4.write down 写下,记下 5have to do with 与……有关 培养一个爱好 6.take up a hobby 7.have ……in common 与……有共同点 8.for this season 为此,为了这个原因


Task 2:Read 2b again quickly ,and finish 2c.

A:These are about making yourself a better person. B:For example,a student may have to find more time to study . C:There are good reasons for this. D:The start of the year is often a time for making resolutions .

Task 3:read paragraph 1,and finish the exercise.

1.Resolution is a kind of promise.( T )
2.People usually make resolutions at the end of the year.(F ) People usually make resolusions at the beginning of the year. 3.They hope that they are going to to improve their lives

for the coming year.(


4.They only write down their resolutions and plans.(F )

They write down their resolutions and plans or tell their family and friends about their wishes and plans

Read paragraph2 and finish the chart .(没空一词)
Three kinds of resolutions: Some are about physical health.
1.They are going to ( start) an exercise program. 2.they are going to eat ( less) fast food.

Many resolutions have to do with self-improvement ( ) . Some resolutions have to do with better planning

They are going to make up a hobby. They are going to make weekly plan for schoolwork ( ) ..

Read paragraph 3:finish the exercise. 1.It’s ( B ) for us to keep the resolution. A. easy B: difficult C: interesting 2.Some people say the best resolution is to ( C ) A. have one resolution B. have many resolutions C.have no resolutions

Task :Read the passage and match each paragraph 1-3with its main purpose in the box.

To question the idea of making resolutions Paragragh 1 To give the meaning of resolution Paragragh 2 To discuss the different kinds of resolutions

Paragragh 3

Task 4:选词填空

Good , too, any ,differences, reason Although there aredifferenes,most resolutions have one thing in common.People hardly ever keep them.ThereAre good reasons for this sometimes the resolution may be too difficult to keep.Sometimes people just forget about them . For this reason ,some people say the best resolution Is to have no resolutions .how bout you –will you make any Next year?

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