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A total of ten questions were answered correctly by us.
2.这个新游戏是由Harry Jones设计出来的。

This new game was designed by Harry Jones.

What?s the game called? It?s called “Travel in Space”.


At last, Princess Laura was saved by me.

A parents? meeting will be held tomorrow.

1.一个新的叫做“八小时环游世界”的教育光盘 刚出版了。 2.一天,他躺在草地上看着美丽的蓝天,当他睡 着的时候,做了一个非常奇怪的梦。 3.每当你答对一题,你就得一分。当你得到足够 的分数,一朵云彩就降下来,带你去一个你从来 没有去过的地方。 4.每当你过一关,你就会看见一张时间地图。你 去过的地方被标记成亮紫色。 5.这个光盘通过测试你的英语语法和词汇的知识, 帮助你学习英语。每当你到达一个新地方,你将 在屏幕上看见许多有关那个地方的有用的信息。

Unit 3 Integrated Skills

Talk: What is the computer used for? Searching for information Doing word processing Drawing and designing Writing computer programs Sending and receiving e-mails Learning on the Internet

Millie is listening to a radio interview about a new educational CD-ROM called ?Daily English”.
English course

Daily English
A new English course from

Australia (1) _________ with a book and
five (2) ___________ . CD-ROMs

Good for (3)tourists and students. _______
Learn about using the telephone,

asking and answering questions,

weather talking about the (4)_________

time and the(5) ________ .

Topics include travel and
hotels, food and (6) _______ , drink shopping and (7) _________ . money Short online tours of Australia and New Zealand. guide Your (8) _______ is called Anita. She will help you when necessary.

True or False:
1. ?Daily English? is a new English course
from Australia. T

2. This CD-ROM is good for_______ teachers and students.
3. In this course, we can learn how to talk

F tourists

about the weather.


4. We can take a short tour in Australia and

England. _______ F

New Zealand T

5. The guide in the course will help you when you are in need.

Questions for PartA1:

?What?s the name of the course?
?Where is the course from? ?Who is it designed for? ?What can you learn about it? ?Which topics does it include?

1.What?s the name of the course?

Daily English.
2.Where is the course from? The course is from Australia. 3.Who is it designed for? It is designed for tourists and students.

4.What can you learn about it? We can learn about using the telephone ,asking and answering questions ,talking about the weather and the time .

5.Which topics does it include? Topics include travel and hotels , food and drink ,shopping and money.

? Q:If I want to know more about different pla

ces in Australia, what can I do ?

A guide called Anita will give you a hand.
an icon
You can ask her for help. Anita

? Book

? Ear

a. go on short online tour of Australia and New Zealand b. ask for help
c. read articles and stories about a topic

? Tour

? Pencil ? Anita

d. do exercises e. listen to people talking

?Dear Sandy

I?ve just listened to an interview on

the radio. It was about a new CD-ROM program called (1)“__________”. It is a new (2)______from Daily English course Australia (3)__________. The package includes book a(4)______and (5) five CD-ROMs is very good for _____________.It (6)_________ and (7) __________. I?m sure we can tourists students learn a lot from it. We can learn about (8) using the telephone ______________________, asking and (9)_____________ questions. We can also answering

learn to talk about the (10) weather and the _______ time. The course covers many topics, including (11) food and drink travel and hotels _________________, (12)____________,

shopping and money and(13) __________________ . I am going to order a package online. Do you want me to order one for you too? Regards (best wishes) (formal way of ending Millie a letter)

Fill in the blanks:
Millie has heard of a new CD-ROM called “D_____ English”. This English c_____ is aily ourse ustralia from A________ . It is good for tourists and students. The _____ overs any ncluding course c______ m____ topics, i________ otels travel and h_______.

You can learn about u______ the sing eather telephone, talking about the w_____ uide ime and the t______. Even it has a g____ called Anita. Millie likes this C_________ very D-ROM rder much. She is going to o_____ a package nline o_______.

1)如果需要的话,她会帮助你。 2)我刚刚 听了 广播里的 采访。 3)我相信我们 能从中学到很多东西。 4)我们能够了解问答问题。

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