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A1. Millie's new computer Shopkeeper: Good morning. What can I do for you? Millie: Good morning. I'd like to buy a computer. Shopkeeper: We've got many kinds of personal is called computer. This green one _______________(call) Kiwi, is designed and it _____________(design) especially for students. Millie: Where __________ it __________(make)? is made Shopkeeper: It ______________(make) in Shenzhen. is made Millie: ___________ it ___________ (use) widely? used Is Shopkeeper: Of course, very widely in Beijing. Millie: OK. I'll think about it.

A2. Millie: Hi, Simon. I can't open my new edictionary on my computer. Can you help me? Simon: Yes, of course. Did you close all the windows? were closed Millie: Yes, all the windows_____________. Simon: Then restart the computer. was restarted Millie: It____________. Simon: Did you check the setting? Millie: Yes, the settings_______________. were checked

Simon: Did you connect the keyboard to the computer properly? Millie: Yes, the keyboard was ________________________. connected to the computer properly Simon: Did you double-click on the ?autorun? icon after you put in the CD-ROM . Millie: Yes. The icon _________________. was double-clicked on Simon: That's really strange. Let me come and have a look later today. Millie: Thanks a lot. Simon: You're welcome.


A fashion show will be held in the hall tomorrow evening.

The film has already been shown several times.

Can the bike be mended by Daniel?

The new bridge in my hometown was built last month.

Unit Three Period Six

Grammar Two

一般现在时 am/is/are+动词的过去分词





+ learn + English.

被: English + is learned + by

Passive voice with ?by?:
We can introduce the person who performs an action with the passive voice using “by”. We put ?by? and the name(s) of the person(s) at the end of a passive sentence. That CD-ROM was designed by Nancy .


1. He cleaned the blackboard. The blackboard was cleaned by him. 2. I often help Jim. Jim is helped by me.

3.He planted many trees last year.
Many trees were planted by him last year.

一. 按要求变换句型 1. My brother turned on the TV after he got home. (改为被动语态)

The TV was turned on by my brother after he got home.
2. They sold all the computers in the shop. (改为被动语态)

All the computers were sold by them in the shop.
3. We connected the keyboard to the computer. (改为被动语态)

The keyboard was connected to the computer by us.

4. All of us like English. (改为被动语态)

English is liked by all of us.
5. I was looked after by the nurse in the hospital. (改为主动语态)

The nurse looked after me in the hospital.

The oran

ge is very delicious. Was eaten ____ it _______(eat) by you yesterday?

The computer is very popular now.
_____ it ______(use) all over the world now? Is used

Vegetables are good for our health. eaten Are ______they ________(eat) by you every day?

are eaten Yes, they ____________(eat) by me every day.
But they are not eaten by my brother every day.

am/is/are +not +动词的过去分词 was/were+ not 一般过去时 +动词的过去分词

否定 句结 构


Change the active voice into the passive voice.

1. Millie didn?t paint this picture.
This picture wasn?t printed by Millie.

2. Do people grow rice in China?
Is rice grown in China by people?

Simon has bought a new educational CDROM. But before he can play the game, he must pass a test. Please help Simon pass the test .

Who are the main characters? a magic wand

an evil witch

Saving Princess Laura

Why does the princess become bald ?

bald Do B1
Rearrange the words to form correct sentences.

______________________________ Princess Laura was born in Magic

______________________________ Land 18 years ago.
(was born/Princess Laura/18

years/ago/ Magic Land/in)

__________________________ Princess Laura was given a magic wand, but it only works _____________________________ when her hair grows to six feet long.

(a magic wand/was given/ Princess
Laura/but/it only works)

_____________________________ Princess Laura was caught by an evil witch. _____________________________ (was caught/an/witch/evil/ Princess

The princess?s hair was cut short ____________________________ by the evil witch. ____________________________ (witch/by/The princess?s hair/ the/evil/was cut short)

When a question is answered ___________________________ __________________ correctly the princess?s hair will grow an inch. (a question/When/is answered/correctly)

When a question is answered ___________________________ ___________________________ incorrectly the witch will cut an inch of the princess?s hair. (a question/ When/ incorrectly/is answered)

When a total of ten questions are ________________________________ __________________, answered incorrectly the game is over, and ____________________________. the princess will become bald (a total of/the princess/When/are answered/bald/ten questions/will/ become/incorrectly)

_______________________, the When the witch is caught princess is free, and ____________ you win the ________. game (the witch/When/you/is caught/win the game)

Millie has also bought a new educational CD-Rom. Daniel is asking her some questions about it. Read the information about the CD-Rom, and then complete their conversation using the passive voice and the correct tenses. Add the word ”by” when necessary.

Millie: I have a new computer game. Would you like to play it? Daniel: Oh, yes. What's the game called? Millie: It ______________ 'Travel in Space'. is called Daniel: I

t sounds interesting. Who's the main character? is called Millie: He _________________(call) Neil Johnson. Daniel: Who designed the game? Millie: I think it _________________ was designed by (design) Harry Jones.

set Daniel: Where ______ the game ________ (set)? is ________it _______(set) on Earth. Is set is set Millie: No. I think it ______________(set) on Mars. We have to answer questions pass to level. Daniel: Oh, I see. What questions___________ are asked (ask)? are asked Millie: Questions about science _____________ (ask). The questions get more difficult as you go to higher levels Daniel: That sounds exciting. Let?s start.

选词填空 build, eat, paint, steal, catch, grow, sell , write was painted 1 This picture _____________ by Millie. is sold 2 Coke __________ all over the world. is grown 3 Rice ___________ in China. 4 Some money was stolen __________from the bank yesterday. 5 The thieves ____________ by the police. were caught 6 This flat _________ in 1996. was built 7 This newsletter article was written by Daniel. ____________ 8 All the snackswere eaten before the party ended. _________

改错: 1.Cards were played by we yesterday. us __ 2. The food were eaten up in the morning. ___

3. Computers are used for chat with friends. __
chatting 4. The house was built by you and I in 1990. ______ you and me

1.总共十个问题被我们正确回答出来了。 2.这个新游戏是由Harry Jones设计出来的。 3.这个游戏叫什么?它叫“在太空旅行”. 4.最后,Laura公主被我所救。


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