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C 1. The story sounds_______ . A.interest B.interested C.interesting D.interests
2.Look! The dog______ under the D tree. A.lying B.is lay C.is laying D.is lying

3.Jim Green is _______ boy . C A.8 years old B.a 8-years-old C.an 8-year-old D.an 8-years-old

4.Every time you pass a level, you _________ a gold medal. B A.get B.will get C.to get D.have to get

用所给词的适当形式填空 1.Be careful, and you will do it correctly _________ (correct) . 2. Jim didn’t see a gold cloud in his did he dream , __________ ? (反意疑问句)

3. We should provide poor children education With food, drink and ___________ (education) .

4. It’s a kind of __________ educational (education) film. 5.There was a boy on the grass, wasn’t there ________ ______? (反意疑问句) knowledge 6. Our ___________ (know) of English is growing all the time.


1.When I returned home yesterday, my son fell sleeping. asleep
2.You can get more informations from it. information 3. The interesting game designed by Tom. was designed

4.She is sitting there and reading a educational magazine. an 5.When spring comes, many flowers come in. out 6. He is a man of great knowledges. knowledge

The book has already come out.
2. 这个机器人是我爸爸去年设计的。

This robot was designed by my father last year.
3. 他们中哪一个能扮演白雪公主? Which of them can play the role of Snow White?

4.他将在这部电影中扮演爸爸的角色. He will play the role of the father in the movie. 5. 通过学习英语的语法和词汇知识,你

You can improve your English by learning the knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary.

Unit Three Period Five

Grammar One

Can you remember what they are?

floppy disk





hard disk

What is it used for?
It is used for typing.

What do we use it to do ?

We use it to put the words and pictures onto paper.

It is used to put the words and pictures onto paper.

What do we use it to do ?
We click the icons on the screen.

It is used to click the icons on the screen.

What do we use it to do ?
We use it to control our computer. It is used to control our computer.

What do we use it to do ? We use it to store information.

It is used to store information.



一般过去时 was/were+动词的





+ learn + English

被: English + is learned + by

We can use the passive voice when
1. It is obvious who performs the action. Word processing skills are taught in our computer lessons. 2.We do not know or cannot remember who performed the action. The printer was sold already. 3.We think the action is more important than person who performs the action. Educational CD-ROMs are sold in many countries.

Translate the following sentences into Chinese: 1. The building was built last year.

2. Rice i

s grown in China.
3.The robber was caught last night.

4. The printers are sold in that shop.


is spoken 1. English ____________(speak) by many people. were planted 2. The trees _______________(plant) by them.
3. That building was built _________(build) two years ago.
4. This kind of computer ________(make) in is made China.

are sold 5. The games __________(sell) in may shops.

Read PartA1 and A2 Fill in the blanks

A1. Millie's new computer Shopkeeper: Good morning. What can I do for you? Millie: Good morning. I'd like to buy a computer. Shopkeeper: We've got many kinds of personal is called computer. This green one _______________(call) Kiwi, is designed and it _____________(design) especially for students. Millie: Where __________ it __________(make)? is made Shopkeeper: It ______________(make) in Shenzhen. is made Millie: ___________ it ___________ (use) widely? used Is Shopkeeper: Of course, very widely in Beijing. Millie: OK. I'll think about it.

A2. Millie: Hi, Simon. I can't open my new edictionary on my computer. Can you help me? Simon: Yes, of course. Did you close all the windows? were closed Millie: Yes, all the windows_____________. Simon: Then restart the computer. was restarted Millie: It____________. Simon: Did you check the setting? Millie: Yes, the settings_______________. were checked

Simon: Did you connect the keyboard to the computer properly? Millie: Yes, the keyboard was ________________________. connected to the computer properly Simon: Did you double-click on the ‘autorun’ icon after you put in the CD-ROM . Millie: Yes. The icon _________________. was double-clicked on Simon: That's really strange. Let me come and have a look later today. Millie: Thanks a lot. Simon: You're welcome.

一. 按要求变换句型 1. My brother turned on the TV after he got home. (改为被动语态)

The TV was turned on by my brother after he got home.
2. They sold all the computers in the shop. (改为被动语态)

All the computers were sold by them in the shop.
3. We connected the keyboard to the computer. (改为被动语态)

The keyboard was connected to the computer by us.

4. All of us like English. (改为被动语态)

English is liked by all of us.
5. I was looked after by the nurse in the hospital. (改为主动语态)

The nurse looked after me in the hospital.

1.明晚将在礼堂举行一场时装表演。 2.这部电影已经放过很多次了。 3.这辆自行车能被Daniel修好吗? 4.我们家乡的那座新桥上个月建好了。

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