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Unit 4
Reading I

charity show posters

A lot of money was donated by generous people

organizer pop stars and fans

Read the text quickly and answer the questions:

Was a charity show a success? Why?

Task 1:

※ Read the text quickly, and then choose the answers correctly
B. B Ricky C. Millie

1. Who was chosen to be the host of the charity show?
A. Kitty

2. The charity show is to raise money for _____.
A. Spring Bud Project B. Project Hope C. Project Green Hope C

3. A lot of ____ was get from the local businesses.
A. money B. people C. C support

Task 2: ※ read the article by themselves then ask
them to put the notes in order.
6 A The door opened and many people came into the theater. 1 B I felt very happy when I was chosen to be the host. 7 C The show started. 2 D We started working on the show two months ago. 5 E Then it was the big day. 4 F Before the show, I couldn’t sleep at all. 8 G I spoke loudly and looked at the right camera. 9 H At last, many people donated money. 3 I We practiced a lot before the show.

Task 3:

※ Read the test again and then

speak out the Paragraph forming

1.The reason of answering the letter late. Paragraph 1 -- 2 2. Preparing for the charity show Paragraph 3 -- 5 3. Something in and after the show Paragraph 6 -- 7

Task 4:

※ Read the test for the third time and then

answer the questions one paragraph by one Paragraph 1 -- 2 1.Why did Ricky write to Kitty so late?

He has been busy. / He didn’t have free time. / He is helping with a charity show.
2. What was Ricky chosen to be?

The host of the charity show.
3. Was Ricky nervous? Why?

Yes. Because of the TV camera.
4. Who would come to the charity show?

Many famous pop stars.

Task 4:

※ Read the test for the third time and then

answer the questions one paragraph by one Paragraph 3 -- 5 1. What did he have to do before the show ?

To introduce each star and many other duties.
2. How did he practise?

To remember to look at the right camera at the right time. To remember all the words.
3. Could he sleep well before the charity? Why? No. Because of being excited.

Task 4:

※ Read the test for the third time and then

answer the questions one paragraph by one Paragraph 6 -- 7 1. How did he feel about being the host?
2. Why did Ricky have to speak loudly?

He felt happy / excited / nervous.

The fans of pop stars were making a lot of noise.
3. what did people do?

They donated a lot of money.
4. What did Ricky hope to do?

More people should be invited to take part in more events

※ Go over the words and the text. Ask students to do part B on page 63

Do the exercise in Part B2, and then check the answers:
※ (donated duties host job raise success theatre)

Kitty : My cousin was the ________ of a charity show last week. They wanted to _____ money for Project Green Hope. Sandy: What did he have to do?

Kitty: He had many ____ , but his main ____ was to introduce the pop stars.
Sandy: Where did they have the charity show?

Kitty: At

a big ____.
Sandy: Was the show a ____? Kitty: Yes. Many people ____ money. They had a lot of support from local businesses too. Ricky said he felt very happy because the organizers chose him to be the host. He met many pop stars as well.

Ricky is kitty’s c________. He was the h______ of a ousin ost c_______ show. The show was to r____ some money aise harity for Project Green Hope. He felt very excited when the organizer c________ him to be a host. But he was also hose n______ because of the TV c______. Ricky’s job was to anera ervous i__________ each pop stars. Everything went well. The ntroduce show was a great s________. Many people was very uccess generous and d________ money to Project Green Hope. onated And they also had a lot of support from local b___________. Ricky was happy. He hoped there would usinesses be more shows like this to raise money for charities.

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