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2)if虚拟条件表达的内容与事实相反;if从句过去式(be 用were),主句用would+动原

例句:1)rains, will stay 2)doesn’t come

3)were, would wear 4)were 5)injured

6)would have


1.millions of 2.hundreds of 3.thousands of

4.What if…? What if it rains tomorrow?

5.without permission

6.not…in the slightest=not…at all

7.plenty of=lots of =a lot of

8.get along/on with

1)You are easy to get along with .

2)How are you getting along with your classmates?

3) How are you getting along with your work?

9. let sb. down

10.come up with

come up with a good idea

11.come out

12.offer sb. sth.=offer sth. to sb.

13.would rather do A than do B

=would do A rather than do B

I would rather stay at home than go shopping.

14.right away=at once=in a minute

15.by accident

16.find out

17.medical research; medical help

18.give it to charity

19.put it in the bank

20.He doesn’t know what to wear.

=He doesn’t know what he should wear. I don’t know how to use commas.

21.wear a shirt and tie

22.everyone else(形容词修饰不定代词需后置)

23.I have lots of worries now.

24.worry about=be worried about

25.get pimples

26.take a long walk

27.1) If I were you , I would take a long walk before I go to bed.

2) If I were you, I would take a long walk before going to bed. 28.a sleepless night sleep




29.speak in public

speak in front of many people

30.---What are you like?

I think I’m creative and outgoing.

31.What does his father look like?

He’s tall and thin.

32.ask sb. (not) to do sth.

33.make a speech=give a speech

34.wait for ;wait for sb. to do sth.

35.pretty confident ;

fairly confident

36.annoy sb.

1.annoyed 指人be annoyed with sb.生某人的气2.annoying指物)

37.one or two people=a person or two ;

three or four days

38.rather than

39.all day=the whole day

40.I feel nervous talking in front of many people.(动名词表示伴随)

41.in fact

42.represent the class in the school contest

43.be sure of doing sth./be sure to do sth./ be sure that +从句

44.1)I’m sure of passing the exam.

2) I’m sure to pass the exam.

3) I’m sure that I can pass the exam.

45.the rest of the students

46.a first-aid book

47.on a nearby shelf

48.have lots of experience (in) doing sth.

(忆)have fun doing sth.;

have trouble (in) doing sth.

49.in lots of different situations

50.cover …with…;

cover the cut with a clean cloth

(延)be covered with…;

The mountain is covered with snow all year round

51.fall downstairs; downstairs---(反)upstairs

52.hurry to do sth.

53.cut oneself ;burn oneself; hurt oneself

55.refuse to do sth.

56.the dangers of smoking

57.hide medicine(不) from children

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