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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit4 Amazing things》Reading(2课时)学案

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安徽省马鞍山市第十一中学七年级英语下册《7B Unit4 Amazing things》Reading

(2课时)学案(无答案) 牛津版


1. 了解一些不寻常的现象和事件。

2. 让学生介绍自己知道的鬼故事,通过这个环节让学生进入阅读部分。

3. 背景知识,请同学看手册P.46。


1. 在课本上划出下列单词,词组并给出中文意思,然后根据音标读一读,写一写。

单词:unusual frightened anything nobody carefully noise

search weak everything soft ghost usual hear bush last happen

himself later whisper reporter

词组:as usual take care of turn around

something unusual listen carefully

run away quickly on one’s way to

search carefully say to oneself

make a sound like the animal centre sound like put?into take?to

the next Sunday soft noise in the bushes have a great time another whisper

句型:They love to chat there.

They turned around but could not see anything unusual.

What happened?

Tell me more.

He was not sure the sound came from the bushes.

They were not afraid any more.

2. 不会读的请写在这里:

3. 认真预习P.62的课文,认真听录音,查学生自学生词情况,把生词和词语搭配起来。

follow next

search unusual

frightened unpleasant sound

strange look for

noise not strong

weak very afraid

4. 用所给单词的正确形式填空。 1) There are some _________( bush ) in our school . 2) Our English teacher told us to listen to the radio _______ ( careful ) 3) The _________ ( follow ) week, he was not late for school .

4) “Be quick”, I said to _______ ( my ).

5) I found nothing in my school bag. I knew there was something _________( usual ).

5. 语言类导学:

1)as usual 像往常一样 usual 反义词unusual 副词usually

类似的结构: happy / unhappy / happily

lucky / unlucky / luckily

eg. As usual , he arrived late. 像往常一样 ,他来迟了。

2)not?any more = no more再也不 eg. They were not afraid any more . == They were no more afraid .他们再也不害怕了。

3) on one’s way to + n. 在某人( 去某地 )的途中


eg . On my way to school, I saw a wallet lying on the playground .


4)hear v. 听到 , 听见 listen to + 宾语,表示听的动作hear 听见 , 强调听的结果( 无进行时

态 )

eg. He listened carefully but he heard nothing .他仔细地听,但是什么也没听见。

5)search v. 搜查,搜寻

search some place for sth /sb. 在某地搜寻某人/某物

eg. The police search the forest for the lost girl.警察在森林里寻找那个迷路的女孩。

6) frighten v. 吓唬 frightened a. 感到害怕的(主语是人)

frightening a. 令人害怕的 (主语是物/事)

be frightened of sth /doing sth = be afraid of sth /doing sth.

eg .He looked frightened as he spoke.他讲话时显得害怕。

They are frightened of failing in the exam. 他们害怕考试不及格。

7) find sb. /sth. some place 在某地发现某人/某物

eg. Andy found a little cat in the bushes. Andy在灌木丛中发现某人/某物

find + it + a.( +for sb. )+ to do sth. 发现做某事(对某人来说)很??

eg. I find it important for me to sleep before ten at night.


8) Take (good) care of = look after??(well) 照顾好?? , 保管好

9) They turned around but could not see anything unusual .

他们转过身去, 但是没看见什么异常的东西。


1. 预习情况交流(教师指导)

2. 课程疏理:


2)听录音跟读课文,理解大意,找出难句 。


When did Millie and Amy go to Sunshine Park?

What did they hear ?

Where did the noise come from ?

Were they afrsid ?

What did they tell you ?

What did you find ?

Who made the noise ?

Why did the little cat sound like a ghost ?

Where did you put the cat and where did you take it to ?

Did Millie and Amy go to Sunshine Park the follow Sunday ?

Were they afraid after that ?




5.让学生两人一组合作,完成63页B1/B2 和 64 页C1/C2 。教师巡视,提供帮助。


1. 根据句意及中文提示完成句子。

1)Are there any ____________ ( 鬼魂 ) in the world ?

2) The students are listening ____________ ( 仔细 ) in class.

3) The cat is hiding in the ______________ ( 灌木丛 ) .


4) They felt ___________ ( 害怕 ) when they heard a strange noise .

5) Don’t make any __________ ( 噪音 ). They are having a meeting .

6) He is old enough to take care of __________ ( 他自己 ) .

7) They found the cat was very _____________( 虚弱 ) .

8) What ____________ (发生 ) to him just now ?

9) There is _____________( 没有人 ) in the classroom .

10)Is there anything ______________( 不寻常的 ) in today’s newspapers ?

2 . 根据课文内容补全对话。

A: When _____________ the story happen ?

B: It__________ __________ Sunday morning .

A: How did the girls feed when they __________ the strange noise ?

B: They felt very afraid and __________ it was a ghost . So they ________away quickly.

A: Who __________ them find the ghost ?

B: Andy did . He _______ brave and careful .He found it _______ a ghost but a little cat. A: It was great fun . Sometimes people frighten __________ in fact .

3. 翻译下列短语或短语。

1)像往常一样 _______________2) 害怕?? ______________________

3) 转身______________________4) 不寻常的事____________________

5)跑开_______________________6) 仔细搜索 ____________________

7)玩的高兴___________________8) 在某人去某地的路上____________

9) 照顾_____________________10) 自言自语______________________


1)My little sister _____________________ snakes .

2) I’m sorry I can’t go with you .My grandmother is ill and I have to _________ her.

3) He ___________ and found a dog running after him .

4) Have you found ___________? asked the biology teacher .

5) When my mother cooks the dinner , she likes ________. “ What a delicious dish !” 6) Last Sunday, we went climbing the Mount Zijin and we ______________there .

7) The thief _____________ quickly when he saw the police car coming to him .

8) Simon found a lost boy ____________the cinema .He helped the boy find his parents.

9) The Class 1 students had seven lessons_________________ yesterday . 10) The police _____________ the scene (现场 )carefully to find the clues (线索).


Last Sunday ,I went to Sunshine Park w__________ Amy. We s _______under a big tree as u___________. Suddenly , we heard a whisper from the bushes .We turned around but s____nothing unusual . When we heard the strange n________ again , we were frightened and r_________ away fast. We m______ Andy on our way and t________ him everything .He wanted to help us f________ out where the noise was from .So he w_______ to the park .

He searched carefully . At last ,he found a little cat in the bushes . It was w_______.When it miaowed, it made a sound like a ghost. Andy put the cat into a box and brought it to us.We were s__________ to see the cat .

L__________ that day , we took the little cat to the a____________ centre .People in the centre would take good c____________ of the cat.











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