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( ) 1. Maria is ______ TV now .

A. watching B. looking C. seeing D. reading

( ) 2. The students are ______ their homework.

A. Writing B. doing C. cleaning D. playing with

( ) 3. It’s six o’clock in the afternoon .Mr and Mrs Green are ______ dinner.

A. eating B. doing C. havving D. waiting

( ) 4. My grandfather often ______ newspapers in the afternoon.

A. wathches B. sees C. reads D. looks at

( ) 5. They are ______ English.

A. reading B. watching C. saying D. looking

( )6.Tom ______ his bed every morning.

A.make B.making C.makes D.makeing

( )7.My mother ______ cooking for us.

A.am B.is C.be D.are

( )8.______ your brother playing chess with Jack?

A.are B.is C.Does D.Is

( )9.—What is Mary doing? —She's ______ something.

A.look at B.look like C.looking for D.looking

( )10.The women are ________ in the park.

A.make photos B.taking photosC.making photo D.takeing photo

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